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Scientific Games Corporation: Where Luck Is on Your Side!


Luck will never leave your side if you stick to Scientific Games Corporation!

Instant ticket gaming guarantees great fun with its low cost and the chance for winning money instantly.

Both men and women enjoy using the perks of digital gambling because they can feed their hunger for wagering, without risking their wealth. However, this entertainment wouldn’t be available to many, if there weren't Daniel Bower and John Koza who planted the seed for this business about 50 years ago when they built Scientific Games Corporation.

Offering products like digital gaming and digital lottery, this company is a global leader in the lottery and gaming industries. Its mission is clear and powerful - Scientific Games Corporation wants to empower its customers by designing the world's best lottery and gaming experiences.

If you wonder how the story of Scientific Games Corporation started or what motivated Daniel Bower and John Koza to launch this company, keep reading and find out!

People’s Dream Turned into Daniel’s Goal

Daniel was born in 1932 in Columbus, Ohio, as a son of Helen and Bob Bower. He was a very talented student and attended Linden McKinley High. After high school, Daniel continued his education and, in 1954, he graduated from Ohio State University. Daniel served in the U.S. Air Force as a radar controller for 3 years before he began his career in advertising and marketing.

He had a rich working experience and held management positions at Fisher Foods J&H International, and The Kroger Company before tasting the lottery industry waters. Daniel played an influential role in the growth of instant lottery games in the USA in the 1970s and 1980s. Driven by the young people's desire to get rich fast, in 1973, along with John Koza, Daniel co-founded the mega-popular Scientific Games Corporation. John Koza was born 8 years after Daniel, in 1944. He received a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. John was the second student to earn a degree in computer science from the University of Michigan at that time. Still being hungry for more knowledge, John continued educating himself. He earned himself a prestigious doctoral degree in Computer Science in 1972.

John became a very successful computer scientist and an adjunct professor at Stanford University, becoming most famous for his conduct in modernizing the usage of genetic programming that changes its own code to provide better solutions for complex problems.

John agreed to be a co-founder of Scientific Games Corporation, and he was also recognized as the creator of the super-popular 'scratch card' thanks to the help of Daniel, who was a marketing promotions specialist.

Planting the Seed for a Great Business

John and Daniel founded Scientific Games Group back in 1973, with their brilliant minds looking for an invention. A year later, in 1974, John and Daniel invented the highly engaging scratch-off lottery tickets. In the following years, the duo enjoyed watching their business grow, but they were looking for new challenges, as well.

In the period between 1991 and 1994, Daniel was a chairman of Automated Wagering International, and then he became a co-chairman of Tele-Com Productions. He experimented in owning a few franchises of Kenny Rogers Roasters and GD Ritzy’s because he never loved retirement.

John was also enjoying his time. He loved promoting the adoption of lotteries in various countries together with his attorney, Barry Fadem. He also spent some time teaching genetic programming at the prestigious Stanford University as a consulting professor.

A few years later, in 2000, the designer of instant lottery equipment, Autotote Corporation bought Scientific Games Holdings Corp. for $308 million. In 2001, the combined company took on the name Scientific Games Corporation. The company continued to enrich people’s lives through the fun of positive play and users were delighted by the entertainment SG was offering them.

In 2002, Scientific Games Corp. was already a global leader in the lottery industry. The company was quite influential and adjusted its software to pass on betting information instantly after the game bet had closed. Seems like 2002 was a lucky year for the duo, as the same year, Daniel was awarded the WLA's Guy Simonis Lifetime Achievement Award for exceptional service to the lottery industry and continued his life enjoying Ohio State sports while spending time with his grandchildren at his summer home on Mullett Lake in Michigan.

Everything worked outstandingly, and the company was growing and gaining more users, day by day. People got used to the company’s services and lottery tickets become a huge trend. 2004 was a significant year for Scientific Games Corporation because the team introduced the first-ever online lottery game in the USA. 3 years later, in 2007, the New York Times recognized Scientific Games for transforming the company into a profitable, state-sponsored business enterprise.

Even though the co-founder Daniel passed away in 2017, Scientific Games didn’t stop reaching new highs and reeling in the attention of more and more people. SG gained rights to use the mega-popular James Bond franchise. Later, the company introduced customers to its social gaming division called SciPlay, as a traded company, selling a small share through a public offering.

In 2020, the company began a strategic analysis for deleveraging its balance sheet, because SG was struggling with a debt of about $8.2 billion. The company decided to sell its sports betting and lottery businesses and to focus only on the gaming business. SG ended 2021 by selling its sports betting division for $1.2 billion, and by selling its lottery division for $6.1 billion.

Keeping Up with Today’s Finances

Scientific Games Corporation, a maker of slot machines, is looking to list its large European and North American lotteries unit in a $5 billion IPO. This Las Vegas-based gaming and lottery company has made the first pitch for the IPO, searching to value the lotteries unit at over $10 billion.

SG had said that it might divest its lottery as well as other non-core sports betting companies, but they need to pay down at least a part of its $8.2 billion debt. Even though this highly renowned company that sells across-the-board lottery system services to customers in more than 50 countries reported encouraging revenue growth numbers in the last couple of years, it increased its losses because of the high loan interest rates.

Scientific Games Corporation decided to offer its shares and their current price is $56.79 each. SGMS has a daily range between 56.33 and 60.63, and in the last 52 weeks, their price ranged between $36.89 and $90.20.

The Games Will Keep On Rollin’

Today, with headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, and more than 9,000 employees globally, Scientific Games Corporation serves customers on 6 continents.

Scientific Games Corporation, will continue its mission to empower its customers by building the world's greatest gaming and lottery experiences. The company’s casino and instant lottery games are here to reach users whenever they wish to play, wherever they are, and on the channel they choose: digital, retail, or casino, and they plan to focus on this even more.

For over 85 years, Scientific Games has distributed what players and clients value most: security, trust, creative content, innovative technology, and operating efficiencies.

Today, the company offers customers a fully integrated portfolio of robust systems, technology platforms, unrivaled professional services, and engaging content, and this is what will motivate it to become even more competitive in the market in the future, after fending off rivals like Caesars Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Playtech, among others.

With amazing plans to spread their services in other spheres, Scientific Games Corporation is on the way to turning into a veritable beast in the gambling industry!