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FindThatLead: The New Way of Finding Customers


Has your lead generation led you to groundbreaking findings?

It's true what they say: without proper information at hand and relying solely on manual prospecting, a modern-day business is bound to suffer.

No more beating around the bush - FindThatLead is here to save the day and get your business on a roll!

Through scaling lead generations for clients and corporations worldwide, FindThatLead lives up to its apt name, and what's more- instantly propels your business to certain growth!

Fit for all business shapes and sizes, this incredible all-in-one platform enables cloud-based solutions that generate leads - expert-style!

But, behind the magic of all good products stand the names of its inventors, in this case- Gerard Compte and Cristian Vitales. Their goal? To reboot businesses around the globe and support entrepreneurs in finding top-notch customers and investors.

No need to roll up your sleeves and do the dirty work anymore - FindThatLead is designed to simplify businesses using a smooth-sale concept.

Read on to learn more:

The Creators

Gerard and Cristian, two seemingly common Barcelonians, never in a million years assumed that leads would become their driving force of business.

Gerard Compte had spent most of his childhood working alongside his father, selling paper to various companies. While not a groundbreaking career move, this experience would provide Gerard with sufficient knowledge and experience in sales and top-grade customer service.

His initial job responsibilities were to reach out to a range of companies, make arrangements, and negotiate the process of selling their business. Growing with the experience, one day, Gerard found himself at a crossroad with a puzzle to solve - generating emails from key executives at Google and Microsoft.

While Gerard had done this times and times before, the quality of research was never as satisfactory as needed. He was struggling in his mission, of course, and wasted a fair amount of time and resources without any attainable result.

Not a fan of the back-and-forth game, Gerard decided it was time to move forward from shady online scraping and put his professional-research boost on. This time around, to get a hold of more quality emails, Gerard would turn to LinkedIn's database for help.

In the meantime, on the other side of the Catalonian capital, Cristian Vitales had been studying informatics at the University Politecnica de Catalunya. Following his graduation, Cristian scored a web developer and technical lead position at Incubio- the very place where he met Gerard.

Getting to know one another was easy, effortless, and the duo soon realized that they had more in common than anticipated - both personally and business-wise!

Business Built by Random Friendship's Inspiration

Over the past decade, various channels have made it possible for companies to reach out to vital prospects worldwide. LinkedIn, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp - you name it.

However, out of all channels at hand, emails turned out to be among the most effective ones, leading to the highest conversion rates available. That was the main reason why Gerard and Cristian stuck to email generating in the first place, thus largely improving the logistics of lead searching.

The first step into realizing the duo's idea was to partner up with Incubio- the company both had worked at. With joined forces, the duo expected a monumental change of business prospects, through facilitating the emailing process and automating it, too!

Gerard explained to Cristian how he had earlier verified emails commercially, but now, he had been looking for additional - and international - email contacts. Understanding the need for this business move, Cristian followed Gerard's lead (no pun intended!) and agreed to upload and closely monitor an initial Chrome extension that did just that - generate emails!

In 2014, following the development of their semi-automatic system, Gerard and Cristian launched FindThatLead. In its first three months of launching, their astonishing new platform witnessed over 1,000 downloads!

Next, the partners prepared for mass team expansion, ultimately recruiting twelve experts, whose joint effort led FTL to incredible 50,000 downloads!

At the time, FindThatLead had been promoted to countless companies and businesses- both experienced players and startups. As its popularity skyrocketed, the platform expanded its line of clients, ultimately collaborating with big-fish names such as Zappos, BMW, Deloitte, Salesforce, Criteol, and others.

Today, Gerard serves as the company's founder and CEO, and mostly manages sale-related processes within the company. Cristian, on the other hand, the company's second co-founder and CTO, has taken on the technical and computing responsibilities within the company.

It takes two to make a thing go right, indeed!

Breaking on The Market

As a relatively new company, FindThatLead had very little experience early on, and consequently struggled with funding and budget costs.

Up until its launch, they had raised a total of €150K in funding over a single round. Still swimming in deep no-profit waters, the company finally had its break when they first partnered up with no other than AppSumo!

This was a crucial step forward for FindThatLead, which allowed them to showcase their product to the public, and generate the most fitted customers and users for the industry.

Today, the lead generation platform prances over 10,000 satisfied users as it continues to grow with the latest market trends!

For the time being, FindThatLead keeps its main office in Barcelona, while establishing a second one in Miami.

What does the future hold for this young, but ambitious company? Whatever it is, rest assured it will be done with precision, flair, and purpose!

Driven by their motto, FindThatLead is putting so much effort and will for better tomorrow!

Everyone in the company is convinced that the job needs to contain positivity and a good atmosphere. Looking forward to expanding and growing they believe that being creative and having some new visions added to consistency and daily motivation are the key to success.

That's how, in just six short years - from 2014 to 2020 - FindThatLead grew into a pioneer of refined lead generation tools across the globe!

The Top Lead Generation Tool of Today

Five months ago, Gerard accompanied by his girlfriend decided to leave Barcelona in pursuit of adventures traveling around the world, with no specific date for return. He thought that he needed a break from passive office work and wanted time for himself to enjoy to the fullest and explore unseen places with an announcement that he will still work on the go!

On the other hand, Cristian is living in Barcelona, he is leading the company, working on some new upcoming projects which include constant upgrades and improvements!

Gerard and Cristian's product has forever changed the face of lead generation - finding leads is now fast and accurate, and verifying emails is even simpler.

Aside from serving a righteous business purpose, FindThatLead also allows users to obtain the desired results whilst saving time, efforts, and most importantly, money. The app's key features, along with its remarkable team, allow users to take advantage of a range of lead tools, thus closing business deals faster than ever before.

At the same time, its B2B marketers offer top-quality email addresses to clients, and help global users land their next big client or recruit an A-list hire.

Finally, thanks to FTL's SaaS companies, clients can now increase their customer base - and keep coming back for more!