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Breathe in NuvoAir: The First Digital Respiratory Care Platform


Over 7% of deaths in America are caused by chronic respiratory issues. Medical professionals often overlook patients with chronic respiratory problems to focus on more common diseases, like cancer, heart failure, and strokes. However, the numbers prove that long-term diseases can be equally deadly.

Lorenzo Consoli was ahead of his time when he embarked on a technological journey for medical purposes. He managed to insert technology into the health field of treating patients with lung capacity issues like asthma and CORD.

With NuvoAir, patients have a go-to app for any kind of respiratory medical problem without having to rush to the doctor’s office. Don’t hold your breath! NuvoAir is the latest software made specifically to monitor and improve respiratory health, by using a portable Bluetooth spirometer.

If you want to hear the story of how Stockholm is becoming the center for digital respiratory medical health, read Lorenzo’s story down below.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Lorenzo Consoli was born in Stockholm in the early 1990s, to a loving Swedish family. Being surrounded by caring relatives made Lorenzo a very gentle child. He was very well looked after by his grandparents, who would teach him everything there is to know about biomedicine. His father was a real health enthusiast and made sure that the household would be stocked up with fresh and organic food. Lorenzo would watch his mother and grandmother cook up natural, herb-based medicines and teas that can cure any kind of pain. That was precisely what got Lorenzo interested in medicine, and he wanted to pursue a career in healthcare.

His father had his own healthy food company and would constantly remind Lorenzo about the health risk that comes with unhealthy food choices. This is where he would learn about the different kinds of diseases that affect patients in everyday life. Respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular diseases- all of them became a part of Lorenzo’s everyday education. Lorenzo’s father instilled in him an adoration for the medical field which he would expand in his later years.

Lorenzo was mostly bewitched by the instruments used to determine human conditions. His grandfather who suffered from asthma used a spirometer to measure his breathing capacity and this just blew Lorenzo’s mind. His grandfather’s struggle with respiratory issues made Lorenzo reconsider his choice of a future career. Young Lorenzo vowed to do something to revolutionize the approach to treating respiratory issues.

However, the moment he got his first computer, his life changed drastically. Lorenzo got his first PC in early 2000 when the digital era started to overpower the globe with its innovative ways of treating and providing solutions. Like his interest in medicine, the growing fascination with technology and the mechanisms behind it slowly became his number one hobby.

Winds of Change

Following his parents’ advice, Lorenzo embarked on his journey of studying science for a brighter future in the medical field. Lorenzo signed up at LUISs Guido Carli University, where he enriched his knowledge about everything science-related. Before he could make the change, Lorenzo would learn how to draw the much-needed attention towards often-overlooked health issues.

In late 2003, Lorenzo walked out of the university with a Master’s degree in sciences, however, his trip wouldn’t end there. Lorenzo’s thirst for knowledge and curiosity could only be satisfied by taking on more projects and challenges. Lorenzo wanted to be as prepared as possible to start his business journey.

To tackle the harsh world of business, Lorenzo needed to get ready for the unforgiving environment of the world of e-commerce. To keep on track, Lorenzo embarked on another master’s degree venture at the University of Pennsylvania. Enthusiastic Lorenzo thought that there is no better place to study business than the States, and he was proven right. He regarded the University of Pennsylvania and his natural charismatic personality for the success of his later-life startups.

Lorenzo acquired yet another Master’s degree in Business Administration. His adventure-driven personality led him to Rome to become a business analyst intern at Value Partners.

Even though Lorenzo was busy starting his business career, he did not forget about his science studies. His goal was to put technology, business, and his love for helping people together to bring upon the world a whole new empire focused on solving medical problems.

Inhale Deep

Lorenzo's admiration for the uproar of the digital era and medical instruments did not die down. Instead, due to being surrounded by business-oriented people only fueled his motivation even more, enlarging his thoughts and plans for the future. Lorenzo started his first attempt at building his start-up during his working years in Rome. The young lad took on a challenge to follow in his father’s footsteps when he took over for him in 2004. A company called Copharma was Lorenzo’s first dip into the wide sea of entrepreneurship. With Lorenzo as its CEO, the company grew with more than 40 employees.

