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Nuovopay: The Safekeeper of Your Smartphone


There’s a digital guardian of your smartphone, and it’s called Nuovopay.

More than a few telecom companies charge for more than just the devices they’re selling.

Miscalculations in leasing contracts due to taxes, delayed payments, and bad debts happen more than occasionally with the carriers paying a hefty price. There was a need for a platform to protect the resellers and build a safer, more sustainable device-leasing model!

It seemed like telecommunication carriers and finance firms were doomed until two IT and marketing specialists, Alok Londhe and Harishankar Kannan, entered to save the day! With their inventive device-locking technology, they successfully protected leased devices from non-payments and theft!

With the innovative Pune-based Nuovopay, resellers can rest assured that their leased products are protected through effortless payment requisition.

If you want to learn more about how an engineer and a marketing specialist revolutionized mobile handset financing and leasing, keep on reading.

What Shapes Brilliant Minds

Alok Londhe was born in Dhule, Maharashtra, India, in the early 1990s. Growing up in the administrative region of Maharashtra, Alok didn’t have many sources of fun.

Although he showed signs of pure intelligence even at a young age, Alok wasn’t very keen on studying. He was a communicative spirit, who had no trouble making friends and conversing with others. He didn’t encounter much trouble at school and excelled in the field of sciences, especially biology.

That is particularly why once Alok finished high school in 2007 went on to enroll at the Z.B Patil College in Dhule to study Biological Science.

Harishankar Kannan was born in the mid-80s in Visakhapatnam, India. As a young boy, Harishankar portrayed a keen interest in calculations, mathematics, and sciences.

His parents regarded him as a child with his head always buried deep within the books and scoring high grades in every subject at school.

However, nothing stole his heart quite like his first-bought computer. This is when Harishankar’s adoration for electronics and technology was born, and what brought him to enroll in Andhra University in 1996. There he would study Maths, Physics, and Electronics.

Alok was well known as a person who routinely changed his mind and interests, so, to stay true to his restless nature, he continued his studies at the Z.B Patil College after earning a degree in Biology in 2009.

He wanted to earn another Bachelor’s, this time focusing on Sciences, or Information Technologies to be exact. Alok would study until 2012 until he would once again ignite his ambition and continue to try for a Master’s degree. Because he was so good at communicating with other people, and as he would say, changed their minds towards his will, he wanted to try his hand at business. So, from 2012 to 2014, Alok would earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing.

Back to Harishankar, after finishing college in 1999 and getting his dream title as a Software Engineer, he got a nice job at Net Savant, where he would work to develop a couple of websites. During this time, website-holding was revolutionary, and Harishankar experienced great joy building them.

Although Harishankar spent one year developing websites at Net Savant, his ambitions did not die down. His wishes to change job positions grew larger, and after a year, he got another job in Application Development at Cybertech Creations. This time, Harishankar had the role of a Senior Software Engineer.

Aiming Sky High

After getting his Master’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Alok moved to the Pune area in India in search of the perfect job. A little later, in June 2014, Alok scored a job as a Sales Executive in Appco Group where he would further develop his marketing skills.

A year later, young Alok enriched his portfolio, even more, landing a job as an SEO Executive at Evolved Digital Marketing. There, Alok would perfect link-building strategies, website auditing, and content marketing analysis.

A little earlier than that, in late 2003, Harishankar would become more attracted to the idea of traveling across countries to enrich his resume and studies. Harishankar’s desire would bring him to the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom to earn a Master’s degree in Distributed Systems.

Although Harishankar had already had extensive experience working as an engineer, he wanted to continue working with electronics, however, this time in connection to the rise of technology and the internet, application development became the bomb.

After returning to India from the UK, Harishankar got a fulfilling job as a Team Lead in Java Application Development at Uffizio India.

During the period of the early 2000s, Harishankar and Alok changed a lot of job positions and gained a whole bunch of extensive and necessary experience.

Harishankar continued working as a team lead on developing many app solutions, including working for Thumb Speed, MangoSpring, and SapnaSolution to name a few, until he finally used his business Master’s degree to good use. Harishankar changed many titles throughout his career, including Innovator, Manager, and Developer until he became the CEO of Quad Note Technologies.

Alok did not just sit and wait, as he made many friends in the Pune Area of India, and worked as a Senior CEO Executive at MBSoft Pvt. Ltd. There, Alok was responsible for on-page and off-page optimization, SEO strategy development, website auditing, and much more.

Star-crossed Paths

Although both Harishankar and Alok worked in the Pune Area for a while, they hadn’t crossed paths until late 2014. With their similar career paths and connecting interests, the multi-talented IT brainiacs were bound to cross paths.

Right after they met, both of them discovered they shared pretty much the same interests. It wasn’t long before Harishankar and Alok agreed to launch ProMobi, a SaaS company with the goal of building superb business solutions, and world-class SaaS products. Harishankar and Alok joined forces and created a SaaS powerhouse, before entering the world of telecommunications, finance companies, and leasing.

The power duo wanted to combine electronics with marketing and business, so they fought to create a sustainable leasing model by which many telecom carriers will abide. Driven by their love for technology, and aim to help individuals around the world easily access smartphones and other hardware, regardless of their credit history.

In 2019, Alok and Harishankar launched NuovoPay, a platform dedicated to helping financial companies, telecom carriers, and resellers create the right leasing project. It protects these firms against theft and non-payments through an easy payment requisition. The goal is to improve device security and save more physical fixer costs.

The two inventors’ mission includes bringing millions around the world closer to owning smartphones, no matter what their credit history entails. With Nuovopay, leased devices would become easier to recover and with that decrease the amount of e-waste by taking care of discarded laptops, smartphones, PCs, and much more.

There’s No Stopping for Nuovopay

Nuovopay’s financials aren’t disclosed to the public and the only thing perceptible about the company is its partnerships. Over the years, since its arrival in 2019, Nuovopay has partnered with Angaza with the goal of driving more smartphone accessibility to everyone.

It was previously disclosed that ProMobi Ltd. is the legal name of NuovoPay, and the only financial fact known about the company is that it raised more than $13.1M over the years since its existence. Some of Nuovopay’s popular competitors include Blond, Auirionpo, Augure, and Alfa Systems, all working towards attracting more clients.

Today, Nuovopay is still thriving in its headquarters in Pune, India, where the two co-founders spent most of their time. Since its last evaluation in 2020, the company has numbered more than 84 employees who work tirelessly on providing no-leasing-connected issues.

Nuovopay’s existence helps leasing companies and telecom carriers kiss non-payment issues goodbye!

By working as an online recovery agent, Nuovopay securely locks devices and saves them from theft! In other words, it’s the virtual guardian every leased device needs to save the companies from future loss!