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Give your hair the treatment it deserves with Shampora: Shampoos made just for you!


It seems that with every passing day, keeping up with the perfect beauty standards of society gets a little harder to achieve. Many women endure complete transformations to look like an exaggerated version of themselves. There came a need for acceptance. Women needed to embrace their imperfections and individuality. What if there are products that enhance the beauty and cherish uniqueness?

These were some of the ideas bussing inside Manuel Corona’s head when he decided to invest his time and effort into creating the best beauty products, authentic to the consumer.

Let’s talk about Shampora- a beauty-enhancing company that sells customized beauty products. Shampora’s uniqueness lies in the fact that the company creates distinctive shampoos according to the client’s wants and needs. If you want to know more about the story of how Manuel Corona revolutionized the beauty industry by adding his recipe to the pot, read down below.

Growing Up With History

Manuel Corona grew up in one of the most admired cities in the world - Rome. Manuel would spend most of his time with his family of proud Italians, excitingly retelling old stories or history lessons about the landmarks of the city. Manuel was known to be very eager to learn. Aesthetics was probably the most admired niche in Manuel’s eyes. The young boy would spend most of his time admiring the beautiful things that surrounded him. He experienced some issues with his self-confidence which he eventually overcame thanks to finding beauty in all things. Focusing on the beauty of other beings took Manuel’s mind off things for a while. He brainstormed ideas on how to make things even more beautiful. Oftentimes, Manuel would help his mom with the holiday decorations, filling his heart with joy. Spending time with his family and learning about the family’s roman roots felt like a fairytale to Manuel.

As a young boy, he admired how the ladies of his family took care of their bodies, their faces, their hair, especially their hair. He would gaze at the curls and how they bounced off someone’s head so playfully, and it would drive Manuel into paying much-needed attention to his looks.

Manuel was always recognizable by his distinctive brown curls, which he learned to take care of during his teenage years. He became intrigued by looks and started dabbing into the process of grooming and enhancing his features. As years went by, he grew even more attracted to women with beautiful, silky hair.

Manuel concluded that if he was destined to live out his days in one of the most beautiful and mystical cities in the world, he should devote himself to finding and nurturing beauty in everyone, and foremost, in himself. Manuel started to get even more interested in cosmetics and the way cosmetic products reinvent a person’s look. These were the starting steps towards his full-blown obsession with hair.

Tiny Particles

During his college years, Manuel became even more focused on finding beauty in things. This period was marked by a lot of new friendships, motivating Manuel to share his ideas of an updated and modern cosmetic industry. Manuel grew frustrated over the lack of creativity in the beauty industry. It seemed like all the women resembled each other. There was a need for that distinctiveness once more, he wanted to prove that all women are beautiful in their own way. He promised to find a way of creating a customized shampoo that would fit individual needs. After taking a few courses with popular beauty lines like L’Oreal, Manuel decided that he needed to take action against the decline of individuality in Rome, and the world, in general. By launching Shampora in 2017, Manuel gave all women the opportunity to make the choices themselves. Women gained the power of deciding what they wanted and needed for their hair. Manuel hired a team of experts whose goal was to work on advantageous products, incorporating healing properties. He worked on an advanced, modern hair care line that maintained the distinctiveness of each shampoo or conditioner.

The young Manuel would also provide expert advice on making changes to one’s hair. He regarded beauty with the utmost admiration, but he also valued the personality behind every pretty face he encountered. That is why every custom-made shampoo contains different ingredients to suit the consumer’s needs and demands.

Hair in the Wind

Manuel managed to create a working environment that cherished beauty and personality. The two traits that Manuel thought highly of were also something that women were looking to find balance for. The launching of Shampora was an absolute success for Manuel, as Italian women couldn’t wait to get their hands on it the moment it came out. Providing each woman with a shampoo that incorporated a unique blend of ingredients just for her, was perceived as such a breath of fresh air. It seemed like more women wanted to embrace their natural hair, with minimal enhancement offered through the Shampora line of products.

As women began to accept Shampora’s products wholeheartedly, the competition did not rest. It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Shampora. Manuel had to worry about beating the competition and staying one step ahead of everyone in the hair care business. A lot of the competitors promised to make women’s hair shinier, more voluminous, healthier, and smoother. Besides what the competition’s marketing promised to do, women still turned to Shampora because they experienced that the brand offered more than instant, magical solutions to their hair problems, Manuel’s Shampora stood out from the crowd by offering creativity, professionalism, and innovativeness. The products established by Shampora were exactly what the clientele needed.

A lot of the competitors were keen on using influencers and celebrities to help them advertise their products, making it seem somewhat unrealistic. Shampora did not follow in those footsteps. The company did not lie about its product. It did not promise to turn you into somebody else, but it made you love your distinctive self, more. The more people learned to feel comfortable and accepting of their own self, the more success Shampora gained.

Through the years, the trust that customers had built with Shampora continued to go up the scale, alongside the following period of embracing body positivity. In 2020, Shampora raised $3,6M in a funding round led by CDP Venture Capital, and the partners in Italian Angels of Growth. This investment was also supported by Finbeauty, Laventure Group, and Gisev Family Office.

Smooth Combing

Only by appreciating the beautiful things around us can we feel at peace with ourselves and find beauty within each and every one of us. These were some of the ideals Manuel had governed his company by. If you respect the beauty and nurture it, in the end, it will all pay off. Manuel learned a valuable lesson by living in the most distinctive, beauty-centered city in the world. What makes a person unique is what makes them beautiful. Manuel made a pivotal move in the cosmetics industry, waking a new wave of safe appreciation in women around the globe.

Shampora looks forward to advancing with its cosmetic technology and entering the field of individualized makeup, tutorials, nail care, and everything beauty-related you can think of. Manuel still believes that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and happy in their own skin. Glorifying individuality is always a good starting point when talking about all things beauty-related. Thanks to Manuel and his innovative beauty technology, women of the world can enjoy their own personalized and customized products. Manuel’s Shampora tried to shine a light on embracing individuality. This is how he plans to contribute to a shallow-free world of beauty.