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Securitize - Assuring a Liquefied Market


If you’re owning a private business and can’t be quick on the uptake to sell your bonds or some assets, they are not regarded as liquid.

Most of the time, a helping hand is much obliged. Utilizing the services of a financial technology platform can be quite useful and fruitful. So, that was an idea that struck Carlos Domingo to ready his hand for helping with the Securitize platform which he established in 2017 in San Francisco.

Securitize is meant for investors that want to liquefy their assets and bring technology closer to capital markets. Securitize is a helpful tool for more than just increasing the monetary value of assets. The platform also helps with the exchange of digital securities for properties and hooked incomes.

Of course, Securitization is a troublesome task, but Carlos' intention is surely not to take the easier path. Let’s see how he acquired the brains and vision to help investors in need.

Young Leader with Infinite Potentials

Carlos Domingo, born in Barcelona, Spain, has always been keen on digital ideas from the get-go. His spirit was restless, and being an extroverted kid, he wanted to know everything about this world - and who could blame him? As marketing grew, entrepreneurs got legally ransacked and Domingo’s mind got bewildered.

Why should anyone be treated unfairly and unjustly like that? His youthful spunk was leaning strongly towards justice and everything he saw has made him more eager to take matters into his own hands.

From then onwards, his thoughts grew exponentially towards helping businesses get their rightfully deserved place in the market without their assets being lost. So, from there on out, he set his mind in the right place.

Carlos Domingo’s Educational and Professional Adventure

A long professional journey awaited Carlos to get up high in the business ranks. He got his Ph.D. at the Polytechnic University in Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain. Thanks to the famous European Erasmus program, he continued his adventure in Sweden.

After spending some time in the Scandinavian beauty of a country, Carlos accidentally stumbled upon a conference where he met a Japanese professor. After engaging in a professional conversation with the professor, Carlos learned that he could go after a Master’s Degree in Japan.

Working hard to attain a scholarship, Carlos achieved his goal. Immediately after receiving a scholarship, he traveled to Japan to get his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Carlos enjoyed the uniqueness of living in Japan, so he prolonged his stay there for 10 whole years.

Afterward, Carlos went on to finish his executive studies at Stanford University.

Carlos’s business strategies and etiquette started from being a CEO and President at Telefonica R&D in Spain. After some time, Carlos got an offer to move to Dubai where he was appointed chief innovation and transformation officer at Du, a telecommunication company from Dubai.

What a mind-boggling resume! But of course, Carlos didn’t stop building up his curriculum vitae. The young man has also gotten a partnership with SPiCE VC.

While working in Dubai, Carlos’s light bulb suddenly lit up with an idea about blockchains when he saw the project of building a smart city platform in 2016.

All he heard at that time were people talking about tokenization because the cryptocurrency market had just been hitting its peak among people.

Thus, Securitize, the leading tokenized venture capital, was born at the Montgomery Washington Tower in San Francisco.

Securitize Comes to Play

In the past, trading markets weren’t in need of such securitization platforms. But today, the ones that get mind-blowing amounts of money are the people who bought cryptocurrencies at the beginning, before they reached fame.

Everyone that made an effort with the previously private markets, once they go public, will receive substantially less monetary value. So to speak, investing in private companies before they reach the public, and making them more accessible and liquid is absolutely revolutionary.

It's a widely known fact that there are a lot more private companies than there are public. From the start, Securitize offers investment opportunities for the broad markets and initializes private markets to reach the public stage.

Public equities are at a substantial advantage because their stocks are easily distributed and bought. This means their liquidity is notably greater than private equities.

Private markets, on the other hand, have raised double the products from the public ones but they are not liquid. To help out these kinds of equities with their liquidity is the part of the business where Securitize comes into play.

As capital markets are quite inaccessible for investors and extremely liquid, Carlos has set his eyes on helping investors to access them. Securitize offers improvement of capital formation, digitalization of private securities, and accessing secondary market trades.

To paraphrase Carlos’s statement about Securitize, he implies that “We’re reinventing private capital markets from the ground up”.

Securitization and Its Marvelous Benefits

Don’t get things wrong, securitization has existed in its primary shape from the 18th century and is not a new concept. Securitization contracts start with a lender and a borrower agreeing on the loan amount, interest rate, obligations on securing the loan, and loan term. A number of identical loans are committed with yours, to result in an absolutely securitized product.

It’s really in plain sight that the leading perk of securitization is to minimize investment prices. Numerous platforms have emerged to aid private investors with this kind of issue. But you can’t just pick one and think you’ll have your assets liquified. On the contrary, it’s rather difficult to find a high-quality platform for such occasions.

Although Securitize was founded in 2017, Carlos’s intelligence and expertise have brought it to high altitudes in the securitization market in such a short time span.

Securitize - Current Private Investors’ Promised Land

Investors saying that Securitize is a leader in this business is quite an understatement. From 2017 until today, Carlos and his team have left investors left and right with a genuine smile on their faces.

Today, Securitize introduces Transfer Agent Services, Mini IPO solutions, a Securitize Capital, and naturally, Investor Onboarding and Management services.

Firstly, their Comprehensive Onboarding Management consists of:

  • A web-based dashboard that is convenient for worldwide access
  • Wholesome service and processing for KYC/AML checks
  • Dynamically put, web-based subscriptions so you won’t go for the classic paper and pen style
  • Real-time updates that offer docs in a digital data room

Their Digital Transfer Agent Services are so that you make the most out of the connections with other investors, members, workers, and of course the dear customers.

Mini-IPO (initial public offering) works splendidly for the benefits of raising capital from other investors. Your client networks are your finest source of investment money.

Last but not least, cryptocurrency is a big deal as of now. Securitize has launched two bitcoin yield funds to cope with today’s industry standard.

On this very day, Securitize has raised $87.5M of funding amounts and has onboarded 34 investors that see the future with this platform. Carlos has jumped many hurdles to come to where he stands now. Carlos’s Securitize had to stand hand in hand with many competitors to secure its place on the market. Some of Securitize’s competitors include TokenGet, Quantstamp, and Wanchain, among others.

Today, Securitize has 67 employees that tend to its customers by providing them with all kinds of financial services. Carlos holds 2 offices - one in Redwood City in California, and the company's headquarters, located in San Francisco. Morgan Stanley made a move and funded Securitize this year with a grand sum of $48 million in a Series B round along with Blockchain Capital, so we can expect even more great things from this financial technology platform in the future.

Securitize is not just implemented for the sole purpose of private investors to gain more money. It's also for you to take an easier command of your trusted assets and to get to know which investors fit perfectly with your equity. If you’re not getting what you think you deserve on the market, then hit up Securitize, their employees will do everything in their power and certainly liquify your investments.