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CNote: Making What Goes Around to Come Back Around


There’s a new safe spot for your money in town!

Do you ever think about where your money goes to sleep at night? - most likely a spot on the shelves to collect dust.

While you're letting your money slumber like that and doing nothing to benefit you or the world around you, there's still time to reverse that - CNote is coming with something spectacular to offer!

CNote is an investment platform that allows you to earn a competitive return while also expanding economic inclusion and aiding financially marginalized communities around the United States.

The successful narrative introduces Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava - two women who founded CNote and have improved the lives of countless people across the States.

The plot itself is intriguing, but also intimidating and inspiring. Continue reading to learn more about CNote's creation, perseverance, and success.

Hope Is Brewing

Open your eyes! There's new hope for everyone. Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava came up with a way to help the financially disadvantaged.

It all started when Catherine Berman worked as Managing Director at Charles Schwab. During her time there, she came across something that made her ponder - the startling discovery that Americans have almost $300 billion in "just-in-case cash." What’s even worse, those who save money gain nothing from it.

She came up with the concept of creating a new generation of financial products that would provide competitive returns and a better location to store money.

Shaping Up the Dream

Catherine has given talks to raise awareness about the importance of money. She intended to build something that would assist huge organizations such as businesses, banks, and foundations in moving deposits and resources into community initiatives in order to address racial injustice, climate change, and other important social challenges.

Yuliya Tarasava, a lady from Belarus with a decade of Wall Street experience and experience developing financial goods and services on three continents, jumped on board. Her drive to demystify and humanize finance, as well as her ambition to create, explain many of the choices she made on her prickly path to career success.

Yuliya is a seasoned professional; she was in charge of quantitative due diligence for AMG Funds. She also co-developed the proprietary analytics and risk management approach at Summit Rock Advisors.

CNote was born when these two powerful women used their talents and experience to create something wonderful for Americans. Despite the fact that the road to realization was messy, these two committed women had one mission: to clear anything in their way. However, accomplishing this was not simple.

Stumbling Blocks and Stepping Stones

CNote was formed in 2016 in Oakland, California, by two powerful women who had spent years working in the finance industry - Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava.

They noticed that the investment business benefited the well-connected and rich. They recognized an opportunity to develop financial solutions that would promote inclusiveness rather than perpetuate inequality.

From its inception, the purpose of the company has been to make financial freedom more accessible to the general public. The money invested in CNote creates new opportunities for marginalized populations, which will in turn help to feed the country's true driving force: the small businesses. In Catherine and Yulia’s minds, their success story would lead to more jobs, more income, and hopefully, the ability for new investors to make more informed financial decisions.

The road to success, however, was not easy because this was a completely new product on the market. It took time for people to realize how generous this company is.

Giving Back to People

Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava spent time educating people about the company and how it will benefit many people in America through conferences and speeches - and they were certainly successful in doing so.

They faced a number of competitors, including Bridgeway Capital, Mirova, Raza Development Fund, and others, in addition to being new to the sector. But, regardless of the rivals that stood in CNote’s way to change, Yulia and Catherine were adamant to see their vision grow into something tangible.

However, thanks to particularly unique offers and missions that attracted a large number of individuals, the young, idea-driven women were able to carve out a niche in the industry and are today one of the most sought-after businesses.

CNote: Shaking the Financial Grounds

With a total investment of $18.2 million, CNote is a fairly steady corporation on the market. The company managed to raise funds over the course of seven investment rounds.

When it first started in 2016, it had two reliable investors: PayPal and Village Capital.

The business raised $75,000 in the Debt Financing Round in 2016 and an additional sum of $13.5 million in 2017. That same year, the company raised $1.5 million in an Angel Round with eight investors.

CNote’s most recent funding took place in August 2020 from a $3 million Seed Round with six investors, one of whom is one of the household names in the investment industry - ManchesterStory Group. CNote Group participated in an IPO in 2017 to help support Community Development Financial Institutions. Its goal for the IPO was to raise $50 million.

Overall, Yulia and Catherine’s organization is financially sound and is looking at a promising future ahead of it.

A Positive Outlook on the Future

CNote was established on two basic principles that provide a hopeful outlook on the future for Americans.

The first is that everyone deserves an equal chance to achieve financial independence, and the second is that every one of us can contribute to a more equitable world by simply changing where we invest and hold our money.

CNote accomplishes this by providing a new and sustainable financing source for its community-lender partners, boosting capital access and economic activity in places that need it most, and creating greater returns for CNote investors.

CNote believes that everyone should have equal access to money via hard work and determination, and the company is aiming to make this a reality.

CNote has created proprietary technology and due diligence engines to invest in a new asset class that provides both returns and impact, but its staff is most proud of the hundreds of jobs it has helped generate in underprivileged communities across the United States.

Yulia and Catherine’s mission is generous - they support both investors and those in need, with a special focus on women and people of color.

CNote has dispelled any doubts in the minds of those looking to invest in the firm, and it is constantly upgrading its services in order to achieve even more - financial equality for all people in the USA.

The Generous Company Standing Still

Thanks to the brainstorming of Catherine Berman and Yuliya Tarasava, CNote entered the financial realm in 2016 - an investing platform that allows users to earn a competitive financial return while boosting economic inclusion and aiding financially marginalized communities.

The company is headquartered in Oakland, California with over 25 employees - all working toward the objective of providing only the best investment services on the American market.

The company leverages technology to unlock a variety of tried-and-true community investments that help people gain economic mobility and financial inclusion.

CNote makes it simple for institutions and individuals to invest in the economic prosperity of America's financially underprivileged areas. These contributions assist women and people of color establish businesses, create jobs, and provide affordable housing.

The company's financial situation is nothing short of steady, and its future ambitions and objectives give the American people even more hope.

Its one-of-a-kind promotions and generous mission might put an end to the plight of the financially disadvantaged across the United States.