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Biotechnology’s New Rising Hope: Beroni Group


The fact that technology has reached its peak and scientists still haven’t found the cure for cancer is astonishing. The sad truth is that over 18% of the Australian population is at risk of developing cancer at some point during their lifetime, and the numbers are only increasing by the year. Although the cure still hasn’t been found, biotechnology is working towards bringing humanity closer to it.

This is where Boqinq Zhang enters the picture. His benevolent character and personal upbringing motivated him to dedicate his life to alternative medicine and technology. By launching Beroni Group, Boqing gave many patients a fighting chance but most importantly hope.

Beroni Group is a new biotechnological company that produces globally exportable pharmaceutical products. Apart from medicine, Beroni investigates stem-cell therapy, improves anti-cancer drugs, and detects infectious diseases.

If you want to know the fascinating story of how Boqing’s faith in kindness brought him from China to Australia and finally to the entire globe, continue below.

Building Character

Bo Qing Zhang was born in Beijing, China in the late 1980s. Growing up in an ambitious family, Bo became self-reliant and self-disciplined at a very young age. He was naturally gifted at numbers, excelling high above his classmates in physics and mathematics. However, equations did not spark Bo's passion. He was more likely to converse with someone and convince them to do his bidding. Bo was extremely charismatic, and he knew how to use that to his advantage.

Because he wanted to get himself out of the ‘Asian’ box, Bo had dreams of making it big in the business world. It wasn’t hard with his natural wit and talent that got him plenty of attention. He knew how to make people listen, and his ideas were innovative and unique.

He wanted to be his own boss, but at the same time, he wanted to remain true to his nature - helping people. Afterall, he was a benevolent force. However, Bo figured that to help other people you must first get your voice heard, and entrepreneurship was the way to do it.

To say that Bo was smart would be an understatement, something that made it easier for him to follow his dream. In 1993, Bo graduated from the Tianjin University of Commerce with a Bachelor in Business Administration. This was a huge milestone for Bo, as he had finally proved that he was not just the typical kid with his head stuck in the books. He proved that he could conquer people as well.

Eventually, he got a job as a managing director at Aig Tien Group, but this nine to five job did not satisfy him. He wanted much more in life than that. This is why 2007 was a crucial year for Bo’s future.

As he was not pleased with just a Bachelor's, Bo decided to continue his studies in the Business field, this time abroad. Bo landed in the UK to enroll at Sussex University to earn a Master’s degree in International Management.

Keeping Track

Bo Qing Zhang left the University of Sussex in 2009. During this period, Bo had earned a Master’s degree in International Management with honors. This was to get his ideas across the globe, as Bo Qing’s ambitions were not simply limited to Asia. Although Bo experienced a bit of the international world, his heart still belonged in Beijing. That’s why in 2009 he went back to China to work at the Beijing Benehealth Biotechnology Corporation.

This was when Bo’s natural talents for biology and technology came in handy, as he was responsible for the whole firm’s strategic planning. While working in this corporation, Bo gained valuable knowledge on human resources management, financial management, and international trade.

Bo’s experience in Beijing Beneath gave him the courage to finally start his start-up journey, this time with the proper ideas and instructions in mind. He fell back on his previous desire to help other people, and biotechnology sparked his interest in stem-cell research.

Bo quickly figured that stem-cell research funding could bring humanity a step closer to the remedy for cancer, and if nobody tries to do it, he’ll be the one.

Bo gathered four key concepts as his business ideal, including stem-cell research, which will bring new antidotes and medicine for anti-cancer treatment and detecting infectious diseases early on.

Stepping Forward

Because Bo Qing did not want to stagger when it came to his personal life or career, he enrolled at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to become a doctor of philosophy in economics. He would later on graduate with a doctorate in Finance and Financial management.

In the meantime, Bo’s journey would take him once more across seas, this time to versatile Australia. Bo relied on his initial ideas for establishing his business and launched a new startup in Sidney. Bo Qing had finally begun his entrepreneurship by launching Beroni Group in New South Wales, Sidney, in 2014. His biotechnological company will focus on stem-cell-driven therapies, new anti-cancer drugs, production and distribution of medicine, and infectious disease detection.

Bo Qing’s goal was to commercialize the biotechnological invention, which would bring every suffering patient closer to beating cancer once and for all. He wanted to show patients that even though it seems as there’s no hope, there’s could be a cure for every ailment.

Ups and Downs

A little while in 2015, Beroni Group started selling all kinds of products globally, and this included Bo’s native China. Beroni Group developed smoking control products, purifiers, water filters, supplements, anti-cancer drugs, and many more pharmaceutical products aimed at healthcare.

Additionally, Beroni Group worked to prove that all infectious diseases can be detected successfully and early thanks to the rise in technology and biology. Beroni's disease detection kit could differentiate between Zika, Dengue, and Nile viruses much easier than others.

Although the company looked promising, its effect faded over the years. With more pharmaceutical companies turning their focus on the Covid-19 pandemic, patients followed. The imperativeness that is cancer somehow got forgotten, and Beroni Group suffered because of it.

The company hadn’t received any funding except from expanding to other countries and selling their products. Although the company did not branch out much, Beroni Group managed to open offices in Japan, the USA, and China.

This is why in 2019 Beroni Group published its first and only Initial Public Offering. This was settled two years later in a post-IPO debt round. On May 28, 2021, Beroni Group received a total of $2M in one round.

Beroni Group is currently listed among the National Stock Exchange in Australia and is estimated to raise at least $20 million.

Beroni Group, Today

Beroni Group’s headquarters are still in Sidney, Australia, but the company enjoys offices in China, Japan, and the US as well. They have 42 employees across all locations and have made roughly about $2M in sales. The company is also listed under Nasdaq under the symbol BRNI.

Beroni Group is still giving back to the community by developing new research on anti-cancer drugs like PENAO, which will begin trials in March 2022. They’re also working on Covid-19 detectors and investigating T-cells as antidotes against HIV.

Bo Qing and his charisma got him through every obstacle put in his way, and longevity is the most difficult thing to maintain for a pharmaceutical company. Even though Beroni Group is now on uplisting, that doesn’t mean that their contribution is not worthwhile and impactful. By raising awareness of the capability of stem cells, as well as upgrading biotechnology, Beroni Group left an eternal impact on the age-old battle against cancer.

It seems like Bo Qing’s dream of becoming the world’s leading entrepreneur in biotechnology will continue to unravel in the years to come.