Leading Copharma was an interesting ride for a while, but after 4 years, he decided to venture on his journey and start his own start-up process.

In 2012, years after his business days, Lorenzo turned to study the intersection between technology and healthcare. His focus was on creating an innovative business model that will treat diseases beyond the effect of the ‘ordinary pill’. Lorenzo spent 5 years in Novartis gathering valuable information on how to work with medical products. Once again, he wanted to emphasize respiratory issues with the launch of Novartis’s respiratory portfolio. This is the moment where Lorenzo felt ready to start his establishment with NuvoAir.

New Air

After working on developing respiratory treating pharmaceuticals, and their global expansion, Lorenzo launched NuvoAir in March 2016, in Stockholm. Lorenzo founded NuvoAir with the vision to treat people that struggle with respiratory issues, globally. Because he had lost a loved one to the long-lasting battle of respiratory diseases like asthma, Lorenzo promised that the world of tomorrow will see fewer people losing lives due to respiratory issues.

NuvoAir is the innovative creation the medical world has needed for a long time. It was high time to destigmatize using rising technology in healthcare treatment for patients with respiratory issues. The platform focuses on providing quick solutions to manage issues arising from respiratory diseases like asthma and CORD. Lorenzo gathered medical professionalists that he met during his studies, and turned them into a powerhouse team of doctors ready to provide answers for the sick. NuvoAir allows its users to communicate with medical staff and make treatment decisions based on real-time data and insight.

Patients with respiratory health issues can improve their lives by being given data-driven insights, guided self-care, and other medical services.

NuvoAir hit the biggest milestone with the Bluetooth-connected spirometer, with which patients can control their lung capacity in the comfort of their homes. The company slowly became the go-to app for tips on anything from breathing exercises to live classes, all ready to improve people’s lives.

The Air Is Cleaner at the Top

NuvoAir encountered its fair share of distrust in the public. Not many people believed that technology could produce proper results on breathing capacities and chronic respiratory diseases.

A year after its launch, NuvoAir raised €2M from unknown investors. This was the first successful recognition that NuvoAir had under its belt. After it started to expand globally thanks to the invention of its unique spirometer, NuvoAir raised $3M from investors like Industrifonden and AB Spiltan.

In 2018, NuvoAir expanded to Mexico, when Lorenzo launched a secondary headquarters in the country. This was the first expansion Lorenzo experienced with NuvoAir, only a few short years after its launch. This proved that the power of their services was getting felt around the world.

Over the years, NuvoAir managed to overshadow its competitors like Bionuclear, Strive Health and SleepMed, by being one of the first medical companies, to produce a smart spirometer.

In early 2021, NuvoAir updated its app to record and monitor patients' coughs to help in respiratory disease diagnosis. Because of the invention, Lorenzo’s healthcare company raised $12M from AlbionVC and 5 other investors.

NuvoAir, Today

Today, NuvoAir is an employer to more than 50 employees, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The company plans on expanding throughout the corners of the world to finally improve the lives of people suffering from chronic lung problems.

NuvoAir plans on releasing new products on both software and hardware platforms to provide more solutions to ending respiratory diseases. The company is also expected to form new exciting collaborations and partnerships to reach more patents.

Lorenzo’s commitment to putting a stop to respiratory struggles might have been home-based but his invention spread throughout the globe like wildfire. NuvoAir became the perfect solution-providing powerhouse that slowly decreased the numbers of people losing their lives in a horrific battle with respiratory diseases.

NuvoAir is revolutionary in more ways than one. The company presented quicker digital solutions to momentary issues with the Bluetooth spirometer and made a difference in the healthcare space forever!

Thanks to the motivation and determination of the young and creative mind of Lorenzo Consoli, having your lungs’ performance in check is just a breath away!