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Surf Risk-Free with Capacity: A More Capable Future


The overthrow of the digital era is no longer deniable. Countless experiments brought in several different inventions, to which humans owe much of their daily benefits to. However, it is crucial to know that technology is created by humans to aid humans in everyday tasks and complete them as quickly as possible.

These were some of the thoughts that flooded David Karandish and Chris Sims. The two technology enthusiasts devoted their lives to bringing digitalization closer to helping people.

With Capacity, people can finally forget about losing all their digital data, because all would be safely taken care of by the platform. Capacity is an AI platform that specializes in linking data from apps, so users would never have to worry about their data being in the wrong hands.

Capacity is there for safe-keeping!

If you want to learn more about the fascinating story of how Chris and David formed a platform that raised millions in a matter of months, read down below.

IT Beginnings

David Karandish was born in St Louis, Missouri, in the United States in the early 1990s. His parents regarded him as a curious and temperamental child. At a very young age, he showed the first signs of leadership skills. There was nothing that could grip his thirst for knowledge. Growing up as a millennial was a thrill for David, as he witnessed the slow gradation of technology. His loving family would shower him with gifts, but his favorite out of the many was his first PC. Once David got a little taste of what technology has to offer, he decided to dedicate his career to understanding and becoming a specialist in the tech sector.

Chris Sims, a peer of David’s, grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He was also present to witness the inevitable overthrow of the digital era. Being a very shy and quiet child, his parents struggled to get him to make friendships and come out of his shell. When they saw that Chris grew much more interested in television, his parents brought him his first computer. Once Chris got his computer, it was love at first sight. This was his next imaginary friend that he wanted to know everything about. The computer represented everything he desperately wanted to learn, its instructions, its functions, and the mechanics behind them.

The young tech-enthusiasts crossed paths when both enrolled in St. Louis Washington University in 2001. The young-not-yet-established entrepreneurs would call their college years the best in their lives, filled with excitement, learning, and character-building. Both left the University in 2005, with a bachelor's in Computer Sciences.

David and Chris would also spend their free time during college getting extra curriculums. They had big plans in mind and all of them required certain knowledge of finance, marketing, and strategy. This is where they would gather the concepts of a core business.


Chris and David were extremely gifted in all things computer, which is why it wasn’t long before they got hired, and quite easily so. David Karandish spent his free time developing web pages and design, but he also grew a fascination for entrepreneurship.

David’s partner in crime, Chris Sims shared his thoughts about entering the world of business and they brainstormed many ideas.

Throughout his college years, Chris grew more interested in investments, entrepreneurship, and starting his own business. The quiet and shy kid no longer will stay silent with all that overwhelming knowledge he had brewing inside. It was high time the world learned about him. His first venture into the world of business was when he boarded Answers alongside David, as the CTO, in 2006. The digital platform was aimed at students, helping them find quick answers about topics included in their studies. This was a large bite the entrepreneurs had to take to make them fearless in the face of all challenges, business-wide.

David and Chris’ journeys seemed to never part as they were both the missing pieces of the puzzle. This was proven once David and Chris boarded Varsity Tutors in 2014. David was welcomed as a board member, while Chris was also an investor.

2014 was a year of many changes for the young entrepreneurs. Even though Answers had one major customer that filled the pockets generously, Yahoo, it was not enough. Chris and David decided to put their efforts into a new platform mirroring the inventions of the century. They sold Answers in 2014 for $1 billion.

The Digital Hard Disk

After struggling with decisions and challenges, David decided to take five months off to spend time with the family in Montana. Even though he was out of the city, his thoughts remained business-oriented. He was considering and reconsidering his previous decision with Answers and wanted to secure that he will never rush with business decisions. David decided that his next go-round will be an even greater, more sophisticated platform, necessary for the century.

David was adamant to maintain his headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Unlike his previous business venture, this time he would build a parent company that would produce the entrepreneurial success he longed after for many years. The success he couldn’t accomplish with Answers was something David looked for in his new company. The brand-new company will include both profits and non-profits- something that’s regarded as David’s attempt at giving back to the community.

In January 2017, Chris and David started Capacity, firstly named The entrepreneurs applied the trending use of artificial intelligence used by companies for providing assistance. The young entrepreneurs grabbed the opportunity to become a part of the next chapter in technology. This was their dream coming true, as self-proclaimed ‘geeks’, their invention, Capacity, will live on in the books as a way technology mingled with society functions.

To cut short, Capacity is the worker's new best friend. It’s an automatic, AI-generated platform that connects all your apps and tech sectors into one place. Capacity offers lightning-speed answers to repetitive support tasks and solutions to many entrepreneurship challenges.

Capacity also offers to organize, design, and simplify digital documents, so workers have their own digital hard disk. The platform governs artificial intelligence machines, that function thanks to algorithms and language processing power.

Ups & Downs

Capacity is innovative in more ways than one. The time wasted on searching for knowledge spread across thousands of apps, pages, and spreadsheets, can be cut short thanks to Capacity’s algorithm.

Being computer scientists, both David and Chris knew that the essential part of having a platform that carries other users’ data is to be safe and secure. All the information provided by users is safely locked away in Capacity’s system. Capacity helps by reducing each company’s engagement in meaningless tasks towards more fruitful outcomes.

The company had some issues getting recognition on the first few tries, however, once companies understood the capabilities of Capacity, they were running to sign up.

The idea of an AI platform that connects major systems to a single platform was intriguing for many customers, and Capacity’s benefits were too good to lose.

A year after its launch, in 2018, Capacity raised $8.4 million from equity funding. This was an incredible milestone for Capacity, as it garnered the necessary attention to spread across the States.

The following year, Capacity scored big time! The company managed to raise $13.4 million from three equity investors. This meant that the good word about Capacity has spread like wildfire throughout the internet.

In total, David and Chris raised $34.5 million in over 4 rounds of funding. Their latest funding round was in October of 2020. During the first few years, Capacity was funded by but Rice Park Capital Management is the newest addition to the investors.

Capacity, Today

To get where it is today, Capacity had to tackle the offers made by competitors like Intercom, Zendesk Support Suite, and Birdeye, among others.

Capacity is still located in the duo’s native Missouri, but their goals are to spread across the States and maybe venture out in the world. They have more than 50+ employees who work tirelessly for the quickest and best software support out there.

Capacity’s customer portfolio is growing at a rapid speed, with Capacity entering the education, health, and business industries. Today, Capacity is used by USA Mortgages, Total Access Urgent Care, Maryville University, EXL, Framecad, Newell Brands, and West Community Credit Union.

David and Chris accomplished their goals by counting each step and dedicating their will and time towards a greater goal. First came Answers, then followed Capacity - the digital platforms that can offer exclusive solutions to users.

Capacity allows users to better manage their time, expand their knowledge and keep the focus on the ultimate goal. Like the duo did before Capacity, David and Chris got a page in the book when they contributed to the wake-up call civilization needed!

The acceptance of AI platforms for the greater and much more capable future turned out to save the digital world a lot of headaches!