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iCIMS Holding: Reinventing the Recruitment Process


Talent is the hottest inner quality anyone can have, and iCIMS makes sure to locate it!

The busy world has affected the process companies recruit their employees, focusing on candidates’ skills and talents. There are tons of companies that offer jobs, and millions of people who are looking for a job, but finding the best match is pretty complicated and tiring.

Luckily, Colin Day felt that the online market was begging for a functional recruitment software provider. To help employers attract, motivate and hire hard-working people, he created the iCIMS holding.

ICIMS (Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems) is a software firm that helps its clients win the fierce war for talent by distributing best-to-market, software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS), and a customer knowledge that is second to none.

Be in the loop for the incredible story of Colin Day who puppets the king of the recruitment software provider that changed the way of hiring people for good!

Talent + Desire = Success

For ICIMS, Colin Day is what Geppetto was for Pinocchio. Born in 1976 in the USA, Colin was a pretty talented boy, a high schooler attending the private St. Albans School, in Washington, D.C. His curiosity kept growing, and Colin went to Cornwall University as soon as he finished high school. In 1997, he graduated from Cornell University with a degree in psychology.

Colin began his dazzling career as Technical Recruiter at Comprise Technology, which was a successful IT staffing firm in New Jersey. In his business and sales development role, Colin was in charge of starting and growing the company’s branch offices. A year after he started his career, in 1998, Colin completed the fruitful opening of the Comprise Technology office which listed him as a talented entrepreneur.

The Idea that Changed the Hiring Process

Colin believed that a combination of the right talent and a supportive team holds the power to transform businesses, companies, and the world altogether. He knew that his idea was feasible and that pure talent can aid companies to out-innovate competition, offer customer experiences that build brand ambassadors, and bring about the transformation the world has been waiting for.

Following his idea, in 1999, at the age of 23, Colin sensed that the future of workforce management solutions hid in the software-as-a-service model and re-developed the Comprise software into the powerful iRecruiter. It was a web-based, candidate-tracking solution, drafting out the scenario for Colin’s biggest project - ICIMS.

iCIMS Breakthrough

A year later, in 2000, iCIMS entered the market with the revolutionary iRecruiter and started selling mainly to firms within the staffing industry. The exceptionally crowded market space introduced another challenge, but Colin identified the crack: there weren’t any products whose target were the mid-market companies. So, the promising iCIMS channeled its focus on companies that count between 500 and 10,000 employees, also known as mid-market companies.

Based in New Jersey, iCIMS offered great software solutions comprised of 3 products that allowed employers to locate and hire workforces: iCIMS Connect, iRecruit, and Onboard.

Even though during the first couple of years iCIMS received funding from experienced Comprise Technology, in 2006, iCIMS was recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in America by the prominent Inc. Magazine.

The iCIMS’ fame revolved around the innovative ideas of talented Colin, partnering up 3Degrees, earning the company the acclaimed Renewable Energy Certificates. But that’s not all! Colin has carried out a company matching policy for donations that willing employees make to the popular renewable energy research services. He supported the Plant a Billion Trees Campaign by Nature Conservancy, and for each hire at iCIMS, the environment is richer with 25 new planted trees.

Colin also launched iCARE, a program that encourages iCIMS employees to help the setting through donor and volunteer initiatives. However, Colin didn’t stop here and managed to connect iCIMS with some of the most popular eco-friendly organizations, including Clean Ocean Action and Earth Share of New Jersey, to engineer iCIMS park and wide beach clean-ups.

As a founder of iCIMS, Colin never stopped tracking the company's success through the years, but it seems like he was looking for new excitement. So, in 2008, he decided to expand the iCIMS portfolio and provide bonus talent supervision solutions. To highlight that change, Colin renamed iRecruiter into the iCIMS talent platform.

Win-Win Company

Colin’s purpose to deliver the leading Talent Cloud to allow organizations worldwide to hire the greatest talent and shape their winning workforce was finally real. He launched the end-to-end software solution to the world, attracting talents, engaging applicants, hiring employees, and bringing their careers to a new level, which is crucial now more than ever.

Serving as a sturdy pipeline between companies and their potential employers, iCIMS’ Talent Cloud delivered the result Colin was eager to see. In 2011, iCIMS celebrated the arrival of its 1,000th customer, but just 4 years later, iCIMS kept on garnering 1,000 customers each year.

Presenting a breakthrough idea to the world comes with its fair share of competition, and iCIMS had to do its best to overcome rivals like Workday HCM, Jobvite, and SmartRecruiters, among others.

Colin Day has built an outstanding company, standing as number 1 in the recruitment industry. Throughout the years, Colin’s company attracted the attention of several business entities, like Glassdoor, crowning Colin one of the Highest Rated CEOs for Small and Medium Companies in 2015, 2018, and 2019. What’s even more interesting, Colin Day was named as one of the Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2017, 2018, and 2019.

He would have to continue to pick up the fruits and recognitions for making iCIMS the perfect platform if he hadn’t turned over the reins to Steve Lucas, the current CEO of iCIMS.

Steve Lucas, currently a chief executive officer at iCIMS, graduated Business at the University of Colorado and shows an immense potential to continue the plans and vision for the company that Colin has previously set. Steve focuses on improving the iCIMS position as the leading talent cloud company worldwide!

iCIMS IPO: So Close No Matter How Far

iCIMS filed the IPO paperwork on August 19, 2021, but the details are still hidden under the bed. The company hasn’t defined a price range nor the number of shares they would list, and the IPO date isn’t official yet.

Even though iCIMS expects to raise $100 million in gross profits from an IPO, the final figure can differ when the price and the number of shares offered would be revealed.

The management at iCIMS reveals that the company will use the IPO’s net proceeds to repay their borrowings and that they will use the rest of the net proceeds for general organization’s purposes.

Standing Tall

Headquartered in Holmdel, New Jersey, iCIMS is able to power the whole talent management pool in one single source code software platform. iCIMS saves the hiring department precious time as they can use the same platform for candidate management, employee data management, and customer relationship management; all of which leads to increased efficiency and productivity, which is not something to be overlooked.

However, iCIMS faces challenges in the world of work and is ready to meet all of them. The team behind iCIMS works hard and will continue to provide mobility solutions that are built to resolve the issues of internal mobility by making sure that employees will remain motivated to apply their talents where needed.

With over 1,000 employees, 4,000 customers and partners, and $250 in ARR, iCIMS is the leader in Talent Acquisition software. It has held the Fastest-growing private company epithet for more than 13 years and for a good reason, too.

We’re sure many of us wished there were companies like iCIMS back in the day, to connect us to the other half of our professional selves.