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Kheiron Medical: Giving Breast Cancer Patients a Fighting Chance


About 43,600 women in the United States fall victim to breast cancer annually. After years of lives lost, it was high time that medical science introduced breakthroughs in treating breast cancer.

Rolling their own sleeves to help the cause, Peter Kecskemethy and Tobias Rijken used sophisticated human insight and AI to get a step closer to finding the cure for breast cancer. The duo launched Kheiron Medical – the leading AI medical platform that gives cancer fighters a fair chance of treatment.

Kheiron Medical invented MIA, an insightful scanner that can accurately detect the cancer mutation in its early stages. MIA can detect any kind of malignancy before it spreads to other organs. The scanner uses deep learning to better track any cancerous changes in women, thus facilitating radiologists’ detect and diagnose breast cancer more intuitively.

Adopting nuances into the world of radiology, here’s how Peter and Tobias developed the new-age technology to help detect breast cancer like a pro!

A Child of Medicine

Peter Kecskemethy was born in Budapest, Hungary in the late 80s. Growing up, Peter was a curious and caring boy. His mother was a leading radiologist who fought the most dangerous and deadly disease out there - cancer.

Seeing how his mom worked so hard to provide an answer for sick people stuck with Peter for the rest of his life. The stress, the tears, the anxiety, and the death - it all contributed to Peter later pursuing a career in medicine.

Tobias Rijken, on the other hand, was another wunderkind that grew into a fabulous inventor. Born in Amsterdam, Tobias was always fascinated by technology and science. His parents would regard him as a quiet bookworm, as well as a master of computers. He quickly acquired the commands on the computer and would glue himself to the chair for hours. Mathematics and physics were Tobias’s favorite hobbies, and he even began solving equations during his pre-school days.

Chasing Dreams, Putting in the Work

Peter never forgot the struggle that his mom experienced in her job, and wanted to further contribute to the cause. As a result, Peter decided to enroll at Oxford University, where he would earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics and AI. Even with a degree in his hand, Peter was far from done studying. As his main goal was to become a super-doctor, he wanted to also earn a Ph.D. in bio cell science, which he did in 2015.

Tobias Rijken really hit gold when he graduated from Amsterdam University with a Bachelor’s Degree in mathematics and computer science. What was crucial during this period was that Tobias’ was not only interested in numbers and studies but also in AI and development, two fields he wanted to pursue a career in as well. When he did enroll in college to study AI and development, Tobias would uncover a whole new love for simple mechanisms which successfully performed minor tasks. To further minimize his professional errors and perfect his skills at the same time, Tobias also attended the University of London, where he exercised deep learning.

Peter and Tobias bumped into each other at a freshman’s party at Oxford University, and the rest was history. The duo hit it off from the start as both had a grand admiration for computer science and engineering. They threw ideas out there, ideas that could become serious projects down the line. Although neither had a specific idea on what they wanted to do yet, both Peter and Tobias knew they wanted their project to have a greater cause and to be based on refined AI solutions.

Powering Up for What’s to Come

With sharpened up skills in deep learning, researched radiology insights, and elaborate data science, Peter and Tobias launched Keiron Medical in 2016 in London, UK.

As a platform, Kheiron Medical focuses on decreasing the number of cancer diagnosed patients by detecting the malice beforehand. Through their sophisticated scanning software, patients and doctors can get a clear insight into any malignancy before it spreads further. All results are generated quickly and delivered precisely so both patients and doctors can have a clear picture of the diagnosis at hand.

Peter and Tobias’ idea was admired by many doctor-researchers and leading experts who wanted to join Kheiron Medical in creating new ways of detecting and treating cancer. Two years after its launch, in 2017, Kheiron Medical introduced the invention of the last decade by bringing MIA to the market. MIA is an artificial intelligence screener designed to accurately detect breast cancer at its earliest stages. It is designed as a supportive and helpful tool to radiologists worldwide. With it, doctors can get proper insights into the results, and through detailed analysis, patients can acquire accurate treatment.

Since its launch, Kheiron remained focused on solving two major issues. One, to reduce the shortage of breast expert radiologists on a global keel, and two, to speed up the condition diagnosis for over 2 million patients fighting breast cancer every year.

Company Accomplishments

In 2018, Kheiron Medical raised $22 million in a Series A round of funding by Exor Seeds, Greycroft, Connect Ventures, and Atomica, among others.

With their innovative creation, MIA, Peter, and Tobias won the award for the Best New Radiology Software in the 2019 EuroMinnies. Today, MIA is used within the UK National Health Service and European healthcare systems.

The company earned unbelievable praise from its patients, especially women struggling with breast cancer. One such story is of Mary Beth, a breast cancer survivor who beat cancer thanks to early detection by MIA in 2019. Through detecting early signs of cancerous tissue, Mary embarked on a treatment journey and managed to beat the disease with Kheiron Medical. Following her treatment, Mary Beth became an official spokesperson for Kheiron Medical.

The groundbreaking MIA is also certified as an independent second reader in Europe and is currently awaiting approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Kheiron Medical, Today

Kheiron Medical teaches us that humanity is at its technological peak. Today, the company has more than 90 employees including experts and leading radiologists, all contributing to the platform’s scaling and medical achievements. Its headquarters are located where Tobias and Peter met, in London.

In its essence, the platform proves that whilst a complete solution to solving cancer may still not exist, taking timely precautions can largely contribute to saving more lives. All that, by detecting the condition as early as possible and setting the right diagnosis.

With Kheiron Medical, Peter and Tobias gave patients the hope to improve their condition and undergo a suitable treatment to prevent its spreading. In the foreseeable future, Kheiron Medical plans on deploying its service in a live testing environment, with additional support from the NHS. Another major plan the company has is to take part in numerous clinical studies in various medical centers across the US.

Tobias and Peter’s innovation single-handedly reinvented breast cancer detection and thus contributed to the decreasing number of diagnosed cases. To the duo, early detection is the only viable tool that can put the disease to rest from the very get-go.

One of the main reasons for Kheiron Medical’s sudden and utter success is the team’s dedication to public welfare. By learning from one another and taking notes from the medical world, the platform rose to great heights and refined its service so both radiologists and patients can make the most of it. No more inconsistent data, no more wrongful diagnosis, and no more metastasis - Kheiron Medical steps up to the plate and comes to every patient's rescue!