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Beeznests: Locating the Right Remote Talent for Your Business


Are you a busy bee looking for work? Beeznests is your nest!

The Covid-19 pandemic left half of the world’s population unemployed. With most of the people stuck in lockdown, businesses had no other choice but to pause or completely stop services.

With no guests in restaurants, many students were left with no summer jobs. There came a need to observe new ways of remote working. Amanda Lee and Jin Liu made every student’s life a bit easier when they launched a freelance platform that will remotely connect businesses to the sought-after talent. Once Beeznests was launched, every student had the ability to participate in projects of all sizes.

Beeznests Connections, a remote job platform, came as an answer to the problem of growing unemployment.

Want to know the impressive story of how two animal-shelter volunteers managed to create a major platform for students and employers, continue below.

Early Beginnings

Amanda Lee was born in Vancouver, Canada in the late 1980s. Growing up as an Asian in Canada was pretty easy for Amanda, and she had no trouble making friends. Because of her bubbly personality and communicative manner, many individuals felt drawn to her.

Amanda’s parents regarded her as being very communicative, even from a young age, bearing a clear motivation to help other people. Her charismatic personality and pure intentions made her a class favorite in school, and her talents truly shined in mathematics and physics. While Amanda was preparing for a college degree, she would spend her free time volunteering in the Fleetwood Villa Senior Home, where she would make even more friends with older generations.

On the other side of the story, Jin Liu was born in Toronto, Canada in the early 90s. She was regarded as the shiny penny in her family, and her ambitions reached for the stars, even at a young age. Jin had a soft heart, a sharp tongue, and quick wit which got her opportunities not many could get easily. Like Amanda, Jin, too, wanted to help out other people and get into social services. She had her ambitions about building her own empire, but that would all be accomplished if she gave to the community first. Jin experienced her first job in the television sphere when she volunteered in Shaw TV.

Unlike Amanda, however, Jin wasn’t much interested in solving math problems, but she was more into straight-talking. This is why Jin continued on her journey to study business, so one day she would run her own startup!

While Jin was busy scoring her business degree, Amanda continued her social services work. Because she was so gifted at math, she started working as an 8th-grade math teacher assistant and tutor. This gave Amanda a shot to work with children, and understand their needs. She loved to teach, and children loved to listen to her. Apart from tutoring, Amanda also volunteered at the Nightshift Street homeless shelter and she would return there every day from 2013 to 2017.

All Roads Lead to the Nest

While Jin volunteered at Shaw TV, she would acquire a skill necessary for further business. There, Jin learned a lot about broadcasting and how it affected the unsuspecting prospector. She did not pause with her education either and quickly got a Master’s degree in Communication. A little later, Jin scored a fulfilling job as a business development specialist in Latincouver in 2018.

Although Amanda was busy with volunteer work at the senior home in Elim Village, she continued to volunteer to help with other living beings, as well. Amanda’s next step towards bettering the community was volunteering at SPCA to help homeless animals find warmth and shelter. Despite being overbooked with volunteering, Amanda managed to follow through with her college studies quite easily. She studied Accounting and Finance at the University of British Columbia and would pay off her student loans with little money she made volunteering here and there. It seemed like all her good deeds lead to a fortune in the future, and Amanda experienced true happiness when she got a job as a marketing director in

While Jin was living her dream as a business development specialist, Amanda continued her social service work. Despite seeing her passion for helping other people, Amanda knew that her future would not wait for her, so she started thinking about helping even more communities by making entrepreneurship and business her next goal. After that, Amanda quickly joined the Borden Ladner Gervais law firm as a business development assistant. This is where the two kind-hearted and incredibly bright Asian ladies would meet and hit it off.

Bees in the Works

Amanda and Jin discussed how difficult it was for them to finally find a paid internship and a job, and that they spent most of their college years volunteering from one shelter to the next. However, nothing shook the world quite like when the pandemic hit.

Once the pandemic struck, over 25% of the Canadian employees went jobless, and this was something Canada was not entirely prepared for. It wasn’t just the college-educated who couldn’t find a job, but everyone encountered issues trying to secure a decent meal.

Amanda and Jin brainstormed new ways of making a profit, but remotely. Because everyone was ordered to stay inside, Amanda and Jin found a way to bring the job opportunity to every home!

Their student-employee freelance platform, Beeznests will try to reconnect employers and students searching for a job. After a year of building the right business model, Amanda and Jin launched Beeznests in 2020. Its headquarters remained in the girls’ homeland of Vancouver, Canada. The company’s goal was to have the bees or students nested right with an adequate employer. Thanks to Beeznests, employers will get their projects done at a low cost and students will gain the necessary work experience.

Now, over the few short years since its existence, Beeznests managed to surpass competitors like Weemoapp, Explorit Mission, Espresso Time, and many more. This was solely because of the increased interest in student participation.

Beeznests represents the missing bridge between companies and prospecting students, with a keen focus on remote working. Although the platform primarily helps students find jobs, it also offers work for anybody.

Beeznests offered remote projects, internships, and complex projects for all who deemed themselves capable. The magic of Beeznests is that everyone is looked at as an equal.

Successful Milestones

Beeznest’s main focus was building expert knowledge for students, and the best way to do that was to hire some of the greatest experts in the field. Since its founding, Beeznests collaborated with multiple colleges in Vancouver, including Amanda’s British Columbia. Jin and Amanda hired a full team of 100 professionals that will help students better grasp the academic team projects.

Over the years since its existence, Beeznests offered employers prospective employees who will work with digital marketing, graphic design, translation, writing, video and animation, and programming. Beeznests experienced its first sign of recognition when it was mentioned among the Top 10k British Columbia Companies that have made total funding that reached a billion.

Because the company experienced its birth in early 2020, it still hasn’t released any notable info on its financials. What’s known about the company is that it’s present on Canada’s uplisting.

Beeznests, Today

Beeznests’ headquarters are still in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and the company has more than 10 employees who work tirelessly on connecting employers with job-seeking students. Some of Beeznests' future plans include launching Bootcamp programs for students, as well as immigrants who need crucial training to get work skills necessary for the real world.

The company’s goal is to keep the bee nest growing and expand its team to include even more industry experts and professors who want to work with students on different-level projects. Beeznests plans to spread to more marketing and web or app development expertise in the future.

When the whole world was left in the dark once the pandemic started, two girls managed to join forces and create one of the largest student-employee safe-space where no student goes without a task. By focusing on the potential of remote working, Jin and Amanda uncovered new solutions for damaged businesses.

With Beeznests, it’s not just the employers who get low-cost labor, but the students who gain valuable knowledge in the process, as well.