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Orchid Black: A Ray of Light for Budding Businesses


“Talent wins games, but team and intelligence win championships” – Jim Barnish.

Nowadays, many people are trying to start their own businesses, and these same people want to advance quickly. But sometimes, achieving your own goals quickly requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

Jim Barnish, Steve Horwitz, and John Lema are the three creators of a consulting company, called Orchid Black, a company that’s a real success story.

The narrative behind the Orchid Black company is very motivating since it deals with the average Joe that is struggling to run a business.

With baby steps and a massive belief in their potential for something more, these three leaders have succeeded in creating a company that will help people thrive in their own businesses.

So, if you too want to learn how to unlock your potential and create something spectacular, stick around and read the whole story of how the Orchid Black was formed.

Unlocking the Business Potential

Nobody said that dreams come true easily; even fairytales start with a hardship.

According to the words of successful businessmen, creating something big and meaningful, means you have to start small but with a humongous desire within.

One of Orchid Black's founders is living proof that the bright light at the end of the tunnel that leads to a success story can be only seen through the pitch-black dark.

Today, Jim Barnish is a successful entrepreneur and a leader in strategic change, but he wasn’t always that successful.

During his character-forming years, Jim has successfully worked with companies that have gone through business process improvements, agile change management, strategic transformation initiatives, etc. His expertise includes big data, SaaS, artificial intelligence, cloud, IoT, blockchain, enterprise software, and cybersecurity.

As a child, Jim Barnish began building his career in the world of entrepreneurship and technology. As early as the age of 15, Jim started to work in his own family business, and to this day, he has spent two decades as an operator, entrepreneur, VC, and consultant. Jim’s goals were aimed at providing company founders with solutions for their businesses.

Jim's interest in this particular matter grew while he was working for the Florida Financiers, a local venture capital business. After many years of experience with companies that aspired to rise to a higher level, Jim decided to take a step forward and do something that will enhance his work toward achieving his goal.

The same interest was shared by Steve Horwitz, a successful entrepreneur with many years of operational experience in a wide range of high-tech companies. Steve holds a Business Administration degree in Finance degree from Hofstra University.

On the way to realizing their significant interests, Jim and Steve met their third partner, John Lema. John is a technology professional and investor who has built and scaled companies across a wide range of verticals.

The extensive experience of these three entrepreneurs is what made them so successful in their mutual work. After a long period of realization and consideration, Jim, Steve, and John finally merged their interests into one. Then, in 2018, the Orchid Black bloomed in the world of business.

Bloom Like a Black Orchid

The adventure that led to the creation of the Orchid Black company started with tiny little steps taken by Jim Barnish and Steve Horwitz back in 2018.

Orchid Black is a business consulting company that aims to provide market and opportunity assessment, financing and output strategy, technology strategy and planning, business optimization strategy, and transition and leadership planning, among other services.

With many years of experience in this field, Jim and Steve were the first founders of Orchid Black. Their initial team consisted of only a few people that were good at their jobs. As the company progressed, both Jim and Steve felt like the time was right for another captain to come aboard their ship - that's how John Lema began to build his career at the Orchid Black as a third founder and partner.

With its launch on March 16, 2018, Orchid Black’s original name was Morgan Hill Partners. The company’s common goal was to create a business that would motivate and inspire people to start their own businesses.

When the pandemic hit the world, these three partners began searching for a new name that would carry the meaning of what the company had to offer, connecting the essence of the company to that of a black orchid - rare and unique.

The inspiration for the Orchid Black came from the famous orchid flower, which, with proper pruning and care, can live up to 100 years. Orchid Black is a new service and growth company that works with technology companies.

From the very beginning, the company has strived to build more innovative and better businesses that are now thriving. It also scales companies and strengthens their value in the world and the market.

Having the basic needs of budding businesses in mind, Orchid Black provides three basic tools for boosting companies - the Growth services, the Market Research & Analytics service, and the Strategy and Analysis service which provides expert insight and support for the business's challenges.

Thanks to the forward-thinking of its founders, Orchid Black achieved significant progress during its development with the help of its team of experts in the field.

The Blossoming of the Finances

Orchid Black's financials are rapidly growing through the years of significant financial development. According to some reports, the total number of investments made in this company reaches a whopping number of 2,095. Lucid Blue Ventures, Summit Partners, Momentum 6, and LD Capital are some of the main investors that have gotten insight into the massive potential of the company. Orchid Black also gained a tremendous amount of financing, which only goes to show how well-perceived the company has been by the prospective investors. The total amount of funding reached a staggering sum of $1.6 billion.

Orchid Black has received funding from various sources, including Venture Round-Animoca Brands, Series A-Republic, Series B-Republic, Series C-Animoca Brands, and many more.

Another interesting detail about Orchid Black is that the company also reached out to make multiple investments and financed other businesses. In doing so, the company helped struggling businesses flourish like orchids.

From Big Potential to a Successful Business Today

"Grow Smart, Grow Fast" is the primary motto that made this company what it is today.

Proper management and small yet significant actions taken by Jim, Steve, and John in the development of Orchid Black have resulted in the company becoming one of the most powerful in the world today.

To this day Orchid Black has over 40 employees in specific sectors, even though it only launched with 2 employees on board. Still going strong and expanding its business reach, Orchid Black also managed to withstand the competition coming from companies like Racemi, M3Linked, Florida Funders, and many others.

The company's current headquarters are still in St. Petersburg, FL, but it also holds 3 other offices in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York, as well.

The story that Jim, Steve, and John started creating for Orchid Black is no short of compelling and inspiring.

The Orchid Black has gone through many ups and downs to become one of the fastest-growing companies, and it is continuing to support the like-minded founders of other businesses.

Since there are a lot of budding companies that need a helping hand to make it in the crude world of business, we sincerely hope that Orchid Black will continue to thrive with the same beauty and wisdom.