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How Medinas Health Became the Contemporary eBay of Healthcare


What about gender equality? That was likely the first question on Chloe Alpert’s mind when she first took the business world by a storm. Not just any business world, Chloe Alperts became a health industry trademark name, and a loud female voice saying anyone can do just about anything - if they set their mind to it!

Giving back to her community is what Chloe Alpert’s platform Medinas Health does best. A digital health platform, Medinas Health mainly focuses on buying, selling, and redistributing pre-owned medical equipment and supplies to health facilities in need.

As one of the most powerful, goal-oriented, and inspirational women on the tech industry scene, Chloe’s journey to the top was not without its challenges. However, those who know Chloe also recognized her utter determination in succeeding, at whatever cost it took - and in heels!

A real-life superheroine, Chloe’s journey in creating Medinas Health is undoubtedly one for the books, as an entrepreneur, a visionary, and most of all, a woman.

A Tech Geek

Chloe Alpert is not your typical girl. While a darling at heart, Chloe has never appreciated being labeled the ‘girl of the group’. Instead, she grew up to be an enthusiastic child nurturing great plans for the future, none of which were based on the preconception of males running businesses far better than women.

Born in Berkeley, in a tight-knit and humble family, young Chloe was always interested in new challenges, adventures, or childish games that offered a bit of knowledge and some fun on the side. Hungry for something to captivate her attention and engage her mind, Chloe became an early fanatic of solving puzzles as well as problems.

At six years old, Chloe enjoyed nothing more than spending time with her mom, a successful entrepreneur at that time. As her mother worked with various office programs, Chloe took a special interest in them all, and especially Adobe Photoshop. Willing to sit in front of the computer for hours on end, Chloe became adamant in learning Photoshop at its core, and expand her skills as a result.

Over the years, Chloe’s professional skills grew sharper and her passion for business stronger. Initially interested in expanding her knowledge and learning the ins and outs of the Adobe suite, Chloe soon leveled up to learning Dreamweaver and Flash and ultimately turned to ‘programming’ in Actionscript.

Eager to lend a helping hand to her mother in running their small home-based business of selling handmade soaps, Chloe took this time to further build her entrepreneurial confidence.

Certain she was right where she belonged, in middle school, Chloe was the only girl who sparked up an interest in learning technology. After her teacher recognized her outstanding talent and persistence, Chloe was invited to partake in ‘Technology Student Association’, a program specializing in all things computers and technology.

Post-graduation, Chloe enrolled at Berkeley University, and also acquired a BA from the University of Arts in London. All the while, she actively participated in a variety of research projects offered by Pennsylvania State University, fortifying her theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and gearing up for the bright future to come.

Unripe Plans & First Ideas

From a very young age, Chloe held on to the dream of one day becoming a successful entrepreneur boasting a remarkable platform voice.

Always aware of the obstacles which lay ahead - both as a woman in business and managing a brand in general - Chloe felt anything but afraid in tackling one hurdle after the other. In fact, by the time Chloe had developed her first business concept. she had already equipped herself with passion for the job, the finest niche experience, and an abundance of knowledge waiting to be used.

Even more determined to crush down the gender-invoked stereotypes, Chloe took pride in being a proper woman of technology, and a stellar programmer at that. With a problem-solving mindset, Chloe wasted no time in developing intriguing, practical, and fruitful business concepts, all in an effort to discover her contributing place within the tech world.

Initially faced with more downs than ups, Chloe found herself in stagnation at one point and questioned whether giving her idea a go would turn out for the better. Nevertheless, Chloe had never been the one to quit and move on, so instead of bailing altogether, she worked even harder in finding a relevant job in the years to come. Luckily, the odds were ever in Chloe’s favor, and soon, she expanded her experience by working various jobs, mostly in startups and foundations like Savon Body, Happy Pay, Women’s Founder Community, and others.

Although now part of the notorious man’s world, Chloe had always had her mother to look up to, and through her, Chloe understood the power of women setting themselves up for success. Working in surroundings where unconscious bias thrived, Chloe realized the gender gap problem very early on, yet felt less than discouraged in pushing forward and finding her way among the plethora of men waiting for her to fail.

The idea for creating Medinas came to Chloe in 2015, when her grandmother was hospitalized and diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Spending months and months in and out of the hospital gave Chloe an understanding of the things the medical world lacked in equipment, proper management, patient treatment, and unfair billing.

A year later, Chloe ran into someone who had recently started a medical nonprofit and took a huge interest in the way these organizations worked, supplied patients with the necessary equipment, and optimized the healthcare industry as a whole.

The Golden Hour

After witnessing the poor state hospitals were in, Chloe became a woman obsessed with finding a reasonable solution for the problem. Initially, Choel spent a whole year doing research on hospital management and examined their equipment market, ultimately pinpointing the main problem within the industry - a lack of technology solutions.

An expert problem-solver, in 2017, Chloe collaborated with both colleagues and co-founders to develop a platform aiming to unravel the confusing tangle of pricey legacy hospital products. The team, now empowered by Tim Growney as the CTO and Jesse Avshalomov as the CMO, created a platform allowing hospital personnel to easily manage the facility’s assets, remarket or redeploy them if unnecessary, and figure out the worth of their services.

As a proficient health-oriented platform Medinas Health is helping hospitals manage their spendings, whether on supplies or medical equipment. This sophisticated solution enabled greater transparency for patients as well as hospitals looking to save millions in unrequired healthcare costs.

The cloud-based platform enhances and remarkets hospitals worldwide by smartly managing their inventory through buying, selling, and repurposing their unused inventory.

The AI technology Medias Health offers enables health facilities such as clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals to obtain previously deficient medical supplies and equipment from facilities boasting these in abundance. Its automated smart solutions work to the benefit of all parties involved, including facilities, staffers, and patients.

Without a doubt, the launch of Medinas Health has helped countless healthcare systems save money instead of waste it, given their early losses amounted to $765 billion.

Medinas’ Fundings and Awards

Since its launch, Medinas Health has received $10 million in funding. In October 2018 the platform raised $2.5 million with 14 investors backing them, three of whom became its main investors. Some of the platform’s pre-investors included VenturaSouq, NFX, Hack VC, Bryan First, and Alan Rutledge.

There is no doubt that the company has introduced new and remarkable solutions to a decade-old problem, yet, what stands out the most about it is the popularity and functionality of the platform among medical facilities worldwide.

As a result of its quality solutions, Medinas Health has been awarded on various occasions and won generous cash prizes. Namely, in the Business Venture category, the company received a prize of $1 million from Creator Global Finals. Furthermore, the platform got the top $360,000 from WeWork Creator Awards and an additional $500,000 from the Forbes Change the World competition for entrepreneurs younger than 30.

Not only that, but they also won the Berkeley Visionary Winner award as well as the East Bay Innovation Awards for Technology! Headquartered in Berkeley and consisting of no more than 10 employees, the company is all about transparency, facilitation, and profitability to hospitals worldwide.

Breaking the barriers for more prominent female leaders and businesswomen, Chloe left her mark on the health industry and entrepreneurship in general, paving the path to business glory stronger and more knowledgeable than ever!