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Well Health Inc - Patient-Healthcare Communication Has Never Been Easier


Communication is at the core of every society. And when it comes to healthcare, it’s not a secret that the communication between patients and healthcare providers is not as practical as it should be.

Guillaume De Zwirek and Joe Tischler had a brilliant idea to combat this two-sided problem. They thought of creating a platform that would ease the communication between patients and healthcare in the US.

Their groundbreaking idea came to life in 2015 and has been a staple in the industry ever since. Well Health is a communication tool that allows the healthcare front offices to get in touch with their patients through instant chat, email, and phone lines.

How did two partners with no experience in this industry make this happen regardless of the significant challenges? This is the story of how Joe and Guillaume De Zwirek paved the road to Well Health Inc, the primary communication hub in the healthcare industry.

A Humble Start

Guillaume De Zwirek graduated from the University of Southern California in the field of music (Classical Guitar) and business administration (Finance), with the idea to become either a successful musician or an entrepreneur.

On the other hand, Joe studied at Washington University in native St.Louis in the field of electrical engineering.

Before they even met, Guillaume, called Gui by his friends, started his first job at none other but Google right after graduation. After working on one of the first Google National TV commercials called Google Zeitgeist, Gui was already thinking about his next venture.

Aside from his professional engagements, Gui is an active athlete (a 6-time Ironman triathlete) and enjoys workouts. As such, he’d go to regular medical checkups, where the processing of coordinating his health through the healthcare maze was nothing but frustrating.

The situation reached a boiling point when Gui had to reach different people in the healthcare system on his own through his phone.

This sparked the first idea for Well, as Gui thought to himself that technology might solve the issue. If there only was a platform that could help you navigate throughout your medical journey and meet your needs as fast as possible.

From Google, Straight Into Medicine

While Gui was thinking about his next venture, the healthcare communication coordination wasn’t getting any better. And this is when the two started aligning.

Using the capital he had saved while working at Google, Gui decided it was time for something new, but this time, new means groundbreaking.

After Gui decided it was impossible to handle something of this magnitude by himself, he enlisted the help of Joe Tischler, who previously worked for SteadyMD and Capacity, deeming him the best partner for this undertaking.

Gui found that most health care systems rarely do anything to reduce FETs. By far, the existing systems were based on automated messages, which Gui found rather frustrating.

The idea for Well Health was to establish a communication channel but remove the automated systems for obvious reasons. Gui and Joe decided to go with live agent support because it's more sensible and it’s one way to make sure that the message will reach the right recipient.

Both partners decided to change the industry and renown it for its customer service, making communication much more accessible. In 2015, Guillaume and Joe released the first version of Well Health and wasted no time presenting it to countless customers.

A Stepping Stone to Greatness

We wouldn’t be talking about success if the road was nothing but a straight line. Every entrepreneur comes across a challenge, but the story of Guillaume and Joe is obstacle after obstacle - which is what makes success even sweeter.

Even before Well Health Inc went online, challenges were looming from all directions.

Before everything, the duo had to find trained live agents who would establish the communication, which is now their company's core. Once they handled this problem, the partners had to decide on the most efficient way to establish a communication line between the health care system and the patient.

The final decision was to go for a single-tech provider that takes care of the communication process, across the patient's entire journey, from start to finish. The reason behind this is simple - the whole process is complicated enough for everyone involved and nearly impossible to manage across multiple platforms.

One Well Health was twitched, Gui and Joe were ready to venture out and test the product before they could implement it on the market, and this is how the first customers arrived.

The First Customers: Great Minds Think Alike

Once Well Health was presented in the industry as a groundbreaking platform for coordination, the first customers started popping up. Gui and Joe were amazed by how many users their product attracted in a short period, pointing out that other people were just as frustrated as Gui was.

Since most users couldn’t even imagine that direct communication was possible, the buzz was granted. The firstcomers started recommending the platform to friends and family, trying to spare them the nerves of difficult communication in the health care system.

As time went by, Well Health spread across the United States, with its number increasing by the month and then by the week. Everyone involved realized that the new Well Health Inc idea was to make going to the doctor like going out with a friend - simple and on time!

It wasn’t long until the customers realized the potential of Well Health, as it offered the most effortless communication between patients and front offices in the healthcare industry.

Well insured that there would be no more walking into labyrinths of communications and made the trip to the doctor’s office a breeze.

Everything Must Evolve

If an idea doesn't evolve, it won’t survive for long. Now that Well Health’s number of users was constantly on the rise, it was time to do a couple of twitches here and there.

The first step was to alter the app to follow the communication through the entire process, starting from the moment you’re admitted to a hospital, going through the entire life cycle of the patient, and ending up with chronic disease management.

The first part of the communication channel was via email, but since these are modern days, phone and live chat was quickly implemented into Well Health Inc. The product ended up as the ultimate communication tool between front offices and their patients, and now it has made communication more intuitive across all enterprises.

Up to this moment, the duo raised $45.1 million from different funders, mostly in Series C investments, with the last one being in November of 2020.

As of 2022, the partners are yet to decide should Well Health Inc go public on the stock exchange with IPO.

Where Is Well Health Inc Today

Today, Well Health Inc has around 500 employees and is currently stationed in Santa Barbara, California.

Well Health Inc remains the primer platform for end-to-end communication between patients and the front offices of the healthcare system. In 2021 and 2022, Well Health won the Best in KLAS for Patient Outreach.

Both Joe and Guillaume work at the company they founded, with Guillaume keeping his spot as the CEO and Joe being the co-founder while also being focused on other ventures.

As of 2022, Well Health Inc counts thousands of users daily in the United States, and it’s more than attractive for outside investors.