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Everside Health Group: The Ultimate Tech-Driven Healthcare Platform


Everside is rounding up the best of the best in healthcare to make sure no one is left untreated!

Even though there are many healthcare centers and platforms, not all of them offer high-technology apparatuses and exceptional treatments to their patients. Anyone who has ever required medical help can agree on one thing - technology-led healthcare delivers better results.

Developing long-term relations with its clients and patients is what Eversde Health Group is aiming for. The platform which provides many sorts of healthcare is one of the best tech-driven health clinics located nearby to patients.

This article tells the story of one very ambitious woman named Rebecca Steinfort, the founder of Everside Health Group. When she established the healthcare platform, she never in a million years thought she would achieve such success, changing her life so radically.

For those interested in Rebecca’s journey towards success, and how she managed to turn the platform into a million-dollar company, keep reading.

First Inspirations

Everside Health Group is the end result of one single woman. But, the question is what made her create it?

Born in the US, young Rebecca had a rather hard and challenging life while growing up. She witnessed a variety of mental health problems and physical diseases in the lives of several near and distant relatives. Her family has sadly experienced the heartbreak that comes with those mental health diseases since a few family members died from severe disorders such as anxiety, eating disorders, and others.

Тhe death of her dear grandfather, with whom she was very close, was especially hard for Rebecca. Her grandfather committed suicide after dealing with severe depression and anxiety. But, as she was always a brave and hopeful young girl, she didn’t let these unfortunate events in her family destroy her life or future.

Not everything was that bad in Rebecca’s childhood. Her biggest source of motivation, inspiration, and support was her father, who was an entrepreneur himself. He demonstrated the joy that comes from leading others in achieving a common purpose and developing a community as a businessman who created and operated many enterprises.

As a kid, she enjoyed exercising and outdoor walks as much as she liked to stay inside and read, mainly business and leadership books. Even though she didn’t plan her professional life beforehand, ambitious and hard-working Rebecca certainly had big plans for the future - to become an entrepreneur.

Becoming a Healthcare Expert

Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Princeton University and a Master’s degree in business administration and marketing, which was her passion, from Harvard Business School.

After she got her Master’s from her second college in 1997, Rebecca immediately set off in search of a job. Her first job was at Bain & Company as a case team leader, where she stayed for 2 years.

Later she took the job position of SVP, corporate strategy at a company named Level 3 Communications. She got so good at this position after 6 years of experience, that she moved onto another bigger company called Quiznos where she worked for 2 years.

Among other work experiences, her biggest accomplishment is Paladina Health, which became part of the Everside Health Group in 2011. As a chief operating officer, Rebecca was responsible for the creation, expansion, and operational execution of the company. She was even entrusted with the development of the concept for the new employer-focused healthcare platform.

In the course of the following 10 years, Rebecca switched between companies and became an independent director and chief executive officer of even 4 healthcare firms. She gained vast experience and knowledge in the field of healthcare and decided to continue working strictly in that area.

For a year, she worked in Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center as a chief executive officer. Since her family had a history of mental health problems, Rebecca wasn’t facing something she knew nothing about. She dealt with different kinds of mood disorders and anxiety issues. As of 2019, she joined the Eating Recovery Center, where they deal with patients who suffer from severe eating disorders that may lead to other mental issues.

Uniting in One Big Company

Everside Health Group started as a collaborative union of four firms that aimed to create a new type of high-tech healthcare experience. Paladina Health, HealthStat, Activate Healthcare, and R-Health each contributed distinct viewpoints, a varied footprint, and a distinct focus on developing partnerships with both patients and employees.

Rebecca’s background, along with the working experience she’s had in the healthcare area is what led her to unite the 4 companies into one and create an exceptional, high-quality platform.

The companies were created in different years, between 2001 and 2013, however, the firm officially rebranded to Everside Health in 2021, with the official headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Believing that patient care and treatment should be enhanced by data, Everside Health invested in their innovative and scalable technology platform Everside 360TM.

This establishment starts by amassing patient information and data from numerous sources and utilizing prescient analytics to reveal care holes to the care group. These healthcare errands are accessible to individuals through their one-of-a-kind Everside EverywhereTM phone application, empowering individuals to address their medical needs. And then, the patient data is displayed through Everside InsightsTM, an on-demand analytics device that gives clients access to their results.

All patients are eligible to schedule in-person or online visits, review their medical records, and ask for medicine refills through the user-friendly application. Everside Health Group applies a well-chosen, logical approach to improve the patients' past, current, and future healthcare utilization. The platform boasts an advantage, which is the capacity to supply significant data through real-time instruments, available at all times.

Since it’s care-fixated, the main purpose of Everside Health is to simplify healthcare and make it less demanding for everyone. You can expect their exceptional team to detect your medical needs and customize your services.

Speaking of financials, Everside Health Group has received $165M in fundraising in a single round. On August 23, 2018, an unknown venture-series round was raised. The firm has garnered 4 investors out of which only one is a lead investor. The sum they raised in funding came from New Enterprise Associates.

Everside Health Group Today

Over the years, Everside Health has grown into the best tech-driven health care platform in the US and worldwide. Presently, the company has over 300 clients in 33 states, and it’s constantly adding more to the list. Securing its place among the best, Rebecca’s company had to withstand the competition coming from companies like Aptihealth, Artemis Health, and Banyan, among others.

Today, Everside Health can proudly say that they enhance chronic disease management, which covers 75% of healthcare expenditures in the U.S. They also offer reimbursement of their patients’ overall costs, even by 40%.

Currently, 10 chief officers make up the company’s leadership, all of which are highly experienced individuals, experts in the healthcare area, and outstanding professionals. The whole team consists of more than 1.200 employees who are determined to do their jobs perfectly.

The company plans to expand even more in the near future since they recently announced expansion into the 34th state. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic that doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon, Everside Health Group provides covid testing for clients.

Recently, Everside Health Group filed for a $100 million IPO of its common shares. It’s impressive how the business has developed substantially during the whole pandemic and looks to be well-positioned to benefit from the industry's anticipated high growth. The IPO date is still unknown, however, we are hopeful it will be set in the foreseeable future.

We can’t deny the fact that what started from 4 different companies, evolved into one of the best high-tech healthcare companies today. We’re sure even more achievements are yet to follow for Everside Health, and the world of medicine will surely benefit the most.