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Unite Us: Military Coordination between Communities and Providers


Almost 20% of US citizens can’t access proper healthcare providers, and over 77% go first to the internet searching for medical advice. America appreciates its service members but faces difficulties coordinating them with organizations that help them.

Three former servicemen, Taylor Justice, Andrew Price, and Daniel Brillman, found many nonprofits and government agencies aimed at helping veterans. However, not any of these resources were approachable due to their disorganization.

Faced with these difficulties, the three veterans designed their own coordinated platform. Their creation aids in connecting every community with social or healthcare providers hassle-free! With Unite Us, every community will feel united in a balanced, organized referral software. The platform represents a new kind of case management software solution where multiple organizations can compare info. Best of all - applicants enjoy shared service by several organizations simultaneously.

Interested in how three veterans expanded Unite US across regional communities and helped thousands of people? We’ll disclose their story below.

An All-American Start

Andrew Price was born in Oklahoma, Kansas, the US, in the late 1980s. Growing up in the states, specifically in Kansas, was enjoyable for Andrew. From an early age, he showed cleverness, skill, and bravery and was raised to love his country like a true patriot.

Besides being naturally gifted in idea creation, Andrew had a knack for business. He pictured future goals in investing; however, fighting for his country was his priority.

Andrew was enamored with the US military and wished to participate. Being interested in state defense and excelling in school got Andrew Price a kick-start at the University of Oklahoma in the early 2000s. There Andrew pursued a career studying criminal justice.

His partner, Daniel Brillman, was born in the early 90s in the heart of the United States, New York City. Growing up, Daniel always had his head up in the sky, wishing to explore it from a closer view. His interest in flying grew stronger as he grew up, but so did his understanding of business.

Daniel’s friends have praised his entrepreneurial spirit, saying his charm could convince people to do anything. He was regarded as a great leader, and his strong-willed character got him through many hardships.

With great ambitions and big ideas for the future, Daniel enrolled at Yale University to study Political Sciences and Governing in 2002. While obtaining his Bachelor's degree, Daniel joined the hockey, lacrosse, and aviation teams. This is where he became a newbie pilot, making his childhood dream to soar in the skies come to life.

And Then There Were Three

Taylor Justice, the third of the bunch, was born in Florida, US, in the early 1990s. During his childhood, Taylor was a bright and shy kid. He spent most of his free time indoors and with his nose buried in books. Regarded as very intelligent from an early age, Taylor showed an appreciation for sciences, especially technology.

However, Taylor’s family was very conservative and religious. He would start his education, backing away from science at the Bishop Verot Catholic High School from 1999 to 2002.

After the distressing incidents in 2002, Taylor wished to join the military. The same year he enrolled at the United States Military Academy at West Point to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Latin American Studies and Environmental Engineering. From 2002 to 2006, Taylor spent time at the Military Academy training to become an officer. For fun, he joined the American Military Football team.

After earning his BA in Criminal Justice from Oklahoma University, Andrew Price showed interest in joining the military in 2008. Before that, Andrew worked minor jobs in Ethos Securities Corporation as a Trading Floor Assistant.

Andrew’s wishes were put on hold for a while as Andrew got opportunities to flourish in the business field. He scored a job at Edge Tactical Solutions as a Pre-Sales and Venture Capital Associate. There, Andrew learned how to develop inner clientele relationships and how equities were raised. He rubbed shoulders with scientists to establish unmanned vehicle systems in the technological and software world.

After graduating from Yale University in 2008, Daniel got a job as an Investment Analyst at Buck Consultants. He would spend a year there, learning about investing. Finally, in 2007, Daniel accomplished his dream of defending his country and joined the US Military Air Force.

He would serve as a Major Military Pilot.

Lift Off

Once Taylor earned his BS in Environmental Engineering, his ambition to join the military grew. He might have satisfied his wish to learn about science, but he still wanted to be a soldier of his country. His people skills and communicative nature eased his entrance into the military.

In May 2006, Taylor Justice was a serviceman serving as an infantry officer. His responsibility was to execute missions and collaborate with the civil sector properly. However, after a year of serving, Taylor was medically discharged from duty in 2007. His passion persisted, but he continued working as an Account Executive at CCS Medical and sales engineer until 2008.

While Andrew worked as an investor and advisor providing technology solutions, Daniel and Taylor crossed paths at the Columbia Business School. Both former military workers studied Military in Business Association until 2012. Here, Taylor and Daniel would also meet Kareem Elsirafy, who pursued a Master’s in Business Administration. He would become essential to creating and maintaining the veteran’s new platform.

Taylor and Daniel experienced a difficult time getting back on their feet after their time in the military. The veterans struggled to connect to government agencies and non-profit organizations aimed at helping soldiers cope. The servicemen bonded over their hardships, getting in touch with healthcare and social service providers, or their disorganization.

Besides participating in the military, Taylor and Daniel had another thing in common - their desire to be entrepreneurs. It is precisely that dream that brought them closer to Kareem, and later Andrew himself.

A Union of Service

In late 2013, Daniel and Taylor, along with Kareem, worked on creating solutions for a coordinated network platform. This project was meant to connect people in need with social services or healthcare providers without confusion.

The two veterans and Kareem moved to the center of the US, the New York metropolitan area, to find a company that would provide better communication between providers and patients across communities.

As a nod to their native land America, they named the platform Unite US, providing help to communities tracking patients’ health notes between various providers. The goal of Unite US is to create a more cohesive and collaborative ecosystem that will ultimately improve health and health outcomes.

Because of his extensive experience, admiration for the military, and knowledge of New York, the two veterans were later joined by Andrew Pierce as the CEO and director of Outreach. Kareem got the COO role, while Taylor was the president and CTO. Andrew and Daniel shared the CEO position.

Because networking has such an impact, improving coordination in the system can lead to beneficial results. If you have the technology, why not use it to systemize every patient’s profile and help them connect and approach things they direly need? That was Daniel, Taylor, Kareem, and Andrew’s thought process.

The cofounder’s union was anticipated with success, and the communities gradually grew accustomed to the platform. This is why Unite US was launched the same year, and the company raised $2M in Seed Round funding from unknown investors.

Unite US Success & Funding

The year after its initial start, the co-founders and their Unite US platform reached many beneficial milestones. Two years later, in 2015, the platform raised another $4.3M in a Series A funding round, which meant users grew increasingly fond of the company. The platform experienced another massive success in 2017 when Unite US raised $4M from investors Omidyar Network.

The year 2019 wasn’t too bad either, as the company raised a hefty $35M! This indicated that the idea garnered more attention, and the technological approach was meant to last. Finally, in 2021 Unite US raised the highest sum until now, $150M from ICONIQ Capital in a Series C funding.

In total, the veteran-led Unite Us raised $195.3M in over 5 rounds.

Today We are United

Unite US has around 500 employees and managed to gather 15 investors. It is currently headquartered in New York City. The company expanded partnerships with Norton Healthcare and acquired NowPow intending to address health and social needs across the US nation.

The platform aims to create a practical solution for social care. If the country's servicemen couldn’t find an efficient care system in their community before, now they have that opportunity. The plan is to identify the needs of each community, introduce citizens to the service, properly serve them, and invest time and energy in social care.

By launching Unite US, a few veterans managed to provoke the US social and health care system to repay the military for what it has done for the country!