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Bioo: Producing Photosynthetic Electricity to Preserve the Planet


The dangers of pollution have waited long enough to be solved. The ecosystem is rapidly declining, with over 95% of the population inhaling polluted air. Putting greenery back in fashion and also saving the planet requires a hero and found it in Pablo Vidarte.

Trusting his extensive knowledge in all-things technology, Pablo created Bioo as a way to nurture greenery back to life. Innovation shapes the future, and so, Bioo merges it with technology to ensure everyone a higher quality of life. It offers advanced solar panel installations that turn plants into switches and thus put nature’s electricity to good use. All solar panel installations work on a 100% sustainable sensor that extracts chemical batteries from use and relies on nature’s finest energy resources.

Outsourcing the power of nature seems almost gullible in a world of technological wonders. But, leave it to Pablo Vidarte’s Bioo to teach the world a lesson that sometimes, going back to the basics is the only way to move forward.

Spanish Roots

Pablo Vidarte was born in Barcelona, Spain in the early 1990s. Growing up in a fairly comfortable home, Pablo was raised kind, gentle and caring. His love for other people and things was palpable from very early on. Above everything else, Pablo was fascinated with nature. Knowing this, his mother would take Pablo on long and frequent walks in the park, where he could admire the greenery.

Besides having a green eye, Pablo also adored technology. As a boy, his curiosity for crafts peaked and he enjoyed dismembering machines to learn how they worked on the inside. This is where Pablo’s keen interest in engineering came from. An impressionable teenager, Pablo was also an avid movie fan, the world of which would ultimately give him different ideas on how to invent and think outside the box. Pablo was also a great fan of Nikola Tesla and was fascinated with the ways of electricity. Interestingly, he would ultimately credit his accomplishments to the greatest inventor that ever lived.

Growing up, Pablo never abandoned his appreciation for nature, the planet, and all its beings. His favorite subjects in school included biology and chemistry, both of which later became the foundation for his college education. Pablo never turned a blind eye to the ongoing degradation of our planet and the constant perils looming in the air.

Air pollution parameters were suddenly off the charts, trash islands formed in the oceans, and more and more animal species found themselves on the extinction list.

All this combined urged Pablo into speedy brainstorming - to find a way out of the pollution mess the world has created.

Early Sprouts

Pablo Vidarte never forgot his love for biology; however, he did not disregard his love for technology either. In order to create a solution, he first had to learn how to get there. For his invention, Pablo needed many essential tools as well as guidelines to point him in the right direction. He began with his college education and enrolled at La Selle BCN, where he ultimately earned a degree in engineering. Armed with all the appropriate knowledge on inventing, Pablo once again turned to his long best friend – biology and wanted to make it one of the pillars of his creation, alongside advanced tech.

To maximize his knowledge, he decided to also pursue a career in biotechnology.

Pablo came one step closer to renewing the ecosystem in 2014 when he specialized in renewable energies. He also dipped his toe into the world of business as this was crucial to getting his ideas across the world. His first-ever successful milestone happened at a very young age when he started Arkyne Technologies in Barcelona.

He gathered his college mates and made a team of experts, specializing in areas of electronics, biology, and engineering.

Soon after, Arkyne Technologies would become the core component of what will once be known as Bioo.

Staying Green

After a few successful runs with Arkyne technologies, Pablo transformed it into Bioo. Bioo started working in early 2015 and had the goal of producing millions of potential solutions that help tackle all greater issues caused by pollution.

Pablo’s nod to Tesla was visible when the key focus of the company became generating electricity through photosynthesis. The technologies will be destined to develop, design, and distribute sustainable products capable of saving the Earth. By deeply investigating the process of photosynthesis, Pablo discovered that it could also be used for creating electricity. This way, the environment can be preserved for a prolonged time.

Because of the dire decline of gardens, forests, and green fields, Pablo with Bioo offered a solution to bring back vitality to the ecosystem. He would use these green spaces to transform them into energy producers, for creating the clearest and greenest electricity in the world.

The pattern of following his dreams really paid off in the end for Pablo, as with this great invention, Pablo was named as Forbes top 20 under 20. This was a huge milestone for him, as he could not believe that his ‘minor’ ideas for a better future led him to make an actual contribution to the ecosystem.

Seeing Green

In 2016, one year after its official start, Bioo earned €250,000 from a pre-seed round of non-equity funding. The idea was blowing up worldwide and more investors grew an interest in the various solutions Bioo had to offer. In 2018, Pablo became the director of Biotechnology at the Biotechnological Botanic Center in Ibiza. The goal was to find more ways to maximize natural energy usage as a way of conserving the Earth’s green landscapes.

In 2019, Bioo earned another €500,000 in a seed round from equity funding. This meant that the idea of a greener future did not stagger but it marched on. By 2020, Bioo had passed 5 funding rounds and managed to raise a total of $1.2 million from Non-equity Assistance. During this time, Bioo also earned full support from the European Union and related companies with a primal focus on energy, biotechnology, and finance. Another huge appreciation for the company and its work came from the European Parliament when Bioo became recognized as one of the most innovative startups in Europe.

Bioo, Today

Bioo's headquarters still remain in the heart of Catalonia, Barcelona, with over 20 employees working tirelessly on discovering the latest no-pollution solutions.

The company is currently working on a line of installations and products that will completely renew the agricultural industry. Bioo has earned over 50 international awards to this day and has even been featured in Forbes and CNBC. Pablo figured out that to improve the population’s quality of life, he had to begin with the Earth. After all, if our home is dirty, it is our job to clean up the mess we created.

By offering a repertoire of clean and green solutions, Pablo believes, Bioo can ensure the absolute best of living conditions.

Following Tesla’s footprints and combining his expertise in biology and engineering, led Pablo to create the kind of invention that marks the century. As for its future plans, the company will try to break the market across Europe as well as the USA, whilst also extending its offering to Asia, Japan, and South Korea.

The way Pablo goes back to the roots and leverages the Earth’s energetic power to fight pollution is awe-inspiring. Bioo’s mission continues to assure the world that it doesn’t take artificial living to go green - but the right use of technology vs. nature!