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AnalyticsIQ: Smart-Model Data Company


"If you don't care about your customers, your competitor will." - Bob Hooey.

Mountains of information circle the internet today, but unless carefully channeled, it may not be beneficial for all data consumers. People used to have trouble searching for the correct information, while companies used to post ads that didn't target the right audience. It was time for a change as brands needed relevant data that they could use as fuel to reach their goals.

Dave Kelly saw the potential of building a platform with relevant data about people, which could help marketers, and founded AnalyticsIQ in Atlanta in 2007. AnalyticsIQ is a data company that blends cognitive psychology and data to help you understand the individual's actions. It helps companies get familiar with their customers and visions.

Keep reading to learn how Dave Kelly built AnalyticsIQ and turned it into the first data company to mix these two fields!

An Astronomer in His Own Space

Dave Kelly grew up in hot Jacksonville, Florida. As a child, Dave spent a lot of his free time surfing on the beach, thinking that each road at that time headed to Atlanta. Dave has always been a great listener; his dream was to move to Atlanta and become an astronomer.

Knowing that knowledge could take him higher than the others, Dave joined the University of North Florida and received his bachelor's degree. But the moment Dave got his degree, he knew that that wasn't his final destination, so in 1991 he entered Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business. He got his M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) two years later.

He started his career in 1991 as a project manager at MDS. Later he became a senior consultant at Equifax and a founder of Sigma.

Around this time, he came to terms with the fact that he would never be a real astronomer. Nonetheless, rich in skills and experience, Dave entered database marketing, where he became an astronomer in his own space.

If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It

As a big believer, Dave knew that if you team up with the right people and all benefit from the job, you can create a successful company. So, seeing the huge potential in the marketing industry, in 2007, he started a new company called AnalyticsIQ and began acquiring data sets.

Dave hired the best data scientists, and together they started from scratch, constructing their own marketing tools.

AnalyticsIQ started as a marketing data creator. During the first few months, Dave and his team were mainly focused on helping clients optimize their campaigns via better targeting with their analytics and data. As advertising and marketing evolved, Dave recognized a need to offer a complete picture of consumers, starting from who they are, where they live, and what they do.

The most important thing, he found out, was to learn why customers make decisions so businesses can offer them better and more advanced advertising. But the point is doing that ethically, which is why they take a research and scientific-based approach to creating the data.

More Than Just An Offline Data Creator

AnalyticsIQ has always dug the information from offline data, data science, and cognitive psychology. They have never rushed things as they knew it could never yield positive effects. Being extremely careful, Dave and his team blend cognitive psychology in creating marketing data, and they've been taking that method since 2014.

The following years were very productive for Dave as AnalyticsIQ became the number one company for creating relevant consumer information, and more and more marketers used it. Since brands were satisfied with the services, the number of contracts increased.

In 2018, AnalyticsIQ launched BusinessCore™, a robust B2B advertising database delivering complete information and insights on brands and individual professionals. This new, modern database allows marketers to go beyond elementary firmographics for analytics and cross-channel targeting.

Slowly, the number of businesses interested in becoming partners with AnalyticsIQ multiplied as they could understand consumers' prospects better. In 2019, Dave announced that AnalyticsIQ is an official partner with Lotame, a prominent data solutions company that helps agencies, marketers, and publishers find new customers, grow venues and increase engagement using audience data.

The same year, Dave revealed the launch of the fresh CBD marketing audience. The revolutionary audience segment's purpose was to help CBD companies provide communication with targeted consumers across online and offline marketing channels.

A Company Model That Always Wins

Covid-19 paralyzed most of the world, but the pandemic boosted Dave's business because lockdowns increased the demand for AnalyticsIQ. Dave never thought he would have a work-from-home company that could benefit from the modern economy.

However, AnalyticsIQ was doing well, and Dave and his team were able to pivot while some parts of their business were down.

In 2021, Dave launched their new ultra-modern audience data e-commerce store, created with Narrative's new Data Shops offering. This store enables businesses to spin up an exclusive data shop that allows data customers to find and buy different proprietary data assets.

The innovation and the skills AnalyticsIQ showed were impressive, and soon, Dave's company expanded its relationship with Snowflake, a great Data Cloud company. That integration helps all types of organizations access a variety of AnalyticsIQ's predictive data analytics points.

The Minds Behind the “Best Predictive Analytics Solution”

Many companies that follow the AnalyticsIQ idea have shown up recently, including Multimedia Lists, Adstra, and Blue Mail Media. Still, none of them can reach the fame and level of AnalyticsIQ as the science behind the model of collecting big data is what makes this company better than its competitors.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, AnalyticsIQ is the "Best Predictive Analytics Solution" driven by a team of cognitive psychologists, data scientists, and industry veterans.

With Mike Hattub as a Chief Strategy Manager and Dean Kelly as Chief Financial Officer, only the sky's the limit for the company. Their firm but flexible tactic makes it simple to get started with using sophisticated data to boost your business.

AnalyticsIQ Financials

AnalyticsIQ has been on the market for almost 16 years, but the company wasn't very active in raising money from funding rounds. So far, it has raised $15 million via only one funding round. The funding round was named Series A and took place on August 29, 2019.

The investor that funded the company was Boathouse Capital. Dave and his team used those funds to speed up their business growth and continue product innovation.

The annual revenue of AnalyticsIQ ranges between $5 million and $25 million.

AnalyticsIQ Future Plans

So, what are the next steps the company plans to take?

AnalyticsIQ is an excellent platform that allows Dave and his team to respond quickly to the latest trends and creates an option for innovation. With 41 highly experienced employees, AnalyticsIQ plans to provide more innovation in data creation and to keep focusing on client needs and upcoming trends.

The team behind AnalyticsIQ is busy doing some truly innovative things with B2B data in several sectors at the moment.

In the near future, the data company plans to expand into more countries, open new offices, and hire more professionals.

AnalyticsIQ has an effective plan to build modern solutions to support marketers in getting the complete data and infusing the correct data. Also, Dave proposes to continue following his mission and aims and fit his company further into the massive data-collecting industry.