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Youth To The People: A Beauty Brand Like No Other


Is food more than just food? - Two cousins think so.

As the beauty industry is expanding, we are all collectively getting preoccupied with beauty. Since ancient times, people have used makeup and cosmetics; through the years, women performed rituals to correct their bodies' flaws and uphold the idea of natural beauty.

Nowadays, we all try new makeup products recommended by professionals or our friends, but we can’t always be sure we’re giving ourselves nothing but quality.

Back in 2015, two cousins, Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes, with the help of their professional-grade skincare pioneer grandmother Eve, decided to shake things up and start a revolution with skincare products.

Founded in Los Angeles, California, and named Youth To The People, Joe and Greg’s company became a fan-favorite beauty spot for many.

Continue reading and find out more about the inspiring story of two cousins that turned to nature for help with beauty products.

The Beginning of a Better Era in the Skincare World

Youth To The People is an outcome of two enthusiastic cousins with a goal to create a positive change in the lives of others. Back in the day, Greg and Joe’s grandmother battled with gender inequality, so the name itself means skin care for every color and every gender.

Greg started his education at the California State University, continued as a professional basketball player, and ended up in the beauty world after a few years. His first step was working as a brand manager at his grandmother’s company and helping the estheticians succeed in business.

On the other hand, Joe graduated in Public Administration and City Planning, worked as a Sales Representative and Business Development Manager, but ended up in the beauty world as well. Together with his cousin Greg, they yielded excellent results and continued their family tradition.

Shaping the Dream

Cousins Greg and Joe grew up immersed in the skincare family business with their grandmother that had her own beauty line. Their grandmother Eve was one of the first aestheticians to bring botanical, superfood, and natural ingredients to the United States. Therefore, with their previous experience, they came up with the notion of starting their own cosmetic company.

Greg and Joe’s inspiration comes from their grandmother that started her own business right after her divorce. To get to the role of a pioneer, she had to sell her car to start investing in the industry.

Both Greg and Joe worked at their grandmother's company after graduation and learned that anything is possible at any stage of life. Greg and Joe proudly say that "their grandmother is an image of success" and still use the same chemist that worked for their grandma.

Spicing Things Up

Some of the greatest challenges that Greg and Joe faced were identifying ingredients and figuring out a way to extract them; learning the differences from one ingredient to another caused an extra headache for Greg and Joe but in time, the cousins got the hang of things and continued delivering quality.

Even though they were off to a great start back in 2015, just like every other business, Joe and Greg faced difficulties during the COVID pandemic and needed huge investments. Luckily, Greg and Joe formed a strategy to include a digital aspect to the business, focusing more on web-based solutions, and collaborating with influencers to spread the word.

Although it seemed like many companies were failing in 2020, those who focused on digital marketing increased their community and improved businesses in no time. Even in these challenging times, Youth To The People has sparked optimism, joy, youthfulness, and hope for both customers and employers.

Inspired by Nature

Cousins Greg and Joe, geared up with enthusiasm and a thirst for success, came up with a brilliant innovation. Thanks to the three-generation long business experience, Youth To The People delivered healthy skincare for all.

Joe and Greg’s company launched with only three products: a serum, a cleanser, and a moisturizer from their Superfood line. Even though they started small, the wellness trends opened up new doors for the company.

The cousins focused on mixing superfoods and science to create a harnessing nutrient-dense product that positively impacts skin health and has less harmful effects on the environment.

Superfoods for Super Win

What makes YTTP unique is that they are committed to providing recyclable and unisex formulas free of harsh chemicals so that customers can feel as if they’re making a positive impact on the environment.

By using the benefits of nature, TYYP makes the most out of superfoods to benefit the skin health of all. Unique, cruelty-free formulas containing antioxidant-abundant leafy greens like kale and spinach, essential vitamins, and other 100% vegan ingredients is what Youth To The People prides itself on.

All environment enthusiasts can be sure that their Youth To The People products will come in a recyclable package, so other than giving a natural glow to their skin, they’ll also be positively impacting the environment.

Garnering the Finances

Three years had passed before Youth To The People attracted its first investors. In 2018, the company received its first funding of a not-so-modest sum of $2M from a private equity fund with Strand Equity Rounds as a lead investor.

After securing the funds, the company continued expanding its offer, reshaping the standards of the beauty industry. Recently, Youth To The People got two more investors, Carisa Janes and Sandbridge Capital.

Money can improve many businesses, but even before the business was founded, these young men were standing out from the crowd and never lost sight of why they started.

Even though this brand was launched in 2015, 6 years later, L'Oréal reported offering $50M for the acquisition of the brand. Youth To The People even has its own hero product that won the Allure's Readers' Choice Award.

Youth Is Natural, Cruelty-Free, Proud, and Charitable

Thanks to their knack for business, Greg Gonzalez and Joe Cloyes managed to merge the nurturing properties of natural ingredients with chemistry and give the world a beauty brand like no other.

Besides contributing to the beauty industry, Joe and Greg also show passion for activism and creating a better world. Their YTTP Pride edition was one of the most successful campaigns, and they decided to donate the whole profit to underprivileged college students, providing laptops and school supplies.

Even though they grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, inspired by the creative energy of Los Angeles neighborhoods, these two creative cousins opened new headquarters as an event space, but also a place of work for 85 people.

Since Greg is still a music lover, Youth To The People hosts acoustic sets of upcoming artists, showcasing new talent, and helping out the community.

A Brighter Future on the Horizon

Considering the company's financials and the many satisfied consumers, Youth To The People shaped into a very valuable company with a great future ahead.

The quality of this 50-year business legacy was proven in 2021 when Youth To The People was rated as the 8th top startup on the rise in the United States, successfully fending off the competition coming from companies like Beautylish, Orly International, and LiveGlam, among others.

Today, as L'Oréal is the owner of Joe and Greg’s brand, the beauty products are endorsed by some of the industry giants like Sephora and Nordstrom.

When it comes to the company's next steps, Joe, the founder, and Greg the CEO strive to enrich their beauty lines with more superfood-packed products, not forgetting about their family legacy to make healthy skincare products available for everyone.