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WeSolv: Bringing Companies and Employees Closer Together


How is a candidate supposed to show their performance abilities if they are not allowed to perform? - WeSolv offers the know-how. The human resource industry has always faced challenges, and both sides of the coin are experiencing the same pressure that arises when job openings appear.

Companies have difficulty finding candidates that fit their company requirements, while applicants have problems being identified and isolated in the overflowing candidate pool.

Stella Ashaolu herself struggled to break the vicious cycle and convince potential employers of her skills and abilities. An ambitious black woman, Stella had to overcome many obstacles, but that didn’t stop her from advancing in life and her career. Learning while doing so, Stella managed to establish WeSolv, a platform that shows a link between companies and candidates of all backgrounds.

Continue reading about the entrepreneurial journey of a young woman toward excellence.

The Person Behind WeSolv

Stella Ashaolu was a relatively active young woman even before the WeSolv story began.

After attaining a Bachelor’s in Political Science from UCLA, she further expanded her education at the Marshall School of Business, USC, earning herself an MBA.

Ambitious and eager to help her fellow students, Stella founded and managed the Westside Student Tutor (WST) in 2006. It was a company that offered affordable tutoring services for high school and elementary students.

She also served as a Senior Management Consultant at the renowned Gallup firm during her professional career. While at the company, Stella assisted companies in solving performance-related challenging issues. Working as a Business Manager made Stella discover that she was leaning more toward business than law.

Stella Ashaolu is also the co-founder and investor of Fifth Star Funds, established in 2020. This innovative and philanthropic fund aims to assist black founders during the early company-development stage.

Beginning to Solve the Issues

WeSolv was founded in 2016 due to unrealistic expectations and imbalances in selection strategies. Stella used her personal experience and her experience as a consultant in Fortune 500 companies to set the grounds and goals for WeSolv.

This technical platform didn’t become a hit overnight; despite Stella’s personal and professional experience, she needed time to gather the required information to build a solid structure. Result-driven, Stella continued to work on establishing a network of entrepreneurial organizations to create a database that was to be tested with clients.

WeSolv recommends that companies reach out for help and work with people who trust their work. There is no shame in asking for a helping hand from a diverse team of professionals that may open doors to endless possibilities.

The WeSolv database has the largest and the most diverse MBA network of over 30,000 candidates and helps 70% of underrepresented candidates.

Securing the Finances

WeSolv cooperates with both companies and candidates to help each of them make the best possible choice. Through the use of a Challenger Builder, WeSolv collects the required matching information to achieve the company's hiring goals.

Using the Quick Challenge 7-day project or Case Challenge, a 3 to 6-week project, WeSolv goes through the network of over 30,000 qualified candidates to find the best potential candidates. It took a lot of time and networking to build this incredible candidate database, but it was the hard work and ambition of Stella that kept her going.

Stella is someone who believes that listening to clients and customers leads to the creation of strong networks of people who believe in your work and share your vision. These are also people or companies that will support the work when the time comes. This privately-owned company is venture capital-backed and has raised a total funding of $120,000 over three rounds in 2018, 2021, and 2022. The investors that believe in Stella's work include the Chicago Early Growth Ventures, Alliance of Angels Techstars Seattle Accelerator, Techstars,, and Synetro group.

WeSolv: A Win-Win Platform

Stella faced many challenges and learned through her own experience. When she had to front recruiters visiting the campus, she found it difficult to convince them of how she could put her skills and experience to use.

Knowing both sides of the coin, Stella is working hard to make WeSolve a win-win solution for both candidates and companies. WeSolv addresses and tries to solve the flaws that appear in the traditional hiring process.

Diversity and talent acquisition are always burning problems for companies, but when surrounded by partners and mentors who understand the problem and help find the solution, you know you are not alone.

Although there isn't a similar platform in the USA, some of the international WeSolv rivals may include the French JobTeaser, Singapore's Glints, and London's Debut.

Shining a Light on the Underrepresented

Founded as a response to the failure of the inefficient recruiting model, WeSolv is finding ways to bring MBA students and potential employees together. The team is fighting to stop candidates from being overlooked due to traditional backgrounds because they have the experience as candidates and recruiters.

To this day, this platform has proven to give underrepresented candidates the chance to be seen and heard. It has also proven to deliver potential employers the right candidates right to their doorstep.

Some candidates that have been accepted into teams like Nike and Amazon say that they have learned a lot through the selection process of WeSolv.

Lending a Helping Hand

WeSolv managed to pick up and dust off the prospective hires by offering them to compete in challenges - it prove to be a good exercise to help potential employees understand and identify career goals and possibly some of the weak spots that they could work on.

Candidates just starting out are faced with a lack of knowledge, which may be one of the problems for not being selected. Filling out WeSolv's Challenge has helped them learn more about themselves and what may be expected from them in their future job.

The WeSolv platform may be used by all graduates, MBA students, and those who graduated from Business School. The platform is entirely free for all students but companies do have to pay a fee.

Getting Noticed

All of the hard work that Stella put in in WeSolv hugely paid off when Forbes, GeekWire, The Seattle Times, and other magazines and websites turned the spotlight on the company that’s been trying to build a bridge between prospective companies and potential employees.

Awarded as the TechStars Seattle 2018 Best Pitch, WeSolv grew stronger and more confident that the company is on the right track to being the catalyst between talent and opportunity.

Stella was over the moon - her dream of showcasing talent was finally coming true.

Networking for a Brighter Future

Today, WeSolv is headquartered in Chicago, IL, with Stella as the founder and CEO of the company. We Solve is said to have one registered trademark in the Advertising and business class. Employing close to 10 people, WeSolv does its best to even out the ground for business and bring highly-educated MBA holders closer to prospective hires.

WeSolv strives to put an end to background-based hires, and with a talented, passionate, and business-savvy woman like Stella leading the way, we can only wait and see how many doors will WeSolv open for knowledge-packed individuals.

Passion and performance are the key components of a success story for both sides. Can WeSolv deliver on this? Time will tell. In the meantime, WeSolv’s goal is to listen to its customers and establish an assertive network of people who share the same company culture vision.