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Dispatch: Never Pay More Than What You Bargained For!


An increasing number of civilians unknowingly pay expenses placed on them by the brand they’re working with. More than a few enterprises have independent contractors working for their installation, repair, and maintenance services. However, this exposes the customer experience and the brand’s reputation to unnecessary risk.

It’s normal for customers to expect transparent service and have their expectations met. A couple of Boston natives, Alex Beletsky, Avi Goldberg, Eliran Sapir, and Yaakov Zar, created Dispatch - software that automatically connects consumers to businesses and their outside services. Using it, clients can communicate service details and manage jobs via their mobile devices.

Dispatch is a service platform that establishes the bridge between companies, independent contractors, and clientele. It synchronizes performance, job data, and shoppers between systems. Best of all, it guarantees no purchaser will pay additional expenses without their knowledge.

Learn how these college mates doubled their geographical presence and made millions with their invention.

Entrepreneurs in the Making

Alex Beletsky was born in Troy, New York, in the early 1980s. Growing up during the clash of the technological era made Alex take a particular interest in science. He excelled at school and was top of his grade in many subjects, especially math and chemistry.

Because Alex was also interested in technology, he decided to focus his career on engineering. This drove him to enroll at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and study Mechanical Engineering.

One of Alex’s partners, Eliran Sapir, was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts around the same time as him. However, growing up, Eliran had a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit. His friends and family perceived him as very talkative and easy-going. Eliran had a grand vision of growing big in the business world with many impressive ideas. People believed that Eliran could sell them anything, and his problem-solving skills were out of this world. Since he was business-minded, Eliran registered at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University.

The third of the bunch, Avi Goldberg, was born in Boston, Massachusetts in the late 1980s. Even in his younger years, Avi was described as having great charisma. He was very kind and benevolent, always wanting to help people. Unlike his co-founder friends, Avi was more interested in politics than business. Deciding to pursue a political career, in 1994, Avi joined Boston University as a student of Political Science.

A bit younger than the rest, Yaakov Zar was born in Great Neck, New York, in the late 1990s. During his childhood, Yaakov showed interest in pitching ideas. He was great at selling products and could easily convince his friends to do his bidding. Walking in his family's footsteps, Yaakov wanted to experience the world of start-ups. This is why in 2009, he embarked on his career journey at Questrom School of Business at Boston University, studying Concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Crossing Paths

After accomplishing his dream of becoming an engineer, Alex Beletsky became interested in business marketing. His sudden shift was due to the booming market, which inspired him to enroll at Bentley University to study Finance and Marketing after getting his engineering degree.

In 1998, Avi Goldberg was finishing off his stay at Boston University. He left with a BA in political science and searched for jobs as an advisor.

At this time at Boston University, Eliran Sapir met Yaakov Zar. They both attended the same lectures on Business Administration and quickly formed a conversation. The duo bonded over ideals and faculty issues, and investment proposals. They also shared future goals for a start-up company that will have the digital era in mind.

Before they would partake in the adventure of their lifetime, Yaakov dipped his toes in the entrepreneurship sphere as a co-founder of SocialRent, LLC in 2011. This Boston start-up had the goal of improving apartment rental processes for students.

Eliran Sapir didn’t rest either, as he first worked as a specialist at GreatPoint Energy in 2008. Later, he too entered the world of start-ups by founding Tiberias Apps - an enterprise aimed at improving applications for business users. This is where Eliran encountered Alex, working in helping organizations leverage technology and information to better operations.

The Beginning of a Shared Journey

Yaakov and Eliran both existed in the world of business with their start-ups. They had previously met at Boston University and crossed paths again during a lecture. This time the duo recounted their experience since their last meeting, and their conversation was joined by another Boston University Post Graduate, Avi Goldberg.

The trio inspired each other to be honest in their business strategies, and they wanted to reflect the same moralizing of their businesses. They conversed about how enterprises dupe unsuspecting customers to pay additional expenses they had no previous knowledge of. This was due to brands making contracts with independent workers who’ll take care of their repair, maintenance, and performance services.

They brainstormed about new tech software that would provide all services transparently and efficiently. This platform would reveal providers' gaps between their systems, retail, and customers.

So, after departing from their previous businesses and focusing on linking brands, service providers, and customers in one synched platform, the trio came to an idea - Dispatch.

In 2013, Avi Goldberg, Eliran Sapir, and Yaakov James Zar launched the world’s first software platform that connects clients with their brand’s service providers through the web. The goal was to create a network and better the customer experience by automatically synchronizing the servicers with those in need and making it accessible through the phone. The trio of founders was later joined by Alex Beletsky, who helped optimize contact center operations.

By launching Dispatch, the founders solved the issue of independent local partners and on-demand services provided by businesses. They showcased in detail what the clientele is getting with their payment and how much they are charged. The customer got immediate access to the service details, the contractors, and the assigned jobs.

A Successful Solution

A year after its launch in 2014, Dispatch got the first nod of approval from Promus Ventures when it raised $3.1M. The founders took this as a sign they were headed in the right direction.

The year 2015 was also filled with excitement when the tech company got another $3M from Promus Ventures in June. Dispatch was quickly garnering attention, and more than a few enterprises signed up for the software and its innovative approach. This further raised the company’s credibility, resulting in $12M raised from Grand Banks Capital in 2017. In September 2018, Dispatch got another popular investor, Vista Equity Partners, and settled for an undisclosed amount.

In January of 2021, Dispatch innovated and launched its first SaaS product, Dispatch Connect. Its purpose is to optimize the whole process and allow the customers access to needed services at an even faster rate. Later on, in 2022, Dispatch accelerated growth with $50M in Series C funding and even managed to purchase Youreka Labs, another software company.

Dispatch, Today

The founders have kept the company’s headquarters at the same place they’ve spent their college years - Boston, Massachusetts. The tech platform has around 50 employees and plans to spread internationally. Over the years, Dispatch has raised almost $18.1M in over 4 funding rounds and acquired 12 investors.

Four like-minded individuals put themselves in customers' shoes and prioritized their needs instead of the enterprise. Their innovative thinking led to satisfied customers and incredible success. Through Dispatch, clients are offered a first-class experience and complete transparency of each transaction - what you pay for is what you get!

Thanks to direct and flexible connections between the brands, the independent service contractors, and the customers, Dispatch brought many reliable businesses into the public’s eye and improved their reputation.

The platform indeed proves that honesty goes a long way. Who knew that basing the company on such a basic, humane principle would put the four founders on top of the competitive market?!