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HeartCore Enterprises, Inc.: Making People Excited About Technology


Creating software that yields enjoyment using it is what HeartCore does best.

Having the latest technology tools to create the best content for your webpage is essential if you wish to be a leader in your field.

These tools allow you to have control of your webpage content and design. Having an organized, great-looking, and updated website creates the image of your company.

HeartCore Inc. is a Japanese company founded by Sumitaka Kanno, dealing with high-tech tasks and process mining. It also deals with robotic automation accelerating the digital transformation through data extraction and analysis.

Completely user-friendly, HeartCore’s CMS has no limitations and offers multilingual support. The company motto “making people happy” sends a message that your digital experience doesn’t have to be boring, but rather enjoyable.

Stay with us to get to the core of HeartCore, and what led a person to follow their dreams.

The Computer Wizard

Sumitaka Kanno was a genius child. Born in 1965 in Japan under the legal name Sumitaka Yamamoto, Sumitaka showed his preferences toward the IT sector at an early age. Although his interest in electronics sparked in elementary school, it wasn’t until junior high that Sumitaka’s talent surfaced. To build your microcomputer with no one's help is quite impressive for that age, which is something young Sumitaka did. The computer had an Intel 8080 processor and Sumitaka built everything in it, including the BIOS, all by himself.

Unlike other teenagers, Sumitaka used his high school years rather productively. He worked part-time to create software. Many companies benefited from his skills, but most of all, Sumitaka himself. He became the only person in Japan to sign a contract with the United States. Many people have signed contracts and there is nothing special about it, right? Well, Sumitaka did it when there was no internet, through a packet communication connection.

Following this accomplishment, Sumitaka took a break and dedicated his time to earning himself a Bachelor’s degree from the Kansai Gaidai University. The period after graduating was a turbulent one for Sumitaka. He went through a phase of creating and selling companies in Japan in search of his true calling.

Sumitaka Kanno can also be viewed as an adrenaline seeker. The choice of his first employment right after graduation insinuates this. His ventures began with him being a pilot in the Air Self-Defense Force and leading the snowboarding boom in Japan. The latter adventure didn’t end well, as his company went bankrupt.

Leading and Innovating

HeartCore Inc was founded in 2009 as a result of Sumitaka's working experience for a U.S. IT company. Initially founded under the name XyXon, Inc., this high-tech software development company changed its name to HeartCore, Inc. in 2018, based on its most popular product.

Sumitaka Kanno’s professional beginnings were in a time when webpages were quite dull and they all looked alike. He came up with the idea to offer Japanese customers the possibility to create unique, creative, and personalized websites.

By establishing HeartCore, Sumitaka enabled a CMS to integrate and analyze data from social media, chats, web and in-store purchase data. The goal behind the process is to have a fully functioning orchestra.

The idea behind opening HeartCore was Japan’s immature CMS market at the time. Everything was in the blooming phase and building a website was costly. Sumitaka believed that his company would revolutionize the Japanese market by popularizing tool-making website creation as an easy task.

The main product of the company is HeartCore CMS. This is a content management system that allows digital marketing, facilitating data-driven campaign measurements, and delivering personalized customer experiences.

HeartCore is a product that offers flexibility in covering corporate culture and webpage operations differences. It also provides help in improving the company’s working efficiency.

Being a hands-on inventor, Sumitaka didn’t think twice before establishing HeartCore as a solid, customer-oriented company, even after facing fierce competition coming from companies like Pixelworks, Spok, and Ceragon Networks, among others.

Securing the Financial Grounds

Over the years, the company has received several capital investments. Raising a total of $760K in funding over 4 rounds, the latest one was made in February 2022 from an undisclosed round.

Registered under the ticker NASDAQ:HTCR, Heartcore Enterprises opened its stock in February 2022. The IPO share price is $5.00, managing to raise $15 million at the IPO by offering 2.5 million shares, hopefully amassing a market value of $115 million. The three main investors of HardCore Enterprises are Ci:Z Investments, International Services Information Dentsu, and Daishin Yasui. The total number of customers in Japan for 2021 is around 819 with 561 of them as paying customers. Around 23 international customers use the services of HeartCore.

HeartCore does business through two business units. One is used for digital transformation, offering robotics process automation, task and process mining, providing enterprises with assistance in digital transformation. The other unit deals with the CXM Platform (customer experience management platform) combining sales, services, marketing, and content management systems.

Never Stop Dreaming

The Chief Executive Officer and President of HeartCore Inc. felt deeply inspired by Masayoshi Son from Softbank. Sumitaka considers this man to be a great role model. In the words of Sumitaka, Masayoshi Son never gave up during his many failures and losses and took action into his own hands, marching towards the realization of his business ideas.

HeartCore’s headquarters are in Tokyo, but the company also holds additional locations in Okinawa, Japan, Palo Alto, and San Mateo in the U.S.A. The company employs a total of 60 people. As of May 2021, HeartCore counts 44 full-time employees and the rest are a contract and temporary employees, resident staff, and others.

Sumitaka may be a leader of a successful company like HeartCore Inc., but he failed several times while building his professional portfolio. He advises young entrepreneurs to be enthusiastic and aspire to succeed, be hard workers and never give up on their dreams.

Being an inventor was Sumitaka Kanno’s dream and he has been relentlessly trying to make it happen through HeartCore. Creating products that no one else had thought of creating was an innate trait in Sumitaka.

Whatever might be next in store for HeartCore, the world holds its doors open for inventors like Sumitaka.