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SenSanna: Masters of Dealing with Harsh Environments


Catastrophic failures happen daily. In some places, temperatures can drop down to -70Co (Russian Siberia). In others, they escalate up to +57Co . All in all, weather extremes are harsh on humans.

Introducing technology to the world of harsh environments is Jacqueline Hines.

Her platform, SenSanna, tackles severe climate changes as a way to aid humanity.

SenSanna Incorporated develops custom-built and unique solutions to sense potential harsh climate issues. Using advanced sensors, the platform tracks geographical irregularities across both remote and rigid locations worldwide. SenSanna is supported by a handful of mentors and investors. It uses wireless technology and requires no power in detecting climate perils. When monitored and anticipated, these can lead to a better overall human existence.

Solving problems in every corner of the world - sub-sea to space - is what Jacqueline does best. Here’s how she created SenSanna’s physical, chemical, and biological sensors to make even the harshest of environments a bit more manageable.

Jacqueline Hines, the Chairman

From childhood to adulthood, Jacqueline had always shown tremendous interest in science and engineering. Her professional journey began when Jacqueline enrolled at Cornell University to study Applied and Engineering Physics and earned her BS degree. Other than her BS, Jacqueline also earned an M.S, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from UCF.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, she was an enthusiast who thrived on science. Jacqueline’s strong ambitions brought her to Hannover, Maryland, where she made the most of her education and skills and dove deep into business waters.

Initially, Jacqueline began working as a manager at Shawtek’s IPO, followed by a position at the US Naval Reserves. There, she worked as an Engineering Duty Officer. Jacqueline left the position in 1996 in pursuit of a more tangible career.

By 2005, Jacqueline had found work as a PI and even founded her first company, called AS R&D. This company would next become the pillar for creating SenSanna.

Nevertheless, Jacqueline had a long way to go to reach success. Prior to her most important project to date, Jacqueline would also manage a position at Sawtek Incorporated, a leading U.S manufacturer of SAW devices. With their help, Jacqueline would master her knowledge in SAW devices and implement these as part of SenSanna’s creation.

The Beginnings of Something Extraordinary

As a result of her rich professional experience, Jacqueline Hines had plenty to give to her new business project, SenSanna. She was, in fact, the one to come up with the idea of creating sensors that performed on batteries. The sensors were envisioned as wireless yet durable in any harsh environment and able to provide accurate results in real-time.

It all began in late 2014 when Jacqueline was leading the R&D effort. Whilst at work, she one day noticed that the devices they built for cell phone radiofrequency could also be used to monitor a wide range of climate-related measures. To perfect her expertise, Jacqueline founded ASR&D Corp. She also gathered application engineers to help her identify and develop custom sensing solutions that met each client’s business requirements. With sensors of this magnitude, local officials and utility department workers could be more informed about when, where, and why grid stresses happened.

Principally, the sensors facilitated the energy crisis and lent a helping hand in solving various industrial problems. ASR&D Corp had a leading team of experts under its belt, including Chief Strategy Advisor Tom Willie and Chief Scientist Leland Solie, Ph.D.

Both team members not only contributed to building the platform to perfection but also invested in its future.

Tom boasted a proven 20-year track record in CEO management and leadership.

He was recognized as an EY Entrepreneur in 2016 and earned a place on the Top 50 Smart Grid Pioneer list in 2013, awarded by Smart Grid Today.

Leland, on the other hand, holds a BS in Electrical Engineering, as well as an MS and Ph.D. in Applied Physics, both obtained from Stanford. With a research career that spans over the course of 40 years, Leeland holds over 40 US patents.

The Future is Now

SenSanna Incorporated was launched in late 2014, in Baltimore, Annapolis Blvd, Arnold, Maryland. Since that day, it has been integrating and acquiring the proprietary technology of Applied Sensor R&D Corporation.

With these customized Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors, the impossible can happen. SAW devices are known to retrieve electrical, environmental, and chemical environmental information from harsh environments they’re installed in. SAW sensors can be used for measuring different types of environmental variables. Such include temperature, voltage, current (amps), strain, chemicals, humidity, pressure, and others. The sensors operate in cryogenic temperatures as high as 1,000Co and support over 10 MRad ionizing radiation.

As of late, SenSanna introduced jigSAW by SenSanna as the first end-to-end Surface Acoustic Wave platform for IoT Industrial applications. The platform does not require electrical power, works within any Earth environment, and communicates wirelessly.

SAW modules are capable of measuring the environmental variables and pose as the heart and soul of the SAW-based system. The system readers are processing the data acquired from the devices with the help of over 100 communicative sensors.

SenSanna and its Sensor Reference Designs offer their partners the chance to utilize their solutions. Constantly used for viewing and trending sensor information, the software visualization platform can be used for feeding data into 3rd party applications and specific systems.

Positive Progress

The financial status of the company is Venture Capital-backed, previously financed by private investors. The company’s financial evolution reached its peak when it made an annual income of $375,080. Aside from partners, SenSanna also has regular business clients interested in investing. In fact, it has just announced its Series A raise, whilst looking for IIOT expert investors.

The total funding of SenSanna approximated $124,600 and was completed over two rounds. The latest funding took place on May 15 2019 and came from a Seed Round. Michael Thies, a technology executive, and investor in a handful of other companies took his chance on SenSanna and became one of its main angels.

By 2025, SenSanna’s Acoustic Wave Sensor is expected to reach a worth of a staggering $835.9 million.

SenSanna, Today

Nowadays, SenSanna is ruling in the industry sector. Constantly expanding with more headquarters in Greater Baltimore - Maryland Area, East Coast, and the Southern US.

It represents a company boasting great dedication and success. It all began with the idea of one woman with a unique and powerful mindset. It ultimately became a business that belongs to the industrial sector, comprising 4 executive team members, 6 board members, and a great number of investors.

With over 16 billion industrial and 8 billion consumer IoT Devices produced across the USA, it looks like SenSanna has a bright future ahead. By data and connectivity, all industries can be transformed to be safer, more adaptable, and rich in solutions. Last year, SenSanna was an honorable guest and participated in the Accelerate program at the Startup Grind. It was selected as the most promising startup for education, connections, and growth.

Over the years, Jacqueline’s SenSanna has become the key that solves the riddle of how harsh living climates impact our existence. Using advanced tech solutions and a keen eye for science, innovation, and recognition, Jacqueline keeps fighting the benevolent environmental fight. Along the way, she also aims to make the world a more liveable place. A place we are familiar with. A place that feels closer to home.