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CreoPop: The World’s First 3D Pen With Cool Inc for True Art


Wherever we turn, there’s something artistic to be seen. Whether it’s a building, a statue, graffiti, a regular sitting bench along the pavement… art is literally everywhere. For someone who loves creating art, rather than just enjoying it, there’s an ever-growing market of products that offer numerous tools and trinkets that make the process of creating art fun and easy.

Artists are on the lookout for a tool that might just help them create the most stunning works, from paintings to pottery. Now enters Daria Mironova. This young entrepreneur founded the most innovative company- CreoPop, producing the 3D pen for any artist seeking to try something new.

CreoPop is a venture-backed company famous for being the first 3D pen company with a very different and cool ink.

If you want to know more about the story of how CreoPop revolutionized the industry with the invention of the 3D pen that differentiates from other similar products, read down below.

Back to Childhood

Daria Mironova is what you might call a regular, Moscow-born girl-next-door. Starting at a very young age, she was already showing signs of a real-time leader. Studying hard throughout her career, she gained a Ph.D. in History at the Russian Academy of Sciences, a master’s in Economics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, and a specialist in International relations and Foreign Policy at Moscow State University.

Daria’s dedication to her career is beyond impressive, as she’s been a regular in the field of businesses dealing with technology and innovation, for years now. She has a strong background in international business development, marketing, and event management across Europe, Asia, and the US. Daria is an experienced professional fluent in English, proficient in French, and of course, a native Russian speaker.

First, in 2011, she started working as an intern for the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Russian Federation. Her role was to prepare the Agency’s decisions and compliance control documentation, provide analytical reports, and maintain the Agency’s database. Later, in 2013, she attained the position of Senior Editor at The Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Before she became the CEO of CreoPop, her most extended job position was as Senior Analyst at SRI Federal Research Center for Project Evaluation & Consulting Services. Daria had a career full of different experiences, and she worked hard for her accomplishments. When she became the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at CreoPop in 2014, she managed to take the company to a whole new level of prosperity.

Along with Daria, Vyacheslav Solonitsyn has been a board member at CreoPop since 2015. Vyacheslav has over a decade of experience in building companies and investing in startups. He is an expert in identifying market opportunities, building sales, and projecting marketing operations for startups with little to no experience in the industry.

Vyacheslav helped CreoPop develop and grow as a venture-backed company. The success of CreoPop today is thanks to Vyacheslav’s hard work, persistence, and a lot of effort along with Daria’s will to succeed.

Crossing Roads

CreoPop was founded in Singapore in 2014 by Daria Marinova. The primary purpose of Daria was to create a unique 3D pen with top-grade ink. And that idea marked the beginning of the journey of the creation of CreoPop. The revolutionary 3D pen is actually the world’s first 3D pen with a special kind of inc, enabling artists to create amazing 3D designs.

Daria wanted to create a pen that would completely differentiate from other 3D pens available on the market while attaining the same functions as all regular 3D pens. At first, Daria’s invention was perceived as nonpractical, mainly because it was a bit tricky to use. However, the world of artists quickly began to catch on.

Using a plastic that doesn’t melt, and being pretty safe for children and pets is what made this novelty a genuine, out-of-the-box item. The substance that CreoPop uses is photopolymer, and the best thing about the pen itself is - there is no unpleasant smell. CreoPop’s ingenuity lies in the use of photopolymers, congealed by the use of built-in LEDs, which enables artists, and regular people, for that matter, to direct their attention on creating designs and enjoy the perks of the pen, rather than being worried about burning their fingers. Also, it only takes a couple of seconds to change the pen’s ink.

The 3D pen stands out from the crowd. This incredible 3D pen comes with thirty different types of ink, such as inc for drawing elastic objects, inc for making glittering designs, inc for scientific purposes, glow-in-the-dark inc, and especially for tattoo lovers - an inc for creating temporary henna designs and tattoos. The CreoPop creators promise the penk won’t jam or clog, so users are guaranteed a smooth use.

As we previously mentioned, the 3D pen by CreoPop uses light-sensitive ink and stereolithography -photopolymers. Photopolymers were already used in the 3D printing industry for professional use.

When using CreoPop, the ink is solidified by UV diodes located around the pen’s nozzle. This feature is exactly why CreoPop is different from other 3D pens, as all other pens rely on melting plastics.

CreoPop has succeeded quickly, providing all true 3D design artists with a chance to use a 3D pen of the top-grade quality ever made. The 3D pen is selling so fast, mainly because of its unique formulations, ease of use, and the number of options it includes. Being safe for children to use is also a major perk.

CreoPop Funding

CreoPop received funding from over 500 startups. Many private investors, including Ruvento Ventures, raised more than $892,000 in 2015. Later that year, in June, CreoPop raised seed funding of an undisclosed amount. The round was led by a few private investors, alongside Wavemaker Partners, NRF, and so on.

Andreas Birnik took part in the company, acting as the CEO from 2013-2016. He helped CreoTop reach the top, literally. Andreas was responsible for managing 35 consultants and operations in five countries, including administration, manufacturing, finance, customer service, R&D, sales, and marketing.

He raised $2.75 million in venture capital from Wavemaker, 500 Startups, Modal Perdana, Emery Capital, Singapore National Research Foundation, among others. Andreas is also responsible for CreoPop’s launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, worth $213,000 fully funded within 24 hours.

CreoPop had six rounds of funding, worth a total of $1.9M until now. The last budget release happened on Apr 11, 2017, by Venture - Series. The total number of lead investors is three, and investors in total - six. The company expects many future fundings from important investors, whose names are yet to be released to the general public.

CreoPop Today

CreoPop currently counts various employee profiles. The founder, Daria Mironova, is now the Chief Executive Officer, and Vyacheslav Solonitsyn, the money-maker at CreoPop, is the board member. Both of them helped CreoPop achieve its stellar success and seek to improve the company day by day.

In the technology-based world we live in today, thanks to 3D computer art, professional artists are granted the opportunity to enhance their work significantly. Nowadays, 3D art is used in everything from printing to video games. The 3D art market is continuously growing, both in size and popularity. Not only artists, but non-artists as well, are eager to try the innovative professional tools of today. An artist’s work is never done. There’s always something that can be done better, a painting made more vivid, or a stoneware made more resilient.

Today, CreoPop is one of the most popular and sought-after 3D pens, basically because of its ingenious design that caters not only to artists but to most regular Joe’s out there.