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Good Job Games - The Hypercasual Game Developer That Believes in the Power of Imagination


The world of mobile games is constantly changing, and it's never been more popular than now. Many game studios specialize in various game genres. Yet, in particular, one has taken the industry by storm - hypercasual games.

Hypercasual and casual games lack a sophisticated design but are easy and free to play. So, they attract many players from all age groups. Monetization comes from advertising, cross-promotion, and in-application purchases.

One such company is Good Job Games, a mobile game developer founded in 2017 by Ilker Ilicali. Ilker believed in the power of imagination as a young and passionate entrepreneur. Games developed by Good Job Games reached 2.5 million people, and they constantly gather exceptional talent and are open to creativity and team spirit improvement.

Keep reading to discover the story of the Turkish game developer who strives to provide each user with the most unique and unforgettable experiences - from the palm of their hand!

The First Steps

Ilker Ilıcalı and Nazim Akmandil launched Good Job Games in 2017. Ilker, the founder and CEO of Good Job Games, holds a medical degree from the Acibadem University of Medicine. His passion for game creation and software made Ilker pursue a career in the gaming industry.

Nazim Akmandil is a Technical University of Munich graduate and co-founder and COO of Good Job Games. Before founding the company, he worked as a business development manager and head of the product management and marketing department for CareSyntax, a world-leading developer of surgical intelligence. The company, based in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, is one of the biggest centers for mobile game studios.

From the very start, the founding team believed in the power of imagination and started to partner with the biggest talent in Turkey. They came up with different ideas. No matter how unattainable or out-of-reach the ideas looked, they worked together to make them a reality. They worked hard and wanted to be the best of themselves and stand out. The company started by developing hyper casual games. Later, they added casual games to their portfolio. With great, talented developers, the company soon became one of the fastest-growing mobile game publishers in the world.

Moreover, some of the games developed by Good Job Games are in the puzzle genre, developed for Android and iOS platforms. In the United States and the UK, puzzle games are the most popular genre because they are fun and addictive. The monetization model involves advertising and in-app purchases, so it is hard to predict the revenue.

In 2019, three years after the foundation, one of their hypercasual games, Fun Race 3D, became one of the most downloadable games in the App Store. The following year, in 2020, the company had the highest video ad shares on the App Store and 82.2% engagement.

Hypercasual Games with a Minimalist Interface

Good Job Games develops mostly mobile hypercasual and casual games with a minimalist interface. Hyper casual games offer instant gameplay with minimal onboarding that needs only a tap to play. It is a simple, very engaging play and addictive with simple mechanics like turning, falling, and stacking. They take up less space on mobile devices and are very simple to install.

One of the most popular games developed by Good Job Games, Jelly Dye, involves tasteful and fun 2D imagery with the injection of colors into transparent jellies that is super exciting. Players can make different color combinations, which makes the game one of the best mobile games of all time.

One other game, ranked among the most downloaded hypercasual games, created by Good Job Games is Fun Race 3D, an action game for iOS and Android devices. You need to beat your opponent to the finish line while navigating a complex obstacle course without getting hit. This game relies on timing mechanics, wherein you need exact timing to achieve a goal.

The simple puzzling game Paper Fold gives a unique opportunity to fold and unfold the paper; it is very easy to learn but hard to master. It offers you a relaxing time, and you can dive into ancient art origami, improving your patience and dedication to succeed. Some other important applications, downloaded more than 100 million times are Color Bump 3D, Color Fill 3D, Epic Race 3D, and Run Race 3D.

Innovative Team Culture

Good Job Games is primarily a developer. Most of the games are made in-house. The technology team helps the publishers, developers, and marketing artists to speed up the tasks with supportive tools. In contrast, the marketing team works on the design of the marketing strategies, identifying the right audience and trying to find ways to attract their attention. The teams have flexible working schedules, and each team contributes to the company’s success.

The company gives a lot of attention to Data Science as research is a great part of their work, and tries to be part of the future of data science developments in the gaming industry. The data science team is responsible for processing the terabytes and trying to explain the needs and behavior of their customers. The company creates its products using the latest customer statistics, so data science greatly impacts its work.

The Marketing Art Team is responsible for creating eye-catching videos and visual concepts that appeal to different types of customers. They collaborate with other teams and Growth Managers to gain insight from the marketing creative performance.

Good Job Games Productivity in 2022

The current application portfolio of the company includes 78 games, 41 iOS apps, and 37 Android apps. According to the Google ranking, some of the applications developed by Good Job Games appear in the top 100 in more than ten countries.

In August 2022, the revenue from all Good Job Games mobile applications was $5 million, $2m for Android apps, and $3m for iOS apps. In 2022, their most productive application was Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle. Their most downloaded app was Fun Race 3D. There were 13 million downloads of their mobile applications. Among these were 11m Android app downloads and 2m iOS app downloads.

The Future of Good Job Games

The whole team has grown to a greater level and is passionate about transforming the main marketing initiatives into user-friendly videos of high quality.

This Turkish company proved Turkey’s potential as a game maker. It proved to have significant artistic abilities that are most important to make a real difference in gaming. They constantly try to enhance their creativity and spirit; their employees are their primary focus. They seek talents all the time to join their teams and expand them.

The company continues its activities, focusing on hypercasual and casual games. Hypercasual games are the only genre that has continued to grow in terms of downloads in the past years and are believed to have a bright future in the gaming world.

The company believes in the abilities and experience of its teammates and can see that the investments in the Turkish game companies continue to increase and are investor-orientated.