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BUTTON Wallet: Blockchain Solutions at the Tip of Your Finger


Get into the world of cryptocurrency with a click of a BUTTON.

Even though cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm, there are still people that struggle with the whole process.

Getting verified as a new user and purchasing crypto can take up to 3 weeks in the US. The further development of the blockchain industry aims to ease this process and enable users with a debit card to get eligible for a crypto purchase within an hour.

Alexandr Safonov, Kirill Kuznetcov, and Nick Kozlov joined their forces with a shared vision - the evolution and optimization of financial technology that would let users manage their digital assets more efficiently and safely.

BUTTON Wallet is focused on evolution, authenticity, and community in its mission to provide blockchain users with accessible services at the push of a button.

Read on to uncover the story of three business-driven youngsters that gave cryptocurrency a simpler connotation.

The Young Academics

The powerful trio behind BUTTON Wallet carries three stories of extensive relevant education, talent, and enthusiasm.

The outstandingly gifted Alexandr Safonov obtained a double Bachelor’s degree from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, graduating in the Business Administration and Management department in 2018, and the Physics department in 2019. Additionally, Alexandr acquired invaluable knowledge in the fintech and blockchain sector at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Another two tech geniuses that attended the Play Labs program on Business Acceleration at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2018 are Kirill Kuznetcov and Nick Kozlov. Before further expanding his knowledge in business acceleration, Nick Kozlov graduated in Computer Science from HSE University in Russia in 2016.

As faith would have it, the three tech aficionados would cross paths that will eventually lead to the three of them coming up with the ever-bright idea of stirring the waters of crypto.

Building Up the Professional Portfolios

As most leading names in the modern tech industry, the three entrepreneurs have had their professional journeys more impressive than their educational portfolios.

Alexandr Safonov is a skilled Chief Executive Officer with an impeccable record of working in the financial technology sector. An expert in marketing strategy, business development, and hi-tech management, Alexandr has dealt with blockchain, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and more.

Apart from being a student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Alexandr has led the Blockchain Initiative at the Youth Research Program for more than 4 years. He has shared valuable advice and experience in developing successful startups with ambitious and talented students while also regarding them as competitors.

Finally, Alexandr led the students in launching 3 blockchain-centered projects: open and closed voting, confirmation of the debris of the token, and DAO charity with organizations’ reports on costs.

Before joining Alexandr and Nick in the foundation of BUTTON Wallet, Kirill Kuznetcov worked as a full-stack developer in the BANKEX Foundation. He’s currently the lead blockchain engineer in 1inch Network, a company that focuses on decentralized liquidity sources and protocols for aggregation of lending.

Like Alexandr, Nick also engaged in open and closed voting, DAO charity, and confirmation of the debris by the token as essential projects in the blockchain initiative.

Nick started his career as a web developer at Siemens in 2017, after which he became a researcher and Plasma developer at BANKEX Foundation from April 2018 to February 2019. Zeropool Network was Nick’s first decentralized project in which he acted as a co-founder until 2020. Additionally, young Nick served as the backend team leader in Trust Wallet.

The Rise of a Fintech Giant

The idea of a messenger-based software platform focused on financial services, banking, blockchain, and cryptocurrency was born in San Francisco in 2017.

The success story of BUTTON Wallet started in December 2017. Alexandr Safonov, Kirill Kuznetcov, and Nick Kozlov met at a hackathon hosted by Microsoft and agreed on the idea that usability issues should be prioritized in the development of the cryptocurrency market.

Consequently, the three tech buffs decided to create the concept of a user-friendly wallet that will enable people to do transactions and convert cryptocurrency into fiat money through easy means of bank transfers like Venmo.

The tireless inventors developed the first MVP in 3 days with almost no sleep.

The brand started as a part of the ETC Labs pilot program, after which it developed towards its further expansion from the initial offices in San Francisco. The same pilot program paved the way for the ETC Labs incubation program that occurred in 2019.

As the days of the development of the BUTTON Wallet came to an end, the team introduced a beta version of their unique blockchain solution and decided to test their hypothesis about the marketing program.

Nick, Kirill, and Alexandr decided to make themselves known and started circulating paid ads in Telegram Messenger groups and managed to attract 600 users in just 3 days.

With a convenient referral program, every one of these users attracted 7 more. By giving users a small amount of cryptocurrency to transfer to their friends, the platform gained an impressive number of 7,000 users.

There’s a New Player in Town

After having gathered the attention of the tech-savvy users, there was nothing stopping Alexandr, Kirill, and Nick from making a boom in the world of crypto.

BUTTON Wallet is a pioneer in the modern, secure multi-currency crypto wallet sector among Telegram Messenger’s 200+ million user community.

It’s a leading P2P microtransaction service that enables users to send cryptocurrency with their Telegram usernames. With more than 100,000 users, BUTTON is considered “the Venmo for crypto,” which is an original concept for a cryptocurrency wallet.

Thanks to BUTTON Wallet’s services, users can engage in all operations related to cryptocurrencies, such as sending and exchange of tokens and crypto. The option to use your Telegram nickname makes the procedure much more straightforward, and the integration with such a popular messenger app has made it easy for the brand to go viral.

One of the important projects of the safe and user-friendly multi-cryptocurrency exchange wallet platform is LightySig - a single library that works with multiple blockchains. This patent was designed for developers working with blockchain technology and DApp development.

Making the BUTTON Work

In the 4 years of the brand’s existence, BUTTON Wallet managed to raise $600K of capital through 5 funding rounds. The company is supported by 5 prominent investors, with LongHash Ventures and Fulgur Ventures being the most recent ones.

The platform received its first pre-seed round of funding in June 2018. This round was worth $20K in capital, and the lead investor was Play Labs, an incubator and accelerator program for MIT-affiliated startups from various industries.

Three months later, BUTTON Wallet acquired another $380K in an additional pre-seed funding round led by Seraph Group, an angel investor for early-stage startups.

Knowing that having enough funds to keep the ball rolling was a must, Nick, Alexandr, and Kirill went through another pre-seed funding round in February 2019, scoring their company $100K in capital from Ethereum Classic Labs as the lead investor.

BUTTON Wallet completed two seed funding rounds in the last quarter of 2019. The first one occurred in October and was led by Fulgur Ventures, whereas the second one in December had LongHash Ventures as the leading investing partner.

After attracting enough investors that believed in the potential of BUTTON Wallet, Nick, Kirill, and Alexandr’s company was standing on firm financial grounds.

A Vision for Cryptocurrency’s Future

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, BUTTON Wallet is currently a household name in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, with Aleksandr Safonov as CEO and Rachael McCrary as CCO.

The company started to evolve with the idea to solve the issues in cryptocurrency and blockchain, and it ended up doing even more. Comprised of around 5 hard-working employees, the BUTTON Wallet team is proud to stand tall among giants in the crypto world.

Successfully fending off competitors like Guarda, Abra, and Sapien Wallet, among others, BUTTON Wallet managed to attract more than 80,000 users in 118 countries.

BUTTON Wallet’s team is aware of the massive expansion of financial technology services, which is why it plans to upgrade the minimalistic interface installed by default on your messenger app with a high degree of protection.

The current economic climate, combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the BUTTON Wallet team, promises more great things in the near future.

With the rapid digitalization of financial services and the need for decentralized structures that provide a greater sense of safety to their users, the company is on its way toward further market domination.