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Etermax: A Verbatim Game-Changer


Smartphones have become the utmost run-of-the-mill devices for game apps. From the Android Play Store to the Apple App Store, a myriad of games nowadays is at each user’s fingertips. Even so, most games are just for entertainment purposes only.

In other words, up until Maximo Cavazanni came around, rarely any game offered a proper educational essence. Etermax is the product of Maximo’s desire to become rightfully competitive within the gaming app business.

The key secret behind Etermax? It ensures to stimulate its users and bring them together as well, all the while reshaping the future of advertising to serve a link between companies and games. Creating communities, bringing millions of users in one place, and being a game-changer - quite literally, too - is what Etermax is all about.

Nonetheless, the path to success is never an easy one. So, Maximo needed to take every step with caution to get Etermax where it belongs - among the gaming app elite.

A Child with Extraordinary Potentials

Maximo Cavazzani was born in 1985 in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. Ever since he was a child, Maximo was fascinated with the power of entrepreneurship by his one and only mentor - his father!

Maximo recognized his middle-class background, but that didn’t stop him from dreaming big! He was determined that the only way to make a solid difference in the world was to obtain a formidable and difficult profession.

In his high school years, Maximo was the typical geek. None the wiser, he got the respect that he deserved from his peers - preserving his popularity by taking up Taekwondo while competing in the Mathematics Olympics. At that time, he had already sensed his desire to change his surroundings.

From there on out, his expertise manifested onto his educational and professional expedition - closely following into his dad’s footsteps.

Educational and Professional Expedition

After getting his appraisal in high school and moving on with his educational career, Maximo enrolled at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires. In the year of 2009, Maximo was still studying at the university when he got a revolutionary business idea.

The room Maximo was settled in was also a workroom, and there, he started programming an application that would make him leap several steps up the business ladder. Maximo’s first creation was the iStockManager app. Yes, you’ve heard it right - the famous application where investors share their products on the stock market had Maximo’s name written all over it, and ultimately earned him immense profits.

The platform was a remarkable triumph that impressed the TD Ameritrade brokerage company, and within the year, they acquired the app from Maximo. In spite of earning hugely, Maximo didn’t set his foot down but instead allowed him to open his own way towards creating Etermax.

Despite Maximo giving an oath that he would never make games, fate didn’t agree, and instead had something different in store for this programming genius. Nonetheless, he knew quite well that it would be a troublesome task to open up a company coinciding with the gaming industry - but also absolutely worth it.

A Prime Example of Social Video Game Apps

Etermax was founded in 2009. At first, Maximo had his Etermax office housed in his father’s textile workshop but it wasn’t anything finance-related. Although Maximo started his venture with the company without any fundings, the millions he had received from selling the iStockManager app were made up for all investments he needed.

Currently, besides operating in Argentina, Etermax has set its appearance across Latin America. Aside from its Uruguay, Mexico, and Brazil offices, the company also nestled in Germany as well. Its team comprises 400 people and the main services that the team works on - besides gaming - include advertising and Artificial Intelligence laboratories.

Regarding game advertising, Etermax used those attractive advertisements you see when playing a mobile game via an app. At the same time, their Artificial Intelligence laboratories are used when creating such social video game apps.

“Apalabrados” aka Word Crack was the game that catapulted the prominence of Etermax. You can see the similarities it has with Scrabble, and guess what - it's inspired by it, and it hit the spot with users across Latin America and Spain. The game is ad-free and free of charge, except for the premium edition, of course. Also, both iOS and Android systems work absolutely well with the app, so users can play it on their desktop Facebook.

The game was proclaimed “App Store Game of the Year” in 2012 and its popularity hasn’t died out since. Then Etermax followed up with “Trivia Track” and “Mixed Up” - both together surpassing 800 million downloads and both preserving that board game design.

The board-style game “Trivia Track” has evolved into a multiplatform franchise and has an animated series into its possession. Many people from different countries can enjoy this social game because at this moment it works with 180 countries and 34 languages.

As we speak, Etermax still remains Latin America’s top social video firm, as well as a worldwide known game creator.

Grinding, Full Force

Every day, the Etermax team works full steam at developing new games and advertisements. So, it’s no wonder they see themselves as “Game Changers” when you read their site. It is clear that they use their technology and creative thinking to turn every bit of an idea into reality.

Their turbulent mentality creates an open path in trying out fresh things. Making mistakes is absolutely human, but not getting something out of surpassing those obstacles and finding the best answers isn’t Etermax’s trait.

The intention behind Etermax is to build the kinds of games that encourage people to explore something new every time. Another purpose is to use customized ads to establish and then cement the connection between companies and gaming.

While connecting them, they also intend to use their Artificial Intelligence to alter those connections between individuals and businesses. Etermax is absolutely data and analysis-driven - and it shouldn’t be a revelation since experimentation is unquestionably an important component.

How Etermax is Defined Today

Maximo Cavazzani appears to have reached the pinnacle of victory countless times. But, he still states that he has a lot of things to work on. For instance, before the pandemic took the course, the whole team of Etermax worked on a new platform that Maximo calls the “Escalator”.

But, in 2020 the pandemic was everywhere and that led to the making of 6 new games. Two of those six games, “Trivia Crack Cards” and “Trivia Crack Adventure” have reached 2 million downloads in the span of a month. Not only that, but in most of the countries, they were in the top five on the trivia games section.

Even after Etermax released game titles that are gaining prominence rapidly, they still work on those games to further their performance. As Maximo states, when they promote gaming advertisements, they do it with the intention of making it look good and eye-catching. Instead, most of the advertisements used, come from non-gaming firms.

For the record, Maximo won’t stop here, and neither will Etermax. The sole thing that Etermax looks out for - and will look out for in the future - is their beloved users.

In its essence, Etermax can be described with just two simple words included in their motto - “We evolve”. Evolve enough to raise the bar of quality gaming. Evolve enough to be different. Evolve enough to become the best without ceasing to grow.