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Xtelligent: Artificial Intelligence As the Future of Commuting


Artificial Intelligence, AI, has come to a point when it doesn’t feel as artificial anymore.

When it came to the roads less traveled by, it looked as though AI had some serious catching up to do. Road structures have been mostly built upon outdated patterns, and some innovation was long overdue.

Meeting the world of roads with a solution was Michael Lim, the remarkable creator of Xtelligent - the smartest road platform! As one of the newest developments in the road sector, Xtelligent uses refined algorithms and AI as a way to interlink city intersections and entire roadways with the latest sensor technology. Xtelligent has the intention of becoming the ultimate solution in connecting, automating, and managing intersection signals. As such, it is becoming the pillar of modern-day and AI-supported multimodal transportation and automated vehicles.

But, smartening up roads across an entire nation does come with a challenge or two. And, here is how Michael Lim came victorious on the other side, turning Xtellingent into a global phenomenon.

The Michael Lim Story

A born and raised Californian, Michael Lim had always trusted the power of education in making it big. Since a boy, he was deeply interested in how the world ticked and how it all connected, which led Michael to become infatuated with roads and transport. As a teenager, he began to turn his fascination into a passion, especially after noticing the ongoing problems that drivers faced on a daily basis. California’s road congestion was impossible to tackle, and traffic laws and regulations never seemed to bring some order. So, Michael’s initial passion slowly turned to a professional dream too, one day, become true.

His dream led Michael to begin working in urban development, for the UN and in the Asian Pacific area, where he also studied urban design. He also spent time working as an investment banker with Lazard Freres & Co. He had the role of an advisor on the strategic, financial, and M&A transactions of technological companies and governments. His business ideas almost always included specific government funding, since all of Michael’s attention was focused on improving and updating public infrastructure.

Michel attended the University of Berkeley where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree. Michael got a second degree as well, an MBA from the University of Wharton.

The Idea of Xtelligent

Even though roads are much safer today than they used to be, there are still countless challenges drivers face. Road signs, no matter how helpful they are, will always have that one driver who would mess things up. But, with Michael’s idea brewing in the back of his mind, all those problems could become a thing of the past.

From an idea and a simple dream - one of having safer and faster roads - to becoming Xtelligent enough to rock the road infrastructure world, Michael took his time developing the exact product he envisioned.

Are You Xtelligent Enough?

Xtelligent was first founded in 2018. It is a company devoted to the Tomorrow Traffic Signal Network that would make driving as easy and as comfortable as enjoying a cup of coffee or reading a book. Because the company integrates cutting-edge capabilities and software road behavior learning, Xtelligent is embedded in the cooperative, multimodal, automatic, and non-informative transportation of today.

By integrating the latest and greatest algorithmic road-controlling software and maintaining records of driving behaviors, Xtelligent is on the path of making autonomous driving the thing of - not tomorrow - but now.

Los Angeles-born Michael Lim is mobilizing and self-investing to change the world of cars and mobility in general. He is striving to design a comprehensive business strategy, thus addressing the ever more critical demand for self-employment and infrastructure investment. By integrating Michael’s most innovative road assistance technology and making driving more autonomous than ever, the general public infrastructure could see a decline in the necessity of constant investments in the same problem areas.

In short terms, it would mean that Xtelligent would collect data concerning driving practices, behavior, and opportunities. This means that road signalization would be much easier to follow, the road would get enriched by smart technology and drivers will be safely on their way.

Since the platform’s launch, Michael has also helped municipal authorities simplify their procurement process and collaboration models. He, thus, enabled businesses, start-ups, and research groups to engage in significant, iterative AV piloting initiatives. His work helped the city prepare better for the future planning and consequences of Los Angeles' AV transit. He also helped city authorities learn how to use fast-evolving technologies and dedicated the resources needed to shape how AV technology is used in the city.

Road Bumps on the Path to Great Success

Michael was aware that raising a start-up company from the grounds up in the road industry would come with its hassle. In the back of Michael’s mind, he was well aware that getting funding for Xtelligent would be a hard aim to achieve, especially on his own. Having worked in different companies, Michael knew that, no matter his ideas, he would need an ongoing flow of cash to excel.

Having already had the amazing idea of improving infrastructure, Michael was about to face the biggest challenge of his career. This meant he was supposed to present his product to investors who needed to have the same vision as he did. Presenting a solution to a decades’ old problem was somewhat easier than finding the proper investor.

But, as his luck turned, out of the blue, three investors popped up. Two of the funders were silent partners who had been involved in the pre-seed funding. The third investor’s name was Andrew Powch, who was so impressed with the incredible problem-solving idea that not only he invested money in Xtelligent, but he also co-founded the company.

The prior experience that Michael gained, working with few government agencies, also gave him the confidence to continue with his business model.

Xtelligent, Today

Xtelligent has decades of research and development experience poured into creating intelligent transport systems, not only in the USA but worldwide as well. Xtelligent’s team includes elite scientists, planners, engineers, and designers, all working towards meeting the latest demands from the road and transportation industry.

All elite company employees work in conjunction with US national laboratories, MIT, USC, and UC Berkeley research laboratories.

In addition to these government-sponsored laboratories, several other national entities are also included in the company’s research and testing of new technologies. These include The U.S. National Science Foundation, The Department of Transportation, The Department of Transportation, and The Department of Energy.

Bringing new technological discoveries and achievements to the table is the easiest thing for Michael Lim and his team at this point. Being acknowledged for their accomplishments has left them enough room to expand their AI road platform. Even more, as a result of their efforts, the platform earned the renowned 2017 Donald P. Eckman Award, presented by the American Automated Controller board.

Connecting people - through actual roads that is - is a concept not many can grasp, let alone bring to life, but Xtelligent did. It was pure problem-solving as well as just the right amount of vision for Michael and his team to make their platform a pure wonder in the world of road infrastructure and smart solutions.

And, as the company was also acknowledged as one of the Great ones, by the World Economic Forum no less, it is safe to say that the only way Xtelligent will be looking at - is forward!