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Denali Advanced Integration: In Favor of Outstanding Business Outcomes


From the start of the era of technology and the invention of computers, IT technology has grown exponentially and helped humanity make a quantum leap.

Whether using computers to generate, handle, preserve, retrieve, and share various types of data and information, Denali Advanced Integration achieves one positive change after the other. Denali’s creators, brothers Mohamad, Majdi, and Mitch Daher, overcame the thick and thin of the industry to ultimately grace the tech world with supreme technology that ensures top business outcomes.

Denali handles a broad range of technological solutions and offers world-class technical expertise, practice guidelines, and apt strategies to apply a combination of technologies that assists businesses with keeping a steady and profitable pace. Born in 1992, Denali boasted a series of business solutions - from managed mobility and global supply chains to automation and aiding hybrid workforces.

A customer-focused and family-oriented business, this is the story of three brothers whose global workforce not only gives to businesses but to communities, too.

Keep It in the Family

The Daher brothers pursued individual university degrees and obtained professional skills while making the most of their meaningful academic connections. Mohamad first enrolled at the University of Portland. Ever since he was a kid, he has been fascinated by computers and got a Bachelor's degree in Computer Design Engineering.

The other brother, Majdi, was a student at Portland State University and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Mitch, the third of the Daher bunch, graduated from the University of Portland with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. Madji was the visionary for the future, and his refined leadership helped their company grow by recruiting top talents.

Mitch first started his career as an R&D engineer at the semiconductor business Micron Technology, Inc. He swiftly rose through the corporate ranks and earned multiple patents in the semiconductor business. Mitch, as an engineer, was constantly looking for new challenges, so he used his achievements, connections, and talents to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

At the same time, Mohamad was the entrepreneurial spirit of the family. His drive to develop businesses arose out of mere necessity after his family was forced to flee during the first Gulf War.

The oil fires caused by the first Gulf War forced the family of the Daher brothers to flee their home in Kuwait and run for a safer destination. In many ways, the brothers' motivation to build a successful family business was born out of the necessity to provide for their family in Kuwait and eventually bring them over.

The brothers' key intention was to create a sustainable family business that could also employ their family members. With this noble cause as their primary drive, the Daher brothers made the decision to launch Denali.

One Thing at a Time

Mohamad, Majdi, and Mitch created Denali right after the Gulf War in 1992. The company headquarters were based in Redmond, WA. The brothers' expertise merged perfectly and helped them to team up just right to put their vision into motion.

Denali creates excellent worldwide business outcomes for its clientele, mainly through a partnership-focused engagement methodology. The company employs a consultative approach to bringing technical knowledge closer to clients. Denali uses various strategies to create, source, distribute, and execute multiple solutions to fulfill these goals.

Denali's consultative approach assesses an existing situation and intends a proper result for it. They can develop a roadmap with clients and focus on essential execution milestones - all thanks to a sophisticated range of analysis tools and methods.

Core competencies supporting transformative results include gap analysis, demand planning, vendor evaluation, integration design, and service delivery. After 9 years of hard work and many satisfied clients, in 2001, the brothers established the brand we know today as Denali Advanced Integration.

Catching Client Attention Globally

The company's clients were all from the States. However, the brothers started thinking globally and soon expanded their services. In 2012, Denali opened its office in Texas, which mainly focused on Managed Mobile Services. That same year, the brothers went global and penetrated the European market, opening their first abroad offices in the UK and Ireland.

As the company expanded in 2015, Denali opened a second office at the Redmond Technology Center in Redmond, WA. The brothers continued their international growth with support and logistics installations in Belgium.

In 2017, Denali celebrated 25 years of existence. That was also the time when the company started trending. Denali consequently established Denali Advanced Integration LLP India, which serves clients' IT globalization demands. At this time, things started to kick off, and the company became an international success story.

Years of Recognition

2019 was the year when Denali got into the spotlight and started getting recognized for its exceptional services. Denali got on the CRN Managed Service Provider 500 list. Majdi was labeled Puget Sound Business Journal 2019 Family Business C-Level Leadership Awards at the time when the company was celebrating its 27 years of existence.

As a family business, Denali has been included in the Puget Sound Business Journal's 2019 list of Washington's Largest Family-Owned Companies. The brothers got ranked #9 in the Puget Sound Business Journal just one year later.

While many businesses went to a full stop because of the pandemic, the IT sector boomed. Denali became the most trustworthy partner of tech-giant Samsung. They were also listed on many other prestigious lists as one of the world's fastest-growing private companies, such as Time Magazine.

After receiving multiple recognitions, the brothers wanted to give back to the community and started many charity activities. The 2022 Denali Dash achieved an unprecedented $175,000 for Seattle Children's Hospital. The brothers state that they will continue to support their community and donate internationally to those in need.

Denali Advanced Integration, Today

These days, Denali represents one of the biggest family-owned businesses in the world. Mohamad is the company's Chairman, while Majdi and Mitch serve as board members. Denali provides Enterprise IT solutions and services worldwide. Furthermore, the company employs approximately 500 employees, and their estimated annual revenue stream is nearly $100 million.

When a company grows larger than expected, it is possible to stand in the way of business for control's sake. This is what the Dehar brothers felt, that their expertise might not be sufficient to keep up with the company’s demands. So, the brothers hired Robert Vrij to serve as the Chief Executive Officer at Denali and remain confident in his leadership skills, given the entire time they worked with him for tech giants such as AT&T and Hewlett, and Packard.

Mohamad, Majdi, and Mitch have had the same goal since the beginning of their journey - to keep Denali in the hands of the family. Many of their nephews and nieces are now dispersed around the organization. And they play a variety of roles. However, they are only in Denali because they are the best suited for their posts.

Alex, their chairman, is financially and operationally astute. Mitch is the artistic one, with an excellent creative mind, whereas Majdi is the people person. As a result, the three of them present a distinct perspective. They are always looking for opportunities and will always do what is best for their clients, which translates into what is best for their business.

By combining the power of giving back to society and business-savviness, Denali built a $1.5 B empire that will last and ensure that every talent gets the chance to apply their skills where it matters the most.