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Talent Garden: Revolutionizing European Tech-Based Coworking


The way people work and collaborate amongst each other has changed through the years, but for both individuals and businesses, coworking has always been the tie that binds!

In efforts to bring back collaboration’s former glory, one tech genie took the idea and elevated it to a whole new level!

The only goal Davide Dattoli bared in mind was to create an environment where he, his companions and every other working collective could grow together and excel as a team.

What Davide thought would be a small fragment of his everyday life, brought him his first out-of-this-world successful start-up - Talent Garden!

From the very start and all throughout the pandemic, the young entrepreneur has been innovating and improving the way people work with one another.

Using creativity as his secret weapon towards the big win, there’s no obstacle the young entrepreneur hadn’t tackled on his way to business victory.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Out of all the rules in the business book, all success stories seem to revolve around one common concept: making the impossible - possible.

Business-wise, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ has become a winning formula for a plethora of entrepreneurs - and for a good reason, too.

In his early 20s, Davide Dattoli was focused on jumpstarting his career and exercised great enthusiasm for digital marketing. Growing up in Brescia, Italy - Davide always enjoyed immense support throughout his academic and professional growth. As most of his closest friends worked within the digital sector, Davide had spent a lot of time either working in their company or evaluating different areas within the sector.

It wasn’t long before Davide saw the benefits of having people who share similar professional interests work alongside him. This way, the group could easily discuss ideas, share information, and give each other valuable performance feedback - the perfect recipe for an effective working environment!

Essentially, this was also how the idea of Talent Garden was first born.

Davide, a tech-savvy entrepreneur at heart, longed to ultimately create a single place where the digital sector could come together and learn from one-another. Luckily, Davide was unafraid to throw caution to the wind and firmly stood behind the unique purpose his platform served.

At only twenty-one, Davide opened the gates to success and introduced a junior business model as the future base for Talent Garden.

Small Steps & Giant Leaps

In December of 2011, Davide founded Talent Garden in his hometown, Brescia, as the first campus-like co-working facility in town. The foundations of Talent Garden revolved around three main aspects from its very beginning: young potential, talent, and hard work.

To bring all three factors together would mean instant and undeniable success for the young CEO - and he made it happen.

As for the main concept of Talent Garden, Davide would bring creative ideas together and build something of relevance in return. This played a huge role in the building of Talent Garden’s recognizable business model.

Intriguingly, and somewhat mysteriously, Talent Garden kept its initial investors private, but numbers don’t lie, and Talent Garden’s massive €130,000 in funding became more than obvious and noted.

Not long after the money poured in, a few young tech entrepreneurs followed Davide on his mission for global success, thus creating a pool of talented and innovation-driven digital masterminds.

When Talent Garden was first founded, the team lacked the ambition to develop outside of Brescia. To their surprise, the co-working ecosystem continued to grow in popularity, transforming Davide’s concept from elementary to essential!

Within a year, Talent Garden broadened their effort and moved its headquarters to metropolitan Milan. After establishing their campuses in both Rome and Turin, Talent Garden opened the way for national and worldwide recognition.

Further Development

By 2014, freelancers, start-ups, and all kinds of tech workers were lining up to use the Talent Garden collaborative spaces.

In just four years, the company had managed to interconnect over ten Italian cities. With the story being far from done, the team expanded beyond Italian borders and opened campuses in Barcelona, Tirana, and Kaunas - a huge milestone for the ambitious entrepreneur, whose drive took him to places beyond his imagination.

Now, Talent Garden was all grown and ready to make a name for itself - globally!

Unlike similar operators, Davide hated for the core of his business to come down to realtor services for tech enthusiasts. Instead, he went back to the basics and shifted his priorities on improving the company’s educational and innovative principles.

As its latest trend, in 2015, the company introduced Talent Garden Innovation School (TGIS).

The idea behind the platform was to transform and connect flexible working environments by businesses undergoing a digital transformation.

One of the key elements that made TGIS work like a charm was training.

Now, the company focused on educating and training young talent, new to digitalization. In addition, it also offered education to professionals looking to further develop their skills.

Alas, Talent Garden’s first innovation schools were founded in Milan, Turin, and Rome - quite the Italian business fairytale!

Growing with the Needs

Talent Garden’s continuous hard work paid off even more in 2016.

For one, Digital Metrics invested €6 million to the company, allowing it to develop even faster. Also, and within just a year since the investment, the Talent Garden Innovation School was successfully inaugurated in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nevertheless, with both feet still firmly on the ground, Davide strived for even higher goals, and by 2019, TGIS was founded in Ireland, Vienna, and Spain too.

Aside from co-working and training, Talent Garden has organized a great number of events to help connect individuals within the digital ecosystem. As a result, this service has tremendously helped the company bring its vision closer to realization.

At the close of 2019, Talent Garden was stationed and operating in eight countries, using 23 active campuses. At the same time, the Talent Garden Innovation School remained active in five of these countries. Overall, the company finished the year on a high note, announcing a €44 million investment from Social Capital, TIP, Indaco Ventures, and remaining European offices.

This investment alone, relied on the hopes that Talent Garden would continue their development across European countries and even worldwide.

During the same year, Davide was declared one of Forbes’ most influential tech entrepreneurs under 30, trailblazing his way to recognition and affluence.

A Global Pandemic on the Horizon

Talent Garden, like many other companies, was impacted by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. As their co-working spaces add to 40% of the total revenue of the company, when the world went into lockdown, serious measurements had to be undertaken to ensure the company’s sustainability.

Aware of the codependency between physical spaces and coworking, Davide and his team focused on adapting their services to the digital environment.

Not only did they continue providing online events for tech enthusiasts, the team also launched Antea - a digital platform providing people with methodologies necessary to obtain maximum safety at home.

Through this new platform, people from all sectors could now connect with other experts and maintain the networking process that Talent Garden has physically provided them with.

Today, the company is firmly convinced that coworking will continue to grow - now more than ever before.

During lockdown, the company’s mission revolves around both strengthening the relationship between experts through launching new campuses and educational schools all over Europe.

To put it simply, Talent Garden is far from done, and unlike this story - they’re just warming up!