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FreeCast: High-quality Video Streaming for the Whole World!


The world of video content is at the tip of your fingers, thanks to FreeCast!

We all spend a lot of time watching movies, shows, documentaries, and all sorts of entertainment media. But, not all digital materials are available everywhere, and that might pose a problem. Therefore, a platform that contains the whole universe of streaming entertainment was very much needed.

So, when FreeCast was established in 2011 with headquarters in Orlando, it came upon very positive reactions from the global audience. FreeCast is an online video-on-demand and pay-per-view platform that operates a content uncovering and management engine. William Mobley, the company’s founder got the idea to launch FreeCast after he himself faced the lack of available online entertainment content.

To capture the development of the company, we also have to understand the journey of the founder, William, and what has led him to create such a unique and present-day platform. If you’re interested in finding out more, keep reading.

The Making of an Entrepreneur

Born in 1963 in Pahokee, Florida, young William was a normal kid who enjoyed the outdoors and playing with his friends. From what we learned, his dearest friends and classmates always considered him a communicative and outgoing person.

When he was in high school, William first started to show ambitions for entrepreneurship. Initially, he participated in some group projects which later on evolved into real small businesses due to his hardworking nature.

Thanks to his persistent character, William knew he wanted to continue his education in the business field. After much deliberation, he finally enrolled at the University of Florida, where he attended business and entrepreneurship courses, which provided him with outstanding knowledge.

Since there were no computers available when he was just a high-school student, he couldn't have planned how his professional career in the future would go. William gained a lot of knowledge from his parents and was simply determined to make them proud.

Even from the time period when he was just a student, he had some advanced and never-before-seen business ideas, however, they weren’t implemented. Yet, in the end, William managed to realize his childhood dreams and become a very successful entrepreneur.

Climbing Up the Professional Ladder

Before he became an expert in entrepreneurship, William had garnered a praiseful number of previous work experiences which led him to where he is today. After college, he immediately went on to pursue his career. What’s interesting about his career is that, unlike most people that start from the bottom, William’s first work position was as a CEO.

His first significant job, and foray into the online world was at World Commerce Online Inc. in 1995. Said company is one of the earliest worldwide e-commerce trading platforms that served as a trade intermediary system for the food, flower, and animal markets.

William spent 4 years there as founder and President, and in the meantime, he became CEO of yet another company. In 1996, William was appointed CEO of Club Casa Rosso. In the course of the following 5 years, William became Chairman and founder of two prosperous companies, MegaMedia Networks, and Web2 Corp.

MegaMedia Networks’s primary site was one of the earliest internet streaming video platforms in 1999, which also offered the first on-page with no download-required videos. Under the leadership of William, MegaMedia Networks became the number one media portal at the time, servicing over 800,000 visitors each day.

On the other hand, the ultimate goal of Web2 Corp was to establish a solid platform of goods that build on one another. Furthermore, William's longest-standing business is NextIntelligence Inc., an incubation firm that has aided in the growth of a number of public technology companies. The company was established in 2000 and it's still going on strong for 22 years.

William is also knowledgeable in marketing, given the fact that he worked as a managing partner at The Prize Factory for amazing 14 years. We can’t deny that William’s resume is quite full and versatile, which makes him an even better entrepreneur. But, despite the big number of companies he ran, undeniably, his most successful platform yet was FreeCast.

Becoming a Broadcast Leader

When FreeCast’s founder and CEO William entered the waters of online streaming and discovery engines, he knew he had found his dream job. The idea to launch FreeCast wasn’t planned in advance, however, due to the minimal number of available streaming platforms, William felt it was much needed.

FreeCast Inc. is a content discovery engine, established in 2011, that operates the largest online video-on-demand and pay-per-view library globally. The FreeCast Network is available on all platforms as a cutting-edge e-Media guide via a range of solutions, including Rabbit TV, its primary product.

The platform is a breakthrough in unified payment technology that allows you to be in charge of all of your paid media subscriptions and control them from a single account while maintaining optimum security and simplicity.

FreeCast and Telebrands transformed their service into an actual gadget in 2012. They branded the Rabbit TV, their first gadget, and began selling it in a USB stick form through big US stores in early 2013. Users were able to access a web guide via the Rabbit TV USB device.

SelectTV, the previously mentioned TV guide allows you to design your own cable-like experience with favorite movies or videos, alerts, suggestions, and more. What makes FreeCast even better is the fact that a big part of the entertainment content is free. Also, SelectTV delivers all of the free material accessible online from reputable sources, unlike other suspicious platforms. Hundreds of streaming channels can be found, from the US and internationally, free of charge.

You can find the most sought-after and popular broadcast and network channels, your favorite content by category is just a single click away. By making an account and signing up for FreeCast rather than visiting several applications and wasting time and money, you are eligible to watch your favorite shows and movies that you've rented, downloaded, or purchased across all of your devices.

Securing the Finances

Over the years of its existence, FreeCast has raised a total of $14M over 4 funding rounds. Their most recent funding came from an undisclosed round on July 10, 2020. The company has a few lead investors, however, their names are not disclosed to the public.

FreeCast filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $17 million in an initial public offering. The IPO date is still unknown, and the company still hasn’t chosen a symbol. But, with the tempo FreeCast has been going at, we are hopeful that someday in the near future the IPO date will be set.

Successfully fending off competition coming from companies like Google, and Pluto TV, among others, FreeCast managed to stay on top of the game.

FreeCast, Today

As one of the best broadcasting platforms still, FreeCast has reeled in a broad team of specialists from a variety of sectors with one objective in mind - to provide the greatest streaming experience for everyone. The team counts around 50 members, along with the directory board.

Courtesy of FreeCast, users can enjoy TV shows, movies, music, live sports and events, live channels, and MediaPay. An enormous number of movies from the previous 50 years are available along with the most recent episodes from popular series coming from huge networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and others.

You are also able to browse by actor, genre, rating, and other criteria to find the right movie for your taste. The 24/7 live channels are spanning everything from sports to news and music. The live channels also broadcast hot matches from the NFL, NBA, and NHL, among others.

In a nutshell, enjoying the services offered by FreeCast means having vast video content at the palm of your hand, anytime, and anywhere.