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Heartland Media, LLC: TV Broadcasting Wholeheartedly!


Let us start this by saying TV broadcasting will never, and we mean never, die out!

We’ve all been in a spot where we couldn’t get our eyes off television for hours and hours at a time. However, we never thought about how tough and time-consuming managing a TV broadcasting station it is, trying to meet the needs of every TV fanatic out there.

This is where Robert S. Prather Jr. takes the cake and starts to engage in the televised world to provide people with major information through media broadcasting.

With the power of Heartland Media, that dream turned into reality. Nevertheless, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows initiating a broadcasting company and owning television stations left and right!

On the contrary, climbing up the televising ladder is even harder than your average LLC company. For instance, it’s really difficult finding smaller media outlets out of the major ones out there. That’s why we’re going to tell you the big story of Heartland Media, LLC.

Through the Sight of a Motivated Youngster

Just like everyone prior to the Gen Z kids, television was the go-to entertainment when you couldn’t go outside. Robert Prather was truly astonished about television broadcasts from when he was an itsy-bitsy youngster - and who could blame him, TV can be mesmerizing!

As Robert watched his favorite shows during his childhood, the passion for making his own television stations grew stronger by the second. And it’s not just this driving force that has led Robert to jump many obstacles from his early days. He loved the idea of getting individuals to set their eyes on the prize - that prize being the all-mighty television!

Robert has his own way of words, which guided him on the path towards succeeding in the entertaining world of media broadcast. His skill set was so exemplary even when he was just a kid, that everyone who was around him saw the infinite potential of Robert’s visionary ways.

Let’s see how that masterful vision manifested itself into a jaw-dropping reality!

Educational & Professional Prowess

Just to let you in on the peculiarities of how Robert has jumped over every hurdle, from his very birth 76 years ago, up until now - you have to see what he went through educationally and professionally-wise!

Starting from the point of enrollment in 1963 at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Roberts initially earned himself an undergraduate degree and then moved up to get his hands on his graduate degree. However, his path towards establishing Heartland Media LLC. hasn’t been a rainbow ride, but a mosaic of darks and brights.

After graduating, Robert didn’t put on his businessman hat up until 1992 when he ventured on grabbing the spot of a Chief Executive Officer at Bull Run Corporation. If you want to be a successful person like Robert - you wouldn’t stop there, will you? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Robert, pushing him to expand his professional career at Gray Television.

Robert was a successful Executive Vice President for this media company from 1996 up to September 2002 when he became promoted to President and Operating Officer up until June of 2013.

But in between those years, there were a number of things that happened to Robert that elevated his professional experience through the roof!

Robert’s leadership capabilities have proven to be flawless, since not only did he acquire the Chief Executive position at Bull Run Corporation, but he also got the director position of Triple Crown Media. Bull Run Corporation was a subsidiary company of Triple Crown Media.

Finally, in 2012, Robert’s focal point was set about founding the pride and joy of his career - Heartland Media LLC!

Heartland Media LLC - The Heart of Media Outlets

When Robert dreamed - he dreamed big!

From 2013, when he founded Heartland Media in Atlanta, Georgia, Robert immediately began with the initial acquisition of NBC’s affiliate program called WKTV in September from Smith Media - hook, line, and sinker!

From there on out, Robert’s vision has granted him even more revenue and channels with the addition of Chambers Communications and their stations, KEZI and KDRV, centered in Eugene and Medford, Oregon, respectively.

There are no breaks on the business train, and Robert put his foot down on the throttle, which got Heartland Media a satellite station from KDRV called KDKF. 2014 hasn’t come to a close just yet because Rober’s partnership with MSouth Equity Partners attained the giant’s NBC affiliate WTVA directly from Spain Family in Tupelo City, in Mississippi.

Now, let’s move on to the year 2016 because in 2015 not much happened except that US Television Holdings got CBS’s KHSL-TV, acquired from GOCOM Media, LLC.

In August of 2016, Heartland Media another giant and affiliate from ABC - WAAY-TV. However, 2 months prior to this acquisition, Heartland Media LLC got its hands on 5 smaller stations which were conceded by the Nexstar Broadcasting Group and Media General. Heartland Media got these stations for about $115M.

And finally, in October of 2019, Allen Media Broadcasting declared to purchase 11 USA TV stations for a price of $290M, and that Heartland Media would still operate these stations. And on the 22nd of November in 2019, the purchase had been realized.

Economical Enlargement

Just like every start-up, Heartland Media needed and appreciated some initial revenue fundings. Every superhero needs a faithful sidekick, right? So, Heartland Media’s biggest funding sidekicks that stepped in to help out Robert are Digital Media Companies.

Before making it big in the colorful world of TV, Heartland Media had to shake off the competition coming from companies like Cumulus Media, Turner and UP, and ASPiRE, among others.

Around 9,625 organizations funded Heartland Media with a total of a whopping $72.6 billion. Also, Southern US Digital Media Organizations have helped out with another $4.1 billion in funding, and later on, United States Broadcasting Companies got in the game with around $10.5B in fundings from a total of 849 investors.

Next up are the East Coast News Companies with 981 total investors, funding Heartland Media around 9.4 billion in revenue. Sinc e Heartland Media is focusing on entertainment and a full course of media outlet broadcasting, Robert filed for an Initial Public Offering.

Through the Securities and Exchange Commission, Heartland Media collected almost $200 million in a single IPO. And that’s not all, ladies and gents, since Robert intends to generate these $200 million on IPO by selling 20 million shares that would cost $10 each. One typical share and a half of a redeemable warrant are priced around $11.50 and is included with every share. If this IPO is fully initiated, Heartland Media will get a revenue of $250 million on the market value for their initial proposal.

With the Heart of a Lion - Standing Strong Today!

Now, Heartland Media LLC operates with a single goal in mind - to be the top television broadcaster with acquiring the “Numero Uno” of stations rated by the public. This includes the affiliates of NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, and CW.

Robert has pushed himself and his company forward and topped off as a firm that owns and operates public TV stations on a local level as well as digital entertainment around the whole U.S.

The headquarters of Heartland Media is nestled n Atlanta, Georgia, garnering 201 remarkable employees across different states and locations. Robert and his ‘most prized possession’ bring around $42.79M in revenue.

Keep in mind that Robert needed to bring out his confidence to get him and Heartland Media LLC where they stand now. They are up there with the big guns, however, it won’t end there, since Robert may only have 11 stations airing as of now, but he’s setting his eyes to level up on his Over-the-top Media (OTT) even further!

However, that’s a story of its own, one that Robert has yet to write, and the way things are going, he’s going to land among the stars, even though he’ll be shooting for the moon!