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Habi - Safe and Swift Real Estate Solutions


We all know that it’s an absolute pain to sell your property - properly!

Particularly in Columbia, the hassle of selling your housings is much bigger than buying one. It could take up to a year for the process to be completed.

With this complication in mind, Brynne McNulty Rojas and Sebastian Noguera Escallon wanted to aid Columbian house vendors sell their property as fast and safe as possible. So, the youngsters founded the Habi real estate company in July of 2019.

Even though it's still a freshly established company, Habi has elevated to being a serious company that will buy the accommodation you’re selling in a matter of 10 days. Not only for selling, but Colombians and people who want to reside in the country have the option to buy a settlement in a quick and secure manner.

All kinds of challenges awaited Habi before and during its establishment, so let’s see what exactly the two founders had to go through to get where they are.

American and Colombian Meet-and-Greet

Even though the company is based in Columbia, Brynne Rojas was born in Miami, the U.S. Naturally, if someone opts to be in the real estate business, they have to receive an appropriate education. So Brynne started off her educational venture at the Taft School in Watertown, Connecticut, from 2002 up to 2016.

In the year of 2006, Brynne enrolled in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science for, you’ve guessed it, Finance and Real Estate. Brynne did not stop there, and she went on to attain her Master of Business Administration degree at the Ivy League giant- Harvard.

She was an absolutely high-quality student, performing in the top 5%, which led her to graduate with High Distinction meaning she was a George F. Baker scholar.

On the other hand, Sebastian was born and raised in Colombia. His educational portfolio states that he enrolled in the University of Andes in Bogota, and studied Economy and Industrial Engineering from 2005 to 2010.

A year after graduating, he started working as an analyst at the LTDA organization - founded by Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, the wealthiest man in Colombia. He ended his analyst job in 2014. Appropriately enough, in the range of 3 years, Sebastian met the husband of Brynne and instantaneously became great friends.

Brynne had the opportunity to meet Sebastian because of his relationship with her husband, and she noticed the sparkling professionalism and success in Sebastian. They stayed in contact with Sebastian, who refers to himself as an “entrepreneur for life”. Both of them were fascinated with each other, starting with the depth of their conversations.

The skillset and background for Sebastian are operations in technology and data while also delivering service, especially in Colombia. On the other hand, Brynne was skilled at investing, strategy and finance. This is part of the reason that they worked really well together, and of course, when you look at their profiles, they do balance each other out really well.

Here comes the story of the beginning of a wonderful real estate venture called Habi.

Habi -Opening Doors in Times of Pandemic

There are lots of ups and downs while starting up a company during a pandemic, more downs than ups, actually. Most of the time, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, but with all their might and expertise, Brynne and Sebastian managed to turn the tables around.

One of the perks of Habi’s modus operandi was the time efficiency, because of the travel bans that occurred with this nasty pandemic. On the downfall side-note, they couldn’t read the room and didn’t have a distinctive connection when meeting face-to-face. Nonetheless, they coped with how things worked at the time and quickly overcame the harshness. On top of that, Brynne became pregnant with a child, but being a strong mother, she adapted to the etiquette.

Their back-to-back meetings were made through the Zoom online platform, as most of the entrepreneurs did at that time. Habi’s got its first pre-seed round of fundings on the 15th of November, 2019. A total of 11 investors, while the leading investors in question were Tiger Global, Zigg Capital, and Homebrew knocked on Habi’s door. The total amount raised was $5.5 million.

On the 26th of August, 2020 new fundings arrived from another 11 investors - the leading investor being Inspired Capital Partners, which supports new and extraordinary entrepreneurs. They saw the future in the real estate company that Habi became to be and invested $10 million. The final round of fundings, for now, happened this year, on the 23rd of June, contributed by SoftBank, investing a whopping sum of $100,000,000!

Find or Sell Your HABItat Today

Habi- an exquisite real estate company that is purely data-driven, committed to offering beneficial tech solutions for middle-class home vendors or sellers in Spanish Latin America. Columbia is purposely left out in the sentence because they’ve started to expand their roots in Mexico.

It doesn’t matter if it's a studio apartment, penthouse, or even a mansion - they would buy it from you or sell it in the shortest time possible.

The most proper way to define what Brynne and Sebastian do is to create a mixture out of a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and the Opendoor model. If you’re just as confused as the next person for what an Opendoor model is, here’s a simple explanation. It's for buyers and sellers to get all of the cash offers in a really short time span and kick out the Habit of waiting.

In addition, you can benefit from this model with a costless inspection of your home and you won’t have the problem of going through all the trouble of buying or selling a property. Habi has and does exactly this. They have a centralized database that holds real estate prices for residences which they make use of those same statistics for selling and buying properties.

Furthermore, Habi opts for the liberty of mobility and the economic stability for their customers with its scalable data procedures. Of course, customers won’t have to worry about whether they would find someone to sell their property - Habi will be the one to buy it off you.

While you sell your house, on the other hand, you won’t have to go for just a single payment option. Add two more options and you’ve got Habi. They sell it, do some quality refurbishing, and put it up back for sale.

Future Plans for Habi

As for buying opportunities for landowners, Habi wants to ramp up the selling options from the 10-month average interval to only 10 days the waiting time. For middle-class buyers, Habi just wants to help people by giving them time to relax and not worry about financial or legal issues.

Executing the promise that Habi made with their dear customers is the top priority even for their upcoming years working as a real estate company.

With their latest $100M raised fundings, Habi expanded in the heart of Mexico City, but it will keep on opening doors on other markets, too. Since they have a couple of cities as their targets, Brynne and Sebastian want to go all the way across Spanish Latin America.

Habi, Today

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Brynne and Sebastian onboard the Habi ship. The harsh waters of real estate, accompanied by the ruthless blows of the CIOVID-19 pandemic made Habi’s journey an inspirational one.

Having to tackle strong competitors like Realty ONE Group, MAA, and GLPI, among others, made Habi reach the shore and stand on solid ground. Attracting a vast number of clients, desperate for a quick sale, Habi became a renowned name in the real estate business.

Today, Habi’s headquarters are in Bogota, Colombia, employing 288 people that work tirelessly towards delivering the best hassle-free real estate experience.

Sebastian is the co-founder and president of the company, while Brynne is the co-founder and CEO.

For its website today, Habi incorporates 21 technologies, some of which are Viewport Meta, IPhone/Mobile Compatible, and SPF. Granted, the real estate market of today is flooded with all kinds of companies, offering this and that. However, doing a bit of research will emerge Habi as the perfect fit for buying and selling real estate in a matter of 10 days.

Perchance you’re stuck on the assets you own being illiquid, Habi is and still will be able to liquefy them in a matter of days. If you plan on changing your old ways, be ready for a new and reassuring HABItual experience.