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Aspire Global: Vape Safely and with Style


By offering nothing less than top-quality products to users around the world, Aprire Global is the go-to place for vaping products!

Old-school smoking can seriously harm your health, but your lungs will be quite grateful if you switch to e-cigarettes.

The public awareness-raising about the health risks of smoking has significantly increased the popularity of the e-cigarette and vape market. Not only have smokers opened their eyes to the harmful effects of this habit, but the improved technology and added flavors (such as fruits, menthol, or nuts) are another reason that makes e-cigarettes much more appealing to consumers nowadays.

This is what inspired the well-established e-cigarette entrepreneur, Tuanfang Liu, in his most successful project in the tobacco and vaporizing industry - Aspire Global. Founded in 2013 and based in China, the aim of this platform is to offer healthier solutions manufactured with the latest technology to smokers.

Read more about Tuanfang Liu and his journey towards a smoke-free tomorrow.

The Early Years of an Inventor

Ever since the early years of his boyhood and adolescence, Tuanfang Liu stood out with his wit, ambition, and knack for entrepreneurship. His solid education was just a promise for the great things to come.

Tuanfang started his academic education in the Europort Business School, an acclaimed higher education institute in the Netherlands. After that, he obtained a doctoral degree in Business Management from Victoria University School of Management in Switzerland.

The Professional E-Cigarettes Journey

Aspire Global is Tuanfang’s most acclaimed project but far from the only one. The prominent entrepreneur has dedicated more than 14 years to the development, research, and quality control management of e-cigarette products.

Tuanfang’s first major project was Shenzhen Yi Jia Technology Co. Limited, a platform with e-cigarette manufacturing as its primary objective, which he founded in June 2010. As Chairman of the company, Tuanfang’s responsibilities covered the management of daily operations and research as well as the development of e-cigarette and cannabis vaping products.

His professional journey in the industry continues as Vice-Chairman and Founder of the Shenzhen E-Vapor Industry Association and Vice-Chairman of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce in 2017. In addition to that, Tuanfang became the Vice-Chairman of the European Union E-cigarette Association, as well as Vice-Chairman and Founding Member of the Canada E-cigarettes Association in 2019.

For his tremendous achievements in the e-cigarette industry, Tuanfang Liu received the Shenzhen High-Level Professionals award in 2019.

Building a Worldwide Vape Brand

Aspire Global is a pioneering e-cigarette brand founded in China. Since its launch in 2013, this platform has been consistently dedicated to manufacturing top-notch vape products and delivering flawless customer service to its customers.

From its initial years of work, the company has been building close and firm relationships with partnering businesses in the industry. By taking a solid cooperative approach towards its domestic and overseas distributors, Aspire has established international service centers in order to ensure fast and efficient support for customers.

The Aspire team prides itself on its hardworking and creative approach that quickly turned the company into a trailblazing brand in the e-cigarette industry. Innovation has always been a priority in Aspire Global - for instance, the Nautilus series and the BVC coils altered the process of vaping by introducing flexible airflow. The Nautilus tank and the Nautilus mini tank have kept their popularity among vapers to this very day.

While these patents have already made the brand globally famous, the Aspire team has always been in search of something greater. Therefore, in 2014, Tuanfang introduced the groundbreaking Atlantis series, which started a new era in the e-cigarette industry. These products brought about the trend of sub-ohm vaping, which is popular to the present day. Additionally, the Cleito tanks made vaping much easier with their uniquely simple design and quality performance.

All of these innovations were accomplished by creativity and professionalism. The company has an acclaimed product R&D team along with a meticulous quality control system designed to certify the best quality of manufactured items.

Another factor in the impeccable work of the company is the collaboration with reliable overseas researchers and designers that contribute to the development of high-quality and safe alternatives to tobacco. This is Tuanfang’s entrepreneurial formula that caused the quick growth of his young platform.

Why Investors Choose Aspire Global

As of today, Aspire Global’s market capital and net worth are estimated to be in the range of a whopping $1.32 billion. There are several reasons that make the company attractive to many investors.

The e-cigarette and cannabis vaping market is a promising one that expects rapid growth in the years to come. E-vapor is becoming increasingly popular as a healthier alternative for tobacco together with the popularization of cannabis derivatives.

Tuanfang’s platform is famous for its innovative technologies, especially as a pioneer in the so-called “cloud-chasing” generation of e-cigarettes. The Aspire Global team has issued 200 patents up to date and there are 800 patents yet to be launched on the Chinese, American, and European markets.

Delivering high-quality design and exceptional product features is at the heart of this platform’s mission. Aspire Global invests in reliable manufacturing expertise and takes a disruptive product design approach.

The industry veteran names behind this brand are another proof of its appeal. Aspire Global’s senior management team has a sum total of more than 50 years of experience in the e-cigarette industry.

Finally, investing in Aspire Global pays off for many investors because of its status as an internationally acclaimed consumer brand. The company is the proud winner of several awards in the field voted by users, such as VTC, NVE, and ECC. Moreover, in 2021, the company has received a PMTA Acceptance letter, which means they’re just a small step from reaching the FDA criteria.

A Prospective Future for Vaping

Seven years after its launch, Aspire Global is a global brand in the industry with headquarters in Shenzhen, China, that employs thousands of workers.

Tuanfang Liu’s mission for the future is to offer a healthier and less harmful alternative to smokers at affordable prices. His team has an ambitious vision to further expand the brand by prioritizing the usage of modern technology and quality manufacturing.

With an extensive amount of experience under their sleeves, the Aspire team aims to collaborate with the best design professionals in the industry. The company has established partnerships with the top suppliers, engineers, and craftsmen in the e-vapor field, which guarantees the quality of its products.

Aspire Global has a vertical business structure when it comes to product research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution. A well-established network covering more than 150 distributors in 30 countries is here to make sure that the brand’s tobacco vaping items are delivered to customers quickly and safely.

The platform made a vital international breakthrough at the end of 2020 when it began advertising cannabis vaping technology products on the US market. The marketing for tobacco vaping technology products goes under the Aspire brand name, while the cannabis products have got a new brand name - Ispire.

With modern production, the latest technology equipment, and strict quality guarantee systems, Aspire guarantees stable delivery. Aspire Global is a brand that aims for constant development, improvement of production, and better sales promotion. This way, the company stands up to its powerful international competition, including brands like Altria Group, Japan Tobacco, and NJOY.

Aspire Global strives to build an ideal customer service system that will ensure honest, and respectful service to its consumers. Liu’s next objective is the development of multimedia programs that will launch the business on the global market. This way, all the world will get to know Aspire as a respected and trustworthy brand that prioritizes quality, innovation, and user experience.