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Radpay: A Pioneer in Modern Online Payment


Day by day, the dynamic nature of the fintech industry is opening the doors for innovative brands with a vision for modern financial services methods.

Some of the most influential entrepreneurial names in this industry over the past few years are Dana Love and Jared Stauffer, the founders of Radpay.

This platform was launched in 2018 and introduced a creative approach to financial services that aims to disrupt the $32 trillion global credit card payment market. Radpay focuses on providing an online platform for merchant payment services by merging blockchain technology and PCI-compliant card payment.

Dana and Jared have made a breakthrough in the banking infrastructure by enabling safe transactions for merchants via a browser plug-in, mobile app, application programming interfaces (APIs), credit card terminal apps, and pre-configured eCommerce cart plugins.

Stick around to discover what made Radpay a leading name behind several vital innovations in the fintech industry.

The Entrepreneurs’ Early Years and Education

Ever since their adolescent and young adult years, both Dana Love and Jared Stauffer have shown an outstanding academic spirit, ambition, and promising talent in entrepreneurship.

Dana Love started his academic journey at the University of Richmond, where he was awarded a full four-year academic scholarship and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physics in 1988.

Dana also acquired physics internships at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and CERN in Switzerland. Afterward, Dana earned himself a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the Harvard Business School in 1992 with another full academic scholarship.

Finally, he completed a Ph.D. program in Economics at the University of Glasgow with the highest distinction in 2004. During his academic education, Dana obtained invaluable experience in business analytics and free enterprise by leading ample data research and game theory discussion groups.

Jared Stauffer completed his graduate studies in 1999 at Grand Canyon University and acquired an MBA degree at the same university almost a decade later. In 2019, Jared upgraded his tech skills by completing a Udacity degree program.

The Building Blocks of a Professional Background

Dana Love is an experienced leader of several successful projects with billions of dollars in revenue over the past two decades. He’s got a reputation for building strong direct sales, channel sales, lead generation, and business development teams.

Dana is the co-founder of six businesses, including Radnet and Metacloud. He has also led divisions of public companies such as Capgemini, Verizon, and ACD. During the time he spend building up his professional resume, Dana became known for his communication and analytical skills and his knack for people management and problem-solving.

The second half of the entrepreneurial duo - Jared Stauffer, is a creative, tactical, and experienced executive leader with more than 20 years of experience as CEO and CTO. He is the founder of four companies with three successful exits and has led technology teams at Intel and Lehman Brothers.

Jared led a huge global team responsible for developing complex, trailblazing med-tech software. He created enterprise systems for eCommerce, billing, ERP, and provisioning used by more than 2 million users worldwide. He scaled essential operations ranging from 0-50k paying customers in different locations in the US and Europe.

Having designed fintech software and strategies that contributed to the decrease of payment processing fees by 30-70%, Jared is now one of the most influential names in the blockchain industry.

A Brand in the Making

Dana Love and Jared Stauffer joined forces in 2018 and launched Radpay with a vision to bring change to the hectic global card payment processing industry. To achieve what they set their minds out to do, Radpay introduced revolutionary patent-pending merchant card payment solutions.

The company has numerous inventions that merge the security, transparency, and usefulness of PCI-compliant card payment infrastructures and distributed ledger technology. Radpay is a peer-to-peer payment processing and reward framework based on Ethereum. The peers involved can be consumers, merchants, banks, or enterprises.

Radpay’s services (such as transactional engine and rewards system) are accessible in both card-present and card-not-present environments; therefore, it works for mobile merchants, call centers, retailers, and app developers.

This platform has brought unprecedented dynamics of innovation to the market, and its blockchain-based solutions have a vast potential to take over international marketplaces. Radpay’s management team, led by Dana Love and Jared Stauffer, prides itself on outstanding joint experience in growing cutting-edge tech companies. Their exceptional skills have brought about the company’s breakthrough in the US and the international market.

In 2019, the Arizona-based decentralized online payment processing platform disclosed the development of a new patent-pending fintech technology under the name of CryptoClick™. By tackling eCommerce shopping cart abandonment, which is a massive problem for eCommerce platforms, CryptoClick™ was designed to contribute to a revolutionary change in payments and rewards.

During the same year, Radpay also launched a soon-to-become popular solution for upscale retailers and restaurants, SpeedPath™. This trailblazing patent-pending technology was created to redefine the whole notion of restaurants and other merchants handling digital wallets. SpeedPath™ is an ambitious patent-pending project that tackled an $863 billion gap in innovative wallet technology.

Apart from the compelling dynamics of innovation, Radpay has also exhibited significant environmental consciousness. The most vital proof of that is their participation in the Generation Blue Earth Positive Pledge.

The Generation Blue Earth Positive Pledge conveys a responsibility to provide a better future for the planet by protecting and regenerating its essential ecosystems. It aims to give way for a cooperative and responsible partnership that will bring mutual benefits and contributions to environment-friendly outcomes.

Money Makes Dreams Work

As a good name in the fintech industry, Radpay has attracted important partners willing to invest capital into their further inventions.

In 2019, the company completed a $1.2 million seed round connected to a 20% oversubscription. This funding round was led by acclaimed Nebraska-based and Arizona-based as well as Silicon Valley investors, such as BlackLaunch and Resiliency Ventures. With a post-money valuation of $10.2 million, this is the most considerable outside funding in Radpay’s existence.

The capital raised in the seed round was meant to help Radpay’s growth by supporting the first commercialization of its interface. Moreover, it fueled the hopes for expanding the platform’s marketing to eCommerce and retail merchants and enriching its portfolio with new projects in online payment, digital wallets, and blockchain technology.

A Radically Positive Future Is Ahead

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Radpay employs a team of a dozen experts in fintech services.

As founder and CEO Dana Love has stated, Radpay’s mission focuses on removing the disruptive friction from eCommerce transactions for enabling effective payment solutions. The company’s ambition is to be the leading partner to retailers in every area of commerce.

Successfully withstanding the competition coming from rivaling companies like Blade, RaiBlocks, and SmartContract, among others, Radpay has managed to thrive and become a household name in the eCommerce industry.

Depending on the field a merchant’s business belongs to, Radpay’s revolutionary patent-pending merchant card payment options can increase net margin up to 200%. Useful in both card-present and card-not-present environments, the superior blockchain-powered technology that Radpay employs in its rewards system helps businesses in numerous sectors, including retail merchants, app developers, and call centers.

Radpay’s founders have highlighted the need for a reformed change card system that doesn’t impose high fees on merchants or burden consumers with crippling debt. The company’s team, led by Dana Love and Jared Stauffer, aims to invest additional capital from their vital industry and customer partnership into more innovation and change in the payment processing sector.

Blockchain technology is progressively introducing change in the fintech field, and Radpay is one of the prominent names on the frontline of inventions. The platform is taking the financial services world by storm, which is only the beginning of its success story.