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FitnessGenes: The DNA Testing Platform - Leader in the Fitness World


Urban living dictates a constant rush, and with that comes difficulty in maintaining your fitness and nutrition goals. Sometimes, that pressure can be too challenging.

Willing to help people find a solution for a better lifestyle, Dr. Dan Reardon decided to try his hand at putting together all the knowledge he had gathered to solve this problem.

The appreciated doctor, fitness lover, and entrepreneur designed a unique and scientifically proven platform, naming it FitnessGenes! He was supported by his co-founders, friends, and scientists Dr. Stuart Grice, Mark Gilbert, and Dr. Samantha Decombel.

The company is a modern DNA testing institution with the best revolutionary systems on the market. FitnessGenes prides itself on its work - discovering an individual's genetic code, and how they're predisposed to tolerate different exercises and most importantly - different food!

After receiving the DNA samples, everyone can figure out the complexities of the results and improve their overall lifestyle simply by following the scientific recommendations.

So, let's dive deep into Dan's journey to find out how he discovered the possibilities of a successful and marketable invention that would help thousands of consumers change their perspectives!

Dan's Childhood

Dan Reardon was born in the 80s, in London's provincial area. His parents were a middle-class British family who owned a house in the suburbs. There, Dan enjoyed spending time with his friends, socializing, and diving deep into the world of team games.

Dan's parents were well-educated and sweet people who wanted nothing but the best for their son. During his childhood, they tried to teach him as much as possible and provide him with everything he needed.

But, they also wanted to make sure that Dan would be well-behaved and that he'd appreciate the values of life. So, one of the initial things Dan was taught was to stay out of trouble and to always be kind to his close friends.

However, growing up was not that easy for the young British boy. He was the chubby kid in his usual hangout group, so those weren't the very best memories from his childhood.

Sadly, Dan was constantly bullied at school because of his weight. It didn't stop there though: his neighborhood friends continued humiliating him whenever Dan came in last in races, or whenever he was having a hard time catching up during football practice.

Most of the time Dan was sad, depressed, and bothered by the dreary atmosphere around him. So, he started to spend more time at home, dedicating himself to reading books and trying to find a way to get away from his intolerable mood.

Although Dan was chubby, he had a big interest in sports. He mostly preferred games of competitive nature, like football, which was very popular in England, but also cricket, marathons, etc. He also loved biology, medicine, science, and innovations, so he had a hard time picking what to read first.

Sick and tired of humiliations, Dan decided to switch things up!

Time for Progress

Full of rage yet fueled by it, the British youngster promised himself to change his lifestyle for good. Dan was determined to prove to everybody, including himself, that he could be healthy, handsome, and happily successful at the same time.

While still in high school, some of Dan's priority goals for the near future were to overcome his troubling period, face the difficulties, control his mindset, and build his confidence stronger than ever - and that's exactly what he did! Dan started to spend his time mostly at the gym, visiting lots of CrossFit classes and pushing himself to adhere to strict discipline.

Not only did he change his behavior about food and dieting - Dan was completely ready to make a drastic change in all aspects of his life.

So, he organized his days, put together a healthy routine, and created his own new way of being! Impressed by the intricacies of the human body, Dan began to read books about nutrition and all kinds of fitness content. It started to seem very similar to his passions for biology and medicine, so as time went by, Dan realized he wanted to go back to medical school!

Brainstorming Period

During Dan's stay at his faculty, at first glance, he had already fulfilled his priority goals. He had successfully changed his physical look and mindset, so he was not the same zero-self-confidence chubby kid anymore.

But, completing that goal did not satisfy Dan as significantly as he thought that it would. Deep inside, he was always striving for more because of his competitive spirit. Dan was hungry for more knowledge, better results, sure - but also for a great career!

From 2000 to 2002, Dan went to the medical faculty of Cardiff University, where he met his today's co-founders, friends, and colleagues, Mark Gilbert, Samantha Decombel, and Stuart Grice.

There, he also earned his B.Sc. in Human Anatomy.

In the next few years, Dan worked as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition consultant in London.

Having switched between many jobs, including writing about fitness magazines, giving consultations about nutrition, and so on, Dan quickly discovered that the most important job he could ever find was as a doctor - at the emergency room.

All of that happened in the period after graduating from college, until 2011, when he was invited to a wedding with his friends. Why does that matter? Because instead of enjoying the wedding party, Dan couldn't stop talking about their perfect idea!

FitnessGenes Inspiration

The heroes of our story were still standing on three different sides. Initially, Stuart was working as a biologist and researcher at a genetic laboratory; Sam was a scientist in the genomic industry, and Mark was a nutritionist.

Soon, this genius crew, with Dan at the helm, thought about joining forces and incorporating all their medical knowledge and expertise in one place. Each specific field would add to the whole picture and the team would be able to create a platform that would be vastly different from anything in existence!

Aiming for the most sophisticated and revolutionary designs, research, as well as ways to help people change their health and lifestyle, the quartet came up with the name: FitnessGenes!

From 2011 to 2013, the team dedicated its time to perfecting their brainchild and ensuring that everything will pan out as they imagined it in the first place! FitnessGenes was officially launched in 2013 in Bicester, Oxfordshire!

The platform is a DNA testing company that uses science to provide the best nutrition and fitness recommendation. This concept is based on every individual's DNA test so that all users can reach their desired results in a specified manner.

Such include muscle building, weight loss, nutrition goals, and getting both fitter and healthier - all with the aid of scientific facts and know-how!

Inspired by the motto that failure it's not an option, Dan managed to bring the company to a maximum level becoming the world leader in the genetic industry, and connected with fitness and healthy life at the same time!

Dan's FitnessGenes investigates everything about your DNA, with the results indicating what suits you, what does not, as well as how you should be eating, working out, and taking care of your body.

Therefore, everyone who is tested can feel the benefits of these recommendations and get a personalized exercise program or diet to rapidly help in reaching their lifestyle goals!

Platform's Overview

FitnessGenes is a direct-to-consumer company and a pioneer in the genetic data analyzing field, which earned the brand tremendous popularity.

Guess that's what happens when you eliminate all the guesswork in nutrition and fitness?

The platform has relied on medical facts and multiple variations of human genes to present an individual's genetic code in meticulous detail.

Today, FitnessGenes is headquartered in the Oxfordshire region, and has more than 50 employees who are working hard every single day to create and implement improvements, and thus contribute to both the market and their genius team of doctors and experts.

Over the years, the company has raised a total of $6.6 million over four funding rounds led by two main investors, the most recent being Angels Den and SGHF.

FitnessGenes' great innovation has attracted a lot of attention globally, so the company has received many awards and recommendations in the medical world. The platform's work has been recognized by The New York Times, The Doctors, Men's Fitness, SELF, the UK government, and so on.

Dan's initial idea has helped so many people to change their perspective on wellbeing and their lifestyle. The chubby kid from the past is now a very handsome entrepreneur, doctor, personal trainer, fitness writer, and consultant!

Currently, Dan is collaborating with numerous prestigious academic institutions for developing new scientific inventions that could be incorporated into fitness and health, and improve the lives of people all over the world! Suffice to say, Dan's discipline, hard work, and unbending will have certainly paid off!