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Chordate Medical AB: Curing Health Problems in Unusual Ways


Chronic migraines and nasal congestion are soon to be a thing of the past.

A lot of people suffer from chronic migraines around the world. In fact, an estimated 110 to 170 million people suffer from it around the world, leading to productivity loss and healthcare costs. The world is in dire need of better migraine treatments.

This is where Chordate Medical AB comes into play. With the help of its CEO, Anders Weilandt, the company is working on an innovative new procedure to tackle chronic migraines and nasal congestion.

Chordate Medical’s pride and joy is called Kinetic Oscillation Stimulation (K.O.S.), a drug-free alternative to traditional migraine treatments. And what’s more, it has no side effects, whatsoever.

Stick with this story to find out how this revolutionary medical miracle came to be and what led Anders to act.

The Birth of a Hero

Anders Weilndt was born in Sweden in 1961. He comes from a well-off family, so growing up, he had a comfortable childhood. He had all the resources he needed to do well in school and was reported by his teachers to be a model student.

In addition to succeeding academically, Anders was also a very sociable boy. He could get along with anyone and make friends with them. What’s more, he was also a very kind and generous child, willing to help anyone in need. This is one of the traits that would lead to his success in the future.

However, life was not all smooth sailing for Anders. He has a family history of chronic pains and migraines that plagued many of his relatives. Even as a child growing up, he was able to notice how much this negatively impacted his family. He wanted to help them but couldn’t do anything yet.

Anders got his higher education at the Copenhagen Business School. There he did an executive MBA, which provided him with many of the theoretical skills he needed to be a good leader and business-savvy. This would prove to be crucial in his later project as a CEO and entrepreneur, as he entered the workforce.

Getting Ready to Help People

Anders Weilndt is no stranger to the medical devices industry.

One of his longest-tasting jobs is with Ascendia AB, a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals. He has been on the board of directors since 1989 and was even promoted to CEO, holding the position for 6 years, from 2000 till 2006. This is where he got most of his hands-on experience working in the industry.

Over the years, Anders has worked at other companies as well. He was the CEO of Stille AB for 3 years, the director of Isifer AB for 18 years, and even the CEO of Diabetes Tools Sweden AB for 6 years. All of this helped him enrich his portfolio and really hone his skills as an effective leader.

Setting foot in the fast-growing world of medicine means there would be quite a few obstacles to overcome. For Chordate Medical, those obstacles were in the form of rival companies, like Bioservo and Antrad Medical, both also based in Sweden.

In 2014, Anders caught wind of Chordate Medical AB, a company trying to produce a treatment for chronic migraines and nasal congestion. He saw the potential within the company and decided to help it excel as much as possible. So, with all that experience under his belt, Anders decided to step up and join the company’s Board of Directors.

Pushing Migraine Out of the Way

Chordate Medical AB was founded in Sweden in 2005. It initially focused on developing a treatment for chronic nasal congestion. And for the first few years, things were going tough because of difficulty getting funding for research and development. In fact, it took the company nearly 3 years before it started its first study involving 71 patients.

The company really began picking up steam in 2011, when it hired its first employees. That same year, Chordate Medical had its first product CE marked. Soon after, the second chronic nasal congestion study started, this time with 207 patients from six different clinics in Sweden.

With the arrival of Anders Weilndt to the board of directors, the development process went into full throttle. Chordate Medical AB signed distribution agreements with a dozen different countries and it even opened its own treatment clinic in Kista. Additionally, the company started to expand its research into other areas, such as rhinitis matters.

However, the company’s signature procedure is K.O.S. or kinetic oscillation stimulation. It is a quick, easy, and painless treatment of chronic migraines and rhinitis. It uses no drugs or medication, and the procedure is done in only 20 minutes.

K.O.S. consists of a catheter with a balloon attached to it. This is inserted and inflated into the patient’s nostril. The device oscillates at a fixed frequency and after 10 minutes, the treatment is complete and repeated in the other nostril. The effect is immediate and the procedure has to be repeated twice a year so that it doesn’t wear off.

K.O.S. was used for the first time by an ENT (ear, nose, throat) clinic in 2012, where it showed great potential. Not long after, the first scientific studies were published showing the effectiveness of the treatment. And in 2017, a paper was published showing that it can be effective on heart rate variability (HRV), as well.

Good Research Needs Good Money

Chordate Medical AB has had a difficult path to getting funding. When it was opened in 2005, it had barely any funds to work with. In fact, for the first five years, it relied entirely on donations from professor Jan-Erik Juto, a surgeon at Karolinska in Huddinge.

It wasn’t until 2010 that the company got its first investor, and with that, it secured its first external capital. This was a big deal for the research portion of the company and would go a long way in supporting the studies needed to develop viable products. What’s more, the company was fortunate it got this because it would be some time until they would start making profits.

All the hard work paid off many years later. Finally, after years of research and development, Chordate Medical AB went to market with its first product and began sales in Sweden.

Only a few short years later, in March 2017, Chordate Medical AB opened its first IPO. That same year, the company got a grant from VINNOVA worth SEK 2 million, or around $200,000.

Future Health Developments

Today, Chordate Medical continues to invest time and resources into improving K.O.S. The company is in the final stages of a couple of new studies into the different ways this procedure can be used to treat neurological disorders. The final patients are being treated in 2022, and Chordate Medical AB expects the results to be published soon after.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the research schedule has been significantly impeded. The company was forced to delay many of its studies and the publication of its results. However, Chordate Medical AB was able to adjust fairly easily and is now on track to return to its initial schedule.

As for what the future holds, Chordate Medical has announced that it is focused on developing its outreach. The company stated that it wants to grow its business and expand to as many markets as possible. By doing so, it hopes to get K.O.S. and other treatments in as many hospitals as possible, optimizing the services the company offers.

Standing Tall, Today

Chordate Medical AB holds its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden and as of December 2021, it has garnered 11 full-time employees, with each and every one of them being a top-notch professional aiding the company to reach its goals.

You or someone you know likely suffers from chronic migraines. Either way, millions of people around the world can be relieved now, knowing that Chordate Medical is set on eliminating their chronic migraine problems for good.

Finally, we can all breathe a little more easily, knowing that Chordate Medical AB is tirelessly working on pushing migraines out of the way, for good.