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Geojam: Bringing Quality Music Close and Global Listeners Closer


The 21st century is all about social media, and the varieties are larger than life.

Popular as social media may be, Sarah Nicole Figueroa noticed a large insufficiency in every platform she used - music.

Bringing music back into play, Sarah created a platform that combines socializing through everyone’s favorite tunes.

Geojam is not your ordinary social media giant. It is a social network that allows users to connect solely based on their music preference. It gathers global music enthusiasts in one place and allows them to link up during live performances. Instead of just connecting music fans to their like-minded peers, Geojam also allows them to earn points through the platform. These can later be used to win a one-on-one meetup with popular artists, a Zoom session, or even their customized merchandise.

Pandemic or not, Geojam was ready to make a difference on the market, and here’s how Sarah gave social media a whole new revamp - and a finer sound.

Stepping In

Sarah Nicole Figuroa was never a child that backs down and surrenders to fate. A born leader, ever since she was a young girl, Sarah stood out among the boys. With a persistent character and vast imagination, Sarah knew that if she put her mind to something, she’d make it happen.

Prior to becoming the CEO of Geojam, Sarah had many other goals for the future.

Her primary ambition was to, one day, become her own boss and earn her own money.

From an early age, Sarah would constantly talk about her idea of one day owning a million-dollar company that will, as she puts it – be all business and all fun.

Sarah began her career journey by enrolling at university to study business and management. Whilst studying, she also volunteered at New York Cares, a shelter for the hungry. Sarah has committed to the charity ever since, and even volunteers actively to this day. She deeply believed that giving something back to the community would pay off in the long run.

The long run came sooner than Sarah anticipated, or a few years after she finished her studies. At just 26, Sarah developed her first-ever app, called Undorm. The app advised college students on suitable apartments and social organizations of interest.

Later on, Sarah created what you might call today’s version of TikTok, called Lenzjam. As Sarah had a strong affinity for music, her business plans shifted and she wanted to find a way to make music a permanent part of her business journey.

Climbing the Ladder

With her mind focused on creating a successful startup, Sarah needed to divide and conquer. Her main areas of interest were music as well as social media, as a way for Sarah to connect to her fans. Despite the growing popularity of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, Sarah wanted to improve the experience for all users by creating something unseen on such platforms.

But, Sarah didn’t want to just have a fan base for the sake of having one. She wanted to create a network that motivated visitors to love and partake in what she had to offer. One of the ways Sarah wanted to increase user engagement was by creating her platform in a way that rewarded her users and stimulated them to become more competitive.

Sarah also relied heavily on statistics offered by the market. Instead of a straightforward social media experience, Sarah wanted to have her users share a common goal and turn it into a game. This way, more and more people would join the party train.

While the basics of Geojam were already in the works, Sarah needed the extra push of confidence to start her own business. That’s when Sam Krichevsky came into the picture.

Two Makes a Team

Sam Krichevsky was a die-hard music fan with a lifetime of experience in managing events, festivals, and concerts. When Sam met Sarah and she immediately shared his business ambitions with him, Sam finally felt he had found his business match.

Because Sam was a tech and music innovator with extensive knowledge in funding, he knew his next move. After all, Sam’s life-long love for music produced some of the most popular festivals like SummerFest, TanZ, Electronic Opus, and TransmitFestival. He had also previously developed Springboard Tracks, a music licensing and publication platform.

With such a grand background in the field of business, Sarah Figueroa and Sam Krichevsy co-founded Geojam in 2017, with Nir Golman as its COO.

Geojam is the first-ever music reward-based platform. It allows fans to reconnect with other fans by linking up while at a concert. Each user gets points for the links they score and can level up their experience based on their daily activity on the platform. Moreover, listeners can meet their favorite performers up close and personal by using their collected points.

Ups & Downs

Two things were in focus for Sarah Figueroa throughout the years: proficiency and persistence. When Geojam started, it did not garner much attention as people were not yet acquainted with apps connecting fans and music events. However, from the beginning, Sarah had 50 college venues by 50 different artists planned out to perform. Sarah knew that this would encourage visitors to download the app, earn more points, and potentially win a meetup with their favorite artist.

Since its launch, Geojam has had a total of two fundings, from EXPERT DOJO and Angel Investors. The last round took place in the middle of the lockdown and rounded the company’s overall funding at $1.7 million.

With the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all music venues were closed or postponed. Given curtailed societies and businesses worldwide, Sarah Figueroa used Geojam as a portal that attracts people’s attention, spikes their interest, and gets them to interact with one another in a unique fashion.

Geojam Grows On

Geojam tested the waters of the pandemic. As Sarah had spent her entire life making the most of any situation, the ongoing lockdown posed no greater threat for her musical platform. Using her quick wit and natural knack for studying and business, Sarah managed to bring Geojam on top of its game - despite the ongoing global crisis.

Geojam gave a platform to new-coming artists such as Yung Pinch, a hip-hop musician from California with a massive following. During the lockdown, he garnered his followers in one place while performing on the beach, and often connected to fans through Facetime or Zoom. The artists also set up donations and managed to raise funds with every fan call he made.

Highly established punk-rock rapper Machine Gun Kelly also used the platform to introduce his new album. Moreover, he even encouraged fans to compete against each other to earn a billboard spot next to MGK.

Following a series of events hosted by Geojam helped the platform land itself to success. An even larger success came when Brian Mac Mahon, CEO of Expert Dojo and a passionate investor in companies owned by women of immigrants, supported Geojam with a $100,000 funding.

A Jam Worth Dancing for

Geojam’s headquarters are located in sunny California. Apart from the co-founders, there are 9 other employees at the company. Geojam strives to gather even more users in the days to come, along with new artists who would perform for their audiences.

When Sarah first launched Geojam, she tackled every obstacle in her way and trusted that her idea would make a true difference on the social media and business market.

Under her management, Geojam is doing quite dandy and boasts over millions of users around the globe, and thousands of artists-participants. Geojam was a pivotal platform that combined the best of all worlds - music, social media, and games. Through its unique concept, Geojam revolutionized the way music enthusiasts interact with their fans and vice versa.

Bringing Geojam to life was a way for Sarah to implement her childhood dreams into one feasible platform. Today, Geojam represents a playground of opportunities that ensures all listeners top-quality entertainment, well-earned rewards - and music tailored to everyone’s ears!