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GoPublic.AI: Bringing Mission-driven Companies and Funders Together!


Ideas without capital are powerless.

Are you a small business owner with a world-changing idea and a wish to go public? Then you know getting funding is a manifold process. Thankfully, the odds are on your side today.

GoPublic.AI is a capital markets advisory firm that partners with forward-thinking companies that have the potential to make a difference in the world. They help them raise growth capital, provide the right connections and support them in going public.

Behind this venture is a group of millennial professionals led by Nick Findler, CEO of the company and host of the Go Public Podcast. He is driven by the idea of helping businesses that want to fight global warming with plant-based food, eradicate diseases with biotech, or improve education in third-world countries.

Nick is an entrepreneur with a twist, a visionary, and an altruist that brings progressive people and financiers together and uses business as a tool for change.

A Born Entrepreneur

Nick Findler grew up in Port Moody, a scenic town in the Vancouver area. He started manifesting his entrepreneurial gene from a very young age. His business ventures were diverse, featuring the quintessential lemonade stand, a pressure washing service, and his all-time favorite–the golf balls hustle.

Namely, Nick would go around golf courses and collect leftover balls from the bushes. He would clean and sell them to the dads on his street. Apart from the effort he put into finding the balls, there was no input cost, and the profit was considerable for a 10-year-old.

When Nick was 15, he convinced his father to open an account for him and invested 500 dollars in a mining company. But the most cherished gift came for his first birthday–his dad bought him three shares in Disney, which he still treasures as his most valuable investment.

Nick’s Roaring Twenties

In 2014 Nick graduated with honors from the University of Victoria. He gained a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship, all the while exploring his entrepreneurial mindset in a series of businesses. That same year he moved to Europe for a bit, acquiring another BCom in Finance from Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland.

After returning to Canada at the age of 22, Nick immediately went into the public venture capital markets. He was eager to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills by raising money for public businesses and marketing them, mastering how to approach investors, and building a professional network.

In the beginning he was met with a lot of rejection. Investors doubted millennials had money to invest in the market. The early dismissal taught Nick to deal with hardships and use them to his advantage without becoming emotional. He learned that persistence pays off.

In a few years, Nick had stockpiled enough reserves to become an angel investor and fund several ventures of his own. His restless mind and diverse interests are evident in his portfolio.

Nick eventually started Edge Investments, a media platform that creates content about trending investment themes. He sits on the board of a couple of private companies and is the co-founder of Unify Partners, a company that connects businesses, artists, musicians, and non-profits to government funding.

After a decade spent accumulating experience in the world of investments and surrounding himself with a circle of vibrant entrepreneurs Nick teamed up with a group of amazing people to start GoPublic.AI. This mix of knowledge and excellent staff makes his company a leader in the market today.

Redefining Capital Markets Advisory

GoPublic.AI is a unique investment bank that connects potential investors to attentively selected companies. It is a fintech company but functions more like a connecting bridge between people with fresh, innovative ideas and investors who provide the means to turn those ideas into reality.

It was co-founded in 2020 by Nick Findler and Tyler Cresswell, together with a group of pros who shared the same core beliefs and visions. They offer the right financial connections to companies that have made it their mission to make an impact and work for the benefit of humankind.

GoPublic.AI has partnered with a diverse range of businesses. Some of them are Forrest Innovations–an Israeli biotech focused on eradicating mosquito-borne diseases, and Plantable–a plant-based foods program, to name a few. All so different, yet, with one goal in mind–a positive development.

In the world of capital investments, success is measured in generated revenue. However, for GoPublic.AI, the things that matter are much more philanthropic.

How Funding Works

So, how does a company receive the support of GoPublic.AI?

The process involves getting to know the company intimately on all levels. The management is presented with a questionnaire that helps assess initial financial input, sales, and profit.

In addition, the company should be present for 5+ years on the market and have a minimum of $500.000 in trailing revenue. A key prerequisite for financers is to have continual traction, but for Nick, the most important thing is to have a band of people with willingness to make the next step.

GoPublic.AI provides finances from $1 million to $25 million, depending on the company's size, needs, and prospective revenues.

GoPublic.AI was founded in 2020 and has shown immense growth in such a short period, with a phenomenal $58 mil raised to invest in private enterprises. Nick and his team have supported over 20 companies on their way to going public–another impressive figure in their portfolio.

What the Future Holds

GoPublic.AI has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, there are 9 employees on the company list.

They had a rough start navigating a steep decline in the capital markets brought about by the pandemic. However, they have managed to pull through and establish a leading role in the global capital market.

The future is hard to predict, especially in the ever-changing market of capital investments. But Nick’s predictions are based on the reality of climate change and its aftermath. He believes that the companies that are able to create a revolution in that area will be the most valuable in the world 10 to 15 years from now.

And GoPublic.AI is here to challenge the status quo in the capital markets and shift the focus towards investing in ideas overlooked in the past. It takes an open mind to see the potential in these spheres and a lot of research into real-time market data.

That is why the company has been building its own AI software! The goal is to figure out in which direction private companies are going so they can predict where their investment can create the biggest impact.

Final Words

Human connection is invaluable. Nick Findler states that connecting with new people and forming meaningful bonds with business partners, family, and friends is the key to a successful career and a source of infinite joy.

GoPublic.AI has used its broad network of investors to give rise to companies that can reshape our world and will continue to do so in the future.

Nick has always been surrounded by passionate entrepreneurs with an insatiable lust for life, risk, and excitement. And he is no different.

Nick is a businessman driven by a fascinating combination of capital investments and care for the planet. A true role model for the new generation of entrepreneurs that will rule the world in the 21st century.

So, awaken your entrepreneurial spirit and join Nick in his quest for the next big thing!