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AllCampus: Building a Better World for University Students


The future of academic education is now - and it’s inevitably linked to the development of technology, says AllCampus.

Students’ demands are gradually expanding and so are modern universities’ needs for constant evolution of their academic programs. Nowadays, virtual management services are of great help in creating better conditions and changing academia for the better.

Having worked on raising awareness in high education spaces for more than two decades, the vision for technological progress in academia is what prompted Joe Diamond to create AllCampus.

AllCampus is an online platform designed to assist universities around the world in upgrading their academic programs. The aim of AllCampus is to make higher education universally affordable and aligned with the needs of students from all environments.

Since 2012, Joe Diamond’s innovation has brought about a tremendous notion of advancement in universities, which is a result of the founder’s long-lasting dedication to this cause.

Read on to learn about Joe’s perseverance, leading him to better the academic realm.

The Promising Early Years

Ever since his early years, Joe Diamond stood out in his environment with his ambition, intelligence, and desire for innovation. In his adolescence and young adulthood, he started to show exceptional interest in the need for improvement of the general state of education and the notion of student equity.

Joe’s education portfolio is an impressive promise for the great things to come. After finishing his education at GleanOak High School, he enrolled in the Finance department at the University of Florida. He graduated with honors in 1996 and then obtained an MBA in Marketing, Finance, and Accounting from the Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management in 2004.

After completing his own education journey, Joe Diamond went on to influence the academic experience of many other students from new generations to come.

An Entrepreneur in the Making

Before AllCampus, there were several other significant projects in Joe Diamond’s professional life.

Soon after his graduation, he became one of the first employees in Alloy Media + Marketing in 1997. He was an essential part of this startup, completing a variety of leadership roles and contributing significantly to the growth of the business. With the company expanding in the first three years, Joe created the Direct Marketing division.

Parallel to this position in Alloy Marketing, Joe found his true calling in seeking progress for the educational system. In 2009, he became an Executive Board member in Safe Place, a national program designed to help and provide essential resources for youth in need. Safe Place is a community initiative that covers various youth-friendly organizations, such as schools, libraries, and fire stations.

Finally, in 2012, a separate organization was created out of Alloy Education with Joe Diamond as its CEO. This was the start of AllCampus as an independent platform with the purpose of improving academic conditions for American students.

The Start and Rise of a Success Story

As the successor of Alloy Education (Private Colleges and Universities), a prominent company that had offered marketing and enrolment services for almost three decades, Josh Diamond’s business idea was off to a great start.

The pioneering entrepreneur founded AllCampus with a noble mission - building strong, cooperative professional bonds with partner universities that would result in deducing the overall cost of education for American students. AllCampus aims to cover a plethora of different academic disciplines and make them both more favorable and affordable at the same time.

Ever since the beginning of this journey, the AllCampus team was aware of the ever-evolving academic environment where students can access an increasing amount of information. Therefore, the company prioritized helping universities evolve and upgrade their studying curriculums so that they’re in alignment with students’ necessities.

AllCampus started as a wabbly start-up with many challenges to overcome, but Joe Diamond’s platform eventually managed to rise as a highly-reputable name in the industry. This is a workplace that cares about the impact on future generations and the emotional state of its employees.

At this company, employees can find an important purpose of their valuable industry expertise while collaborating with some of the greatest academic minds in the world. As proof of the culture built in AllCampus, it’s worth mentioning that the company was repeatedly elected as Best Place to Work on Crain’s Chicago Business list for medium-sized employers. Moreover, AllCampus also relishes in the highest rating on Glassdoor.

With a leadership team equipped with extensive experience in both student recruitment and digital marketing, even brighter days were to come for AllCampus. The years of success came along with internally developed methodologies and unique CRM software.

AllCampus’s formula employs a creative, ever-developing approach of collaboration with influential universities and regularly tested science strategies. Thorough research, data, and acknowledgment of the feedback are the basic values that turned Joe Diamond’s dreams into a true success story.

Money Makes Campus Go Round

Ever since the first year in the industry, AllCampus stood out as a trustworthy and dedicated platform that increased the quality of curricula and teaching in colleges. What the company lacked was marketing resources and space to spread its important message.

AllCampus has obtained a total of $8.3M in 3 major funding rounds up to date. The latest funding round occurred in 2015 with $844K of venture resources. Before that, the company acquired $1.5M in a debt financing round in 2014.

The platform’s largest investor is Noson Lawen Partners and they raised the most valuable funding round almost a decade ago. In 2012, shortly after its division from Alloy Education, AllCampus completed an institutional capital round worth $6M. This was a valuable financial basis of the take-off that AllCampus had as an independent company.

Noson Lawen Partners, led by Ted Carroll together with Dr. Michael Markovitz, the founder of Argosy Education, fondly expressed their belief in the importance of AllCampus’s purpose. Michael Markovitz, who had decades of experience in the education industry at the time, singled out the platform as the most attractive investment target among its competitors because of the outstanding results it offers to partnered universities.

Revolutionizing College Environment, One at a Time

Today, Joe Diamond’s vision has grown into a leading privately held platform hiring more than 200 people with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, successful;y fending off competition coming from rivals like Fullbridge, Keypath, and HotChalk, among others.

The focus of the company is on improving the overall accessibility of higher education and student retention through online program management, strategic marketing, and creative partnerships solutions.

As for the future of the company, Joe emphasizes the importance of upskilling education programs. We are all witnessing the necessary changes in the academic environment brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, both in students’ way of learning and professors’ way of teaching. Hybrid and online education raises the demand for digital innovation and upgraded skills in colleges.

Not only did online learning shape a new era in education by increasing the accessibility of courses from any place in the world, but it also paved the way for micro-credentials and alternative education options that promise to change our whole mindset linked to academia. With students being much more connected and informed, it’s up to colleges to prepare them accordingly for the various future career possibilities.

AllCampus aims to focus on online certificate programs as a crucial sign of progress that modern colleges are increasingly required to offer. Statistics show that 65% of US employees don’t have a four-year degree and many Americans question the necessity for a Bachelor’s degree.

In a climate where degree programs are still unavailable for a fair share of the population, Joe Diamond’s vision to revolutionize academia through modern solutions remains an ongoing, inspiring entrepreneurship story.