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NeuroFlow: A Whole New Approach to Mindfulness


Experiencing negative thoughts is common, but letting them control your life shouldn’t be!

Since we’re living in a fast-paced world, many of us don’t find the time to stop and smell the roses. We let moments pass us by and miss out on chances we may not encounter again.

Today, we find ourselves more involved in what needs to be done to meet someone else’s expectations rather than focusing on ourselves and what we should do for our well-being.

With that notion in mind, two young people decided to end the vicious cycle of self-neglect and offer a new approach to becoming mindful.

Adam Pardes and Chris Molaro are the two young self-made entrepreneurs who designed NeuroFlow - a digital wellness app that has already changed many lives.

Continue reading the story of how two young men shone a light on the importance of well-being in the new age.

From the Army to the Wellness Industry

The story of NeuroFlow is not your typical entrepreneur-turned-millionaire story but rather one about perseverance, difficulties, stumbling blocks, and dedication.

One of the two co-founders, Chris, served in the US Army for five years and was a platoon leader in Iraq. After his service ended, Chris returned to the States and went on to pursue an MBA at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

While at home, Chris battled with the challenges of a normal slow-paced life after experiencing the horrors of war. He was in dire need of guidance and medical assistance, which is when he faced the many cracks in the behavioral health system.

Chris was stunned by the way veterans and ordinary people had to claw their way into the health system since there were many obstacles to getting timely and accurate medical care. He knew he had to do something about it.

As Faith Would Have It…

While ex-army Chris was studying at Warton, he met his co-founder-to-be, Adam, and they quickly became friends.

Adam was in the bioengineering Ph.D. program when he and Chris met. While hanging out after classes, Chris and Adam discovered they shared an interest in the healthcare industry. They had both noticed the many irregularities in the system, preventing people in need from getting proper medical care when they needed it the most.

Chris and Adam easily bonded over their desire to help these people and bring positive change to the world.

A Mental Wellness Company Backed by Tech

Being tech-savvy, Adam saw a window of opportunity to tackle the issue in the wellness and healthcare industry. With technology moving at the speed of light, both Chris and Adam thought it would be a great idea to digitize healthcare services and offer people a chance to take their mental health care into their own hands.

Chris was intensely passionate about bettering the approach toward the wellness of the mind, and so was Adam. This idea encouraged them to use technology to build a bridge between mental and physical health.

Neuroflow's Early Years and Funding

The year is 2017; Adam and Chris are all hyped up to launch NeuroFlow - the app that will bring mental and physical care closer to everyone in need.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, NeuroFlow was off to a bumpy start. The major problem was that the healthcare and wellness industry was already overcrowded with similar apps that vouched to better the well-being of patients. Coupled with the lack of substantial funds, the idea for NeuroFlow seemed unattainable for a while.

However, both Chris and Adam weren't ready to give up on their dream. Even though they received many NOs from over 140 investors they contacted, the business partners didn’t back down and kept pushing forward even harder.

Thanks to Chris and Adam’s pitch to prospective investors, the company managed to attract a total of 16 investors, with Stony Lonesome Group and Dreamit Ventures as NeuroFlow’s latest funders.

NeuroFlow went through 7 funding rounds, raising a not-so-shabby sum of $32M - the last funding round (Series B round) happened in January 2021.

Unleashing the Digital Wellbeing App

Officially established in 2017, NeuroFlow was finally on the market. It was a rocky year for Chris and Adam since they were not actually getting paid for a year and a half until the company was strong enough to yield profit.

In philosophical terms, NeuroFlow encircles measurement-based care and AI to deliver proper behavioral healthcare. The NeuroFlow app is an award-winning, patient-centered mobile app for people to measure and manage their well-being.

NeuroFlow was designed as a SaaS company that delivered subscription models for health systems, health plans, and other entities involved in the healthcare industry.

From the minute NeuroFlow was launched, it wasn’t long before people started to look into what it offered. Thanks to Chris’s involvement in the Army, many fellow soldiers were the first to access a pattern that would help them manage their behavioral health. Many successfully broke the cycle leading to depressive thoughts, a common occurrence in the military and ex-army men.

A Noble Purpose Can Build Community

Despite the setbacks and unsuccessful attempts to make a name for themselves by launching NeuroFlow, Chris and Adam knew better than to give up and call it a day.

Instead, the two believed that they had something of value on their hands - a channel that would help countless individuals gain access to behavioral health treatment exactly when they needed it.

Competitors like Togetherall, MindBeacon, and Valera Health didn’t make it easier for NeuroFlow to unleash its potential, but that didn’t stop its rise in popularity.

Thanks to its unique approach to mindfulness and several other behavioral-related care services, NeuroFlow managed to fend off competition. The company attracted clients from government and military facilities and the airforce as the mindfulness app changed and enriched lives.

Happiness is Never Out of Reach

Thanks to forward-thinking individuals like Chris and Adam, the old-school health system is practically being pushed out of the way. Instead, new, patient-centered healthcare approaches are becoming the norm.

Since its launch in 2017, NeuroFlow has managed to amass over 14 million users across 300 health systems, payors, and organizations. In terms of numbers, Adam and Chris have both expressed they are over the moon about how many individuals have trusted NeuroFlow.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, NeuroFlow is a proud employer of over 97 people, some of which are medical experts, techies, QA engineers, and other mavericks in different fields.

Today, Chris and Adam still run the company while improving NeuroFlow’s stats by publishing numerous case studies on the effects of timely behavioral analysis. Chris is the company’s CEO and Founder, while Adam is the proud COO and co-founder.

The Future of NeuroFlow

Considering all the hard work Chris and Adam have put into creating NeuroFlow, it’s no wonder many health organizations in the US are looking to forge a partnership with it.

Companies like Bozeman Health, Jefferson Health, Trinity Health, Magellan Health, and Health First have entrusted NeuroFlow to be a mediator for building a solid connection between healthcare providers and patients.

As per the company’s next business endeavors, both Chris and Adam are certain they will expand their reach. Their main goal is to cooperate with more healthcare organizations in low-income countries. According to studies, the population in those countries is on the margins of deteriorating mental health, which is something Chris and Adam can’t turn a blind eye to.

Whether their future plans see the light of day or not, one thing is for sure - NeuroFlow has already changed the perception of mental well-being. The company has helped millions of people in the US live a more hands-on life, shedding mental health issues every day.