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Digitail - An Online Pet Care Opportunity


Nowadays, it’s rather hard and time-consuming to go on the prowl for pet care facilities for your beloved pets. If you’re in a hurry to get an appointment for your pet, the first thing you take into consideration is a veterinary clinic that’s near you.

Second, not just any clinic will suffice - absolute professional vet clinics are utterly necessary for the best pet care out there.

So, Sebastian Gabor and Roxandra Pui from Romania have thought about making suitable software to help veterinarians with their practices, and pet lovers who are in dire need of them.

Digitail’s main aim is to provide great medicinal practices with some modern tools at their disposal. Consecutively, future and present veterinarians are connected with pet parents searching for professional animal welfare near them.

The two Romanians didn’t have it easy at first. Still, they continued to embark on their visions to help animals and their parents with a fresh Digita(i)l platform - as no one would’ve done it.

Animal Lovers Since Childhood

From when he was a kid, Sebastian was very playful with animals and loved the devotion that parents gave to their beloved pets. Born and raised in Romania, he was eager with computer technologies and math, in general.

While growing up, he encountered a bunch of problems that happened to millennial pet enthusiasts correlating with veterinarians in Romania. Pet parents didn’t know where to look for help and vet clinics needed to be quicker with their tools and management.

Exactly the same thing can be said about Roxandra Pui. She was also born and raised in Romania with prolific knowledge of mathematics and programming. Also, adding her love for pets into the mix gave her an exceptional view towards helping veterinarians and pet parents in need.

From there on out, their professional journey starts rapidly evolving and shaping their identities into something extravagant.

What happened while they started their educational trip is for everyone to take note of - so read on thoroughly.

Educational and Occupational Voyage

As Sebastian was utterly interested in how computers work and never went outside without his calculator - he started his educational journey with the most prestigious Romanian high school. Sebastian studied Computer Science and Maths in the Costache Negruzzi college in the Romanian city Lași, from 2001 to 2009.

After his boarding high school education, he traveled to Barcelona, Spain to further his knowledge to ramp up his professional career. Sebastian enrolled in the European University in Barcelona where he got his Bachelor of Business Administration in 2011.

After that, in 2016, he set his eyes on a one-year, free, code camp for computer software engineering and web development. Interestingly, Sebastian wasn’t someone who sits still and in one place - he competed in the one-day Ironman triathlon and finished it.

His professional working experience started with Sebastian being a founder and CEO of Gambit IT in 2011 - a company for computer system designs. It doesn’t stop or even pauses there, however. He was a co-founder of Colleague and CocoManda in 2014. From 2016 up until this very day, he is also a co-founder at Code for Romania.

While Sebastian went on building his educational and working career - Ruxandra wasn’t going to just sit still and do nothing. From 2009 up until 2013, she studied Further Mathematics and Programming at the Costasche Negruzzi high school. Ruxandra completed her education there with an outstanding 9.8/10 GPA.

To attain her Bachelor of Science degree, she enrolled in Alexandru loan Cuza, the University of Lași in 2013, graduating in 2016 with a great 8.2/10 GPA. Simultaneously, she got a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from The University of Wolverhampton. From 2012 to 2014, Ruxandra was a Communication Officer at a Romanian company called Synergy.

The two of them met while Roxandra was a UX Designer and Project Manager at Sebastian’s Gambit IT company. Instantly after they met eye-to-eye, both of them started to work on the idea of building a digitalized vet care platform. This is the starting point of the unique Digitail story and the elbow grease they put in for reaching that platform.

Digitail’s First Pawsteps

For starters, Digitail was founded in 2018 in Romania and is an integrated system for managing practices for veterinarians. In addition, it serves as a consumer platform that bridges the space between pet owners in the new millennium, and the present experience provided by veterinary practitioners.

Digitail allows veterinarians to ease their workflow, automate their processes, and freely communicate with pet owners while not being at their working office. This allows veterinarians to keep their center of attention on the more essential parts of their organization. Withholding their clients and their growth while saving lots of time is what Digitail brought to the veterinary table.

Sebastian was asked about the details of Digitail as a startup, and he answered that you have to be resilient, forget about your comfort zone, and take up some difficult challenges.

This online platform also provides its clients with a chance to make the best judgment possible with the numerous information it hands out. Additionally, Digital offers insight into which of the items on their product list are selling better, and how well is the performance of the personnel.

Digitail’s Pawsome Features

Digitail serves both pet owners and veterinarians so they could be in touch without having a face-to-face meeting. Today, Digitail has numerous features that satisfy the needs of the customers and veterinarians.

  • Management for patients - This part refers to the patient-client list, and veterinarians can further the list with this feature. It offers some relatively quick, 24/7 access, enabling vet practitioners to locate the client’s file and attain his notes immediately.
  • Medical history records - With this feature, veterinarians can fill out the medical records in no time. To get things going faster, you have the option of choosing instructions that are written in the preparatory, voice-to-text samples for quicker management, generating labels for drugs automatically, and sending/printing out laboratory and X-ray results.
  • Appointments made online - A straightforward feature that offers the opportunity to make appointments with your clients online, and the clients can pay in advance, also online.
  • Telemedicine - If you’re a veterinarian on the go, this feature allows you to contact your clients to keep track of them about their puppies and kittens.
  • Online chat - Perchance if you’re not into talking, then, by all means, write to your clients all you want, the chat feature is there to path the way to communication.
  • Digita(i)l health cards - With this feature, you can give out digitized health cards for your client’s pets so they won’t have to do the hassle of physically getting one.
  • Organization of your calendar - Yup, you won’t have to keep a reminder with the out-of-date pen and paper way. When you have time at your disposal, fill it up with another client’s pet in a matter of seconds.
  • Managing your stocks - Vet practitioners can just scan a barcode for a certain product to be added into their digital list so that customers can see what the veterinarians offer. You can also trail which product you want to buy.
  • Business tracking - You can keep track of everything with this feature, from how much you profited, to your real tile stocks, and if some of your client’s cases need further diagnosis.

Digitail Today

Having started as a typical startup, Digital didn’t have it easy. Before receiving the much-needed funding, Sebastian and Ruxandra struggled to make their app-baby stand on its own feet.

The young entrepreneurs had to dabble in the vet-care realm alongside competitors like Petabyte, Hippo, and EzyVet, among others. Ruxandra and Sebastian wanted to jump-start their platform, but not only keep it in Romania. However strongly desired, this hope of theirs wasn’t possible at the beginning considering their low fundings, but they had to work with it.

Their first $220,000 funds came from seven investors, the lead investor being Fast Track Malmo. Next, in 2021 came the funds invested by byFounders, totaling a sum of $2.5 M. All things investment-wise, this platform owns $3.7 M in fundings as of now, with 11 investors seeing Digitail’s potential.

Today, Digitail’s headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California, USA, and offer employment to 24 people.

Digitail provides tons of communication tools for the benefit of the clients, and naturally, the veterinarians. All things considered, if you’re up for some fast way of resolving the problem for your cute and beloved pets, give Digitail a try.