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Emjoy: Giving the Female ‘O’ the Respect It Deserves


Over 40% of women worldwide struggle to have an orgasm and 30% have libido issues.

Sexual health has been the talk of town for decades, but sexual pleasure has been not. For women, the idea of orgasms - lasting, explosive, memorable - has almost become a myth. Changing the pace are inventors Andrea Oliver and Daniel Tamas, whose platform Emjoy successfully tends to every woman’s sexual climax and health.

Posed as the female sexual wellness platform, Emjoy rounds a table of sex experts and doctors to deliver quality content to every woman in need. Through designated audio sessions on all-things sex and health, Emjoy enables women worldwide to learn how to boost their libido, tune in with their sexual self, and better communicate their needs.

The platform offers discreet Sex-Ed guides as well as sex therapy sessions that encourage every woman to rediscover her erotic powers.
Here is how two devoted feminists beat the stigma surrounding female sexuality and became outspoken advocates for over 150,000 women around the globe!

Building Character

Andrea Oliver was born in Barcelona, Spain. As a millennial, Andrea had a very bubbly personality. With a unique character, Andrea could outsmart the others around her quite easily. Growing up in Barcelona was a dream for Andrea - she loved exploring the city and absorbing its culture. Andrea was quite the social butterfly among her peers as well. Throughout the years, she made many friends and became everyone’s favorite go-to person and was even referred to as everyone’s therapist.

With communication as her forte, Andrea loved playing everyone’s shrink, and everyone loved turning to her for advice. Through the years, these experiences led Andrea to develop a strong interest in studying psychology.

Daniel Tamas, a Barcelona native, had a wild childhood. From a young age, he developed a huge fascination with the tech world. Even as a young boy, Daniel would be mesmerized by the vividity and broadness of tech devices. Ultimately, computers became a favored universe Daniel could escape to and find inspiration in. Growing up in a happy family of proud Spaniards was idyllic for Daniel. Even so, he knew that he was set up for something bigger than Barca.

Upward Rise

After finishing high school, Andrea went to Hong Kong as part of an exchange program. There, she met girls from all over the world. This is where Andrea built up her feminist side even further. In the years spent among females, she heard all sorts of stories and all sorts of issues ladies faced. One of the most debated topics at the time was women's sexual health.

Andrea’s interest in the topic pushed her to reach out to various experienced women and learn more about their sexual practices. Her curiosity grew even higher when all Andrea realized that most stories she had heard bore negative experiences. Andrea made it her mission to console therapists, exchange advice with reputable sex experts and learn more about how the female libido worked.

Based on acquired information and personal experiences he gathered, Andrea Oliver realized that the majority of women had never experienced absolute climax during their sexual encounters. She learned that most of the women she interviewed felt rather dissatisfied with their bedroom experiences. Instead of leaving the issue be, Andrea figured it was high time that someone addressed female sexuality accordingly. To support her mission, Andrea decided to mix business and pleasure into one concept and therefore enrolled at the ESADE Business School.

Studying Hard

While Andrea was busy exchanging opinions with experts, Daniel was busy becoming one himself. His elementary and high school days were devoted to his IT studies. His love for bringing people together led Daniel to launch a series of successful apps. In 2012, his efforts brought him the Appcelerator Active Titan Award, encouraging Daniel Tamas to immerse himself even deeper into his projects. As expected, he continued his app-developing spree and produced a number of known platforms, including ArtistBox, Asturplaya, and Kropp, among others. All these brought him a certified app-developer license and taught him the art of app creation.

Most published apps didn’t hit right with Daniel. He deemed them too basic and generic and wanted to instead create an app that actually benefited the audience.

Experience Yourself

From the moment they met, Andrea and Daniel hit it off immediately. They first were introduced at a corporate party and became enchanted with each other’s perseverance and dedication towards a better future. Andrea’s desire to put an emphasis on women’s sexual needs and wellbeing captivated Daniel and he wanted to join along for the ride. As he was also on the lookout for his next great platform, Daniel found Andre’s vision uplifting and mission-driven. Together, they designed the initial concept of Emjoy and envisioned it as the go-to platform for women who wanted to get their sexual wellness in order.

Out of their efforts came Emjoy, a platform Daniel Tamas and Andrea Oliver officially founded in 2018.

Emjoy is the first-ever women-oriented, sexual health app. It provides women with a variety of Sex Ed resources, including guided courses and tips on how to improve sexual exhilaration and libido. Aside from courses, the platform also offers women guided audio stimulation and related meditation sessions, and addresses major sexual concepts, like roleplay and fantasy fulfillment.

Emjoy serves to educate women that the female orgasm is not a taboo topic, but instead, something to look forward to experiencing. The platform collaborates with sex experts and professionals who depict the power of female sexuality and the relief that follows a core-shaking orgasm.

For women suffering from libido issues, the platform offers emotional and physical support and helps its 150,000 active users to rebuild their sexual confidence and ease into the experience.

Company Funding

Emjoy became the best digital tool for addressing sexual wellbeing in women. Through erotic voice-overs, many females can light up some candles, spend some time alone, and learn the bliss of heightening their own pleasure.

Within its first year of launching, Emjoy raised a €1 million seed round from investor Nauta Capital, Andrea’s former VC employer. The sexual wellness app began to expand globally in early 2020 and gathered over 80,000 registered users in the first six months.

The year 2020 marked a massive funding milestone for the platform, earning it a total of €3.5 million in funding. It is estimated that, by the year 2025, Emjoy will raise €50 billion on the global market.

Emjoy, Today

Today, Emjoy has over 150,000 active users around the world, with its main markets located in the United States and the U.K. Audio content the platform offers is available in English, with the platform planning to break the language barrier even further and let every woman make the most of their designated content.

Future funding of the company will be used to produce more relevant content and initiate collaboration with leading academics, sex professionals, and experts. All these are expected to broaden women’s knowledge on their overall sexual performance and welfare.

Enjoy HQ is located in Barcelona and counts around 50 employees working hard on delivering new content to women in need of the big ‘O’.

What Emjoy did so magnificently well was to address the touchy subject every woman shied away from - sex and orgasms. Thanks to Andrea and Daniel, female sexuality is no more a hush-hush topic for generations of women to come. Instead, it allows every woman to dig deeper into her secret pleasures, discover what feels good - and learn how to be bold enough to get it